Don't keep your savings in fiat

The dollar is a scamming coupon for a ponzi scheme that support modern day slavery by crating or will create hyper inflation where its not worth the paper its printed on. people will work three jobs per day five hours each and still will not be able to make ends with even twenty dollars per hour. the next step is it will increase petty crime so that your government will have a nice cell for you with a job paying you 10 cent a day. Amazon may acquire some prison stock and raise the wages to $2.00 per hour to accommodate its future fulfillment center because the majority of the population will be prisoners/slaves, at least it will be better than 10 cent daily compare to standard and slaves will be happy for a $2/hourly wages.

There is no excuse for the average man or woman not to have a bright future for there children and grandchildren by acquiring at least one bitcoin with a combination of a few reputable alt coins. The future is bleak for fiat holders and excuses for holding and not divesting into the crypto sphere is useless.


Ok. I think you might be leaping over a few logic bridges here…but ok. Write more. I’d love to read it.


No he’s correct.

The us dollar is a fiat currency it’s basically the government thinks that forcing us to associate with the dollar somehow gives it value because it is law.

while at the same time continuously printing more Fiat in order to loan it out to other countries, fiat currency has a 100% failure rate for example the Romans would mix gold with worthless Metals in order to create the illusion of there being more gold but naturally the influx of “gold” created inflation. to much currency simply leads the currency being more available in order for this to be balanced you need to use more of the currency to pay for something that would have been cheaper if there amount of said currency was balanced.

Its basic supply and demand.

the more you have of something the cheaper it becomes this is why there must be a balance of a currency.

Supply and demand effects to everything.


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