Dollar Cost Averaging [DCA] - Best Days of the Week



This is awesome! Just quick question, what time standard is this in? Or doesn’t it matter, as I’m from down under so we are normally a day ahead?

Going to be trying to Cost Dollar Averaging in attempt to get that one BTC, being a student, I’m only able to put about $100 in crypto each week and of that, 40 - 50 in BTC, it’s going to be a long grind up!


@Aydo check this out; Student without much $$$


Ooh thank you! Ill have to give it a look in the morning when back on the computer!


yeah read that bro! im from down under too, i legit made that post because all i can afford atm is $100 a week hahaha

Any Tip on what Time & Day to buy and sell altcoins and the main coins?

Trying to get my head around this…Does it get into the Time meta data? For example best time to buy is Friday evening? Friday Morning? I am trying to workout the timezone difference for me…I think for Saturday morning in Perth Australia is about Friday evening for the USA


Great analysis! Love it


No, it does not get into the time of day to buy. I pulled daily intervals. Someone would have to do the same analysis using at least hourly intervals.


Thanks @mwlang I would assume its an aggregate for the whole day then. Looks like I might be having some late Friday Nights then


I would just set up an auto-execute order. On coinbase where you buy/sell, it would be clicking on these otherwise ignored options:


Nice post! Thanks for putting it out there.

Edited to add since previously reading and watching together:

I’ve been meaning to tackle this for being down here in Thailand, I SQUEED in math heaven. Thanks again, it’s awesome how you guys and all the TBCP crew share. Great people here.


While I can understand putting it in auto mode… I advise against it.

There is so much value in manually reminding, reinforcing, and doing YOURSELF something like this.
It grows muscle memory, keeps you in the game. Keeps you alert and vigilant.


I can appreciate such thoughts


The thing about automating for me is that it gets done. My decision is made, I just need it executed week-in-week-out while I’m focusing entirely on something else. I guess I’ve already got my “muscle memory” built up as I’ve been investing for many years now.

What it’s more about for me on a daily or weekly basis is looking for new ideas. New ideas that can potentially trump all other old ideas currently in play. When those new ideas come up, then I re-evaluate existing plays and adjust to incorporate those new ideas and move it forward.

That’s my “rinse and repeat” cycle and is what keeps me in the game and vigilant.


Thank you sir for this. You get a highlight!



Very cool… just changed my dollar cost averaging to Friday.


If that were to happen, BTC would still be THE coin for storing value. People need a place to store their “Gold”. That is what BTC offers and it is something that will always be needed. It’s also never had any issues performing that function. It’s had issues short term at being a coin for transactions, but it is a perfect fit for the role of “gold vault”, and that will never go away.


Awesome, man. Keep the energy of the pub going so we get better and better content in here.



Thanks for sharing. Learn much from this!


I think both @mwlang and @peter are absolutely spot on about the benefits of cost averaging, and great to know that you can ‘tune’ the day of the week/month to best advantage to add in your investment :blush:

I posted a response to @cryptocraig regarding the beauty of Hodl and cost averaging, where starting with a small amount (£300), and an even smaller monthly regular investment (10%), you can almost get a factor of 2 increase in your investment after 3 years compared to a single lump sum, which is amazing!

The compound interest calculator here is very useful:

To Infinity and beyond! :rocket:

Yesterday I made my first investment and then

Friday in which timezone bro?
I am from Myanmar UTC+6:30.
thanks for great resources.
Now here is Saturday Night 11:30pm.