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This rebranding of the old channel is a life-long journey of becoming an amateur race car driver. I need to learn a lot about the racing world, and I’ve only just begun!

So far I’ve done the following (which should have been documented better):

Not only did I receive my SCCA Racing License, but I’m now allowed to enter into the Radical Cup for 2020!
I can’t highly recommend Skip Barber Racing School enough. 3 full days of on-track learning, and top-notch coaching from the people who practically built the race school playbook!
I’ll be trying out their 2-day Advanced School in the future… for now I’m working out details on private coaching to get better on track!

  • Practiced my video production skills with my first pass of creating a mini-story with my video capture: “Will it Burn?” - Was my 1 minute docu-drama on an experiment I’d like to run with my Bitcoin Lambo!

This is an area of my life that I really wanted to learn: BETTER video production. Specifically, the art of creating a great story through video… a great narrative to follow.
I hope to do more experiments with inspirational story telling!!!

  • Went with my fellow Radical race car owner Jason to take delivery of the new YEN Radical SR3 race car!!!

This was one helluva trip. Got down to Miami at 4AM in the morning. Guy selling this Cup-winning car is going pro and moving to S. America! We had to get down there ASAP and grab this baby with all the fixings and trimmings so I can get on the track and ready to practice my racing!

We not only grabbed a great car… but we also got tons of racing gear, tools, extra parts, and equipment to get us ready fast! I’m a sucker for a good deal… and this was it!
Big props to my man Jason for helping me get down there last minute in his brand new 2019 Raptor and trailer!

I can’t wait to have all our Pub members and Yenizens who have small businesses to advertise on the YEN Radical Race Car!!! - Hit us up if you have a small business on and we’d love to advertise you on the race track!

This is really a work in progress as I simply do not have the time to pull away from building But… I’ve prepared a section in my life that when I have time… I can enjoy CREATING in this new space and LEARNING new skills to be a (somewhat) competitive amateur race car driver!

To the moon!


To the podium! :dicaprio1:


the grind is real. and long.


I had forgotten other details during my Road to Gentleman:

As I’m learning to do more racing… I need to sign up to a local track membership so I can practice!

There are two locally:

  • Road Atlanta with The Drivers Club
  • Atlanta Motorsports Park (AMP)

I took time to trial each of them.
In my previous life I was pretty much a hoonigan. I learned to keep the car sideways.
I still practice weekly.


Good job on getting the scca license! Don’t do anything stupid like I did street racing and lose it.


Excellent boilerplate information for documenting any journey. Thank you my friend.


This is now being fully changed to a whole new idea…

DRIVE with Mike & Peter! A new show about #AuthenticDRIVEN living!


You know I signed up!


Awesome! Thanks man!

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That is going to do well, :dicaprio1:
your guys story is in that book bro!


I subbed for sure! Look forward to having more great content during my work day!


very original, keep at it, very interested to see whats to come in this new channel.


don’t know how but I found out I was already subscribed! :partying_face:


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We all need inspiration, such as Drive. Thanks for sharing your authentic selves. This is going to be epic.


car of choice for me is a sleeper. Quick and quiet. enjoyed the podcast.


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