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itunes finally up!


Loved it! coworker handed me key’s to a 2018 gsxr 1000 and I declined. What is wrong with me…LOL


Episode 005 - creating something from nothing!


“I choose to do shit, that feels, Good!” -Mike

Yoooo! Authentic driven. I love it. Glad y’all could meet and link up.

So much goodness. Thanks to y’all for making that decision and sharing your success.

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“Remind yourself, that you can fucking do it”

“Life is short, you are going to fucking die.”

:slight_smile: Golden.

Yeah, Telenet health is cool, that Dr. could totally help more people. Telenet is easier to access, cheaper for the patient, and perhaps more profitable for the Dr. as he can serve more patients with lower overhead.

Thanks for helping me to see through the status quo and look further for something greater. I have been enjoying consulting lately :wink: , this week I focused attention on consulting more for myself instead of my clients because I already added great value to their companies the past few months, and so I tripled my own personal income this week.

I’m so fucking hungry, with no appetite. Thanks for listening. Like, I would eat some people. lol

How did you buy that car? lol jk. “THIS IS WHAT WE’RE DOING, HELLO!” :smiley:

Daaaamn. “I’m a bitch” lol! Y’all are too much. This is like a foreshadowing for video #4

Daaaamn, “fuck friends”, for real. lol. I’m glad y’all have a some good pals too.

“Wake the fuck up”. Brilliant. Alarms. Multiple alarms.

Thanks for the community. Missed yesterday when it was down and realized crypto isn’t as fun without it. Looking forward to the continued greatness of as well.

“Fuck that. I am going to fucking do this.” “You are happy, being the authentic you.” “Listen to the voice in your mind”. “Sometimes you need other people to be that voice in your mind so they can remind you to do the simple things today, that will set you apart, tomorrow.”

I love how y’all start the “DRIVE” podcast around the same time I’m thinking I need a podcast while at work. To the DRIVE.


Thanks :slight_smile: (Now I don’t have to do shit) lol. Fuck. hahaha

Real talk though, I have to be thankful (because I don’t do shit :wink: ) or I might not make it.

Thank you. Yes, fuck your idea. Now let’s see a different format, of y’all racing your exotics. Jk, I mean y’all said it lol.

Being rich and going through tough times is the worst. lol. You mention perspective.

I’m grateful for BTC. I’m grateful for BTC when it goes up. I’m grateful for BTC when it does down. “It sets the trajectory right.”

I’m such a victim, man. Yeah, the joy stares are real. I’m nobody. :slight_smile:

Yoooo, to be thankful though! Giving the respect due.Thanks for being my friends and showing me whats good. Consulting is so cool, like you have to be an expert at something which is already awesome, and then you get to share your expertise with others to help them. Thanks again.

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Spoiler Alert

“Doing life together? What the fuck does that mean?” LOL! God bless y’all.

It does feel good to help people. It feels good to create something from nothing.

Bro, you don’t know what you are going to do. You are calling this “DRIVE”. Bro, I was just on a drive the other day, no radio, just driving, and it feels good. I knew where I was going. You don’t always have to know where you’re going. I thought about the Bitcoin Lambo and memories of the joy rides.Your love for driving. I don’t have a nice car, but I love it, just driving. Sometimes I miss riding motorcycles but cars are so much more comfortable and I think exotics are similar if not a more enjoyable experience.

Two fuck ups who know how to do some good shit. Hoooohahaha, man. I needed to hear this. Thank you. Hustle. Grind. Give value. Is it cliche? What does it really mean? You care.

Some notes:

Mission. Show me your friends, I’ll show you your future. You want to surround yourself with hustling motherfuckers. Organization wants to surround itself with that. It is completely possible. Please don’t fucking miss this. It is completely possible to live a fulfilling, exceptional, purpose drive, and highly rewarding in terms of monetary compensation, satisfying life, because you are driven. Episode 5.

Creating something out of nothing. If you don’t go down the road alone, things can be created quickly.

Day 5. Chill the fuck out. lol Maaan, that is exciting though. I’m glad y’all are cool swallowing your own ego. That is important. Nice partnership. Sure, some shared expenses go a long way. (If not, make it a BTC invoice).

Cool content. Good growth. What are you guys doing? :slight_smile: jk, hehe.

This is cool to see how y’all are starting from scratch. 40+ years of consulting, marketing, sales, content creation, networking, venture capital. Bringing it all to bare.

Level up. For your own sake. A channel beyond the car. Feeling good, helping others.

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Yooooooo! Mike came through drippin! WET! WET! lol. Congratulations on the new ride, I hope it brings lots of enjoyment. Thanks for the sacrifices to do the show, I enjoy it after work.

Peter, good for you to get some rest and reflect this weekend. I love doing that on the weekend. Unscripted business sounds like a good alternative to too much structure. Its a pleasant surprise to see how business can align that way too.


lol! Man! Fun to sleep in the cave sometimes.

Hahaha, Miiiike! “We honestly don’t know each other that well.” Peter got you, eh?! lol jk
I don’t really know Peter, but I think we all go to know him well through his projects and presentations. I think y’all have a good partnership going.

I like how you decorated the place Mike. I prefer the old studio though :wink: jk.

Yesterday I had to finish some real shit I have been working on for the last few weeks. I thought of Mike, his issue with the gas, the movers, and I honestly thought (although I understood at the time), this guy is so far removed from reality. No offense though, Mike. I’m just being authentic. You remind me of my uncle with his type A personality, running a business. When people say they are going to be there, they should be there, when they say they are going to do something, they should do it. I was just cleaning up some really dirty shit, bugs flying everywhere lol, and I thought, Mike doesn’t know my struggle. I heeded your words. It was the worst part of the job! It was grueling. Afterwards, it felt so fucking good, I screamed. Like you said, it feels great, at the end of the day. Thank you for sharing your personal struggles from the weekend, totally valid, I can only imagine the flooded garage. Like y’all said in an earlier episode, “No, you don’t want this car, you don’t want to go through what I had to go through to get this car.”

Thanks for showing up, authentically. I’ve been showing up too man, it’s half the battle. We are getting shit done. Doing some unscripted work today. We talk about rough schedules and tasks, but we are working in agriculture, things change, and so we often do things on the fly as needed. My employer and I sync quite well. I finished some work last week, needed another piece of equipment staged, he said he will see about it, I didn’t hear back, so it turned into me diving back into the crypto atmosphere for a long weekend, while my guy went on a spur of the moment two day fishing trip. Other partner had to go out of state, last minute, for some much needed equipment. It works! I’ve discussed the prospect of a fixed schedule with my employers, its just not plausible.

I don’t want to be a rich miserable fuck either. Honestly, I would rather not even own a car because its a liability. It was cool to hear about flying in the McLaren at 140, buddy next to you. I can relate, riding motorcycles with my ol pal. Honestly though, fuck 140… my Mom’s old ass Lexus can push 135. Sure, it’s not the same experience. However, how about buying a Hayabusa? Do you ride? I never bought one, but my friend did, borrowed it to me, and i hit 200 mph IN TOWN, on South Main Street of my village. My favorite part was the decision to pass 160 and see how easy it was to roll back my wrist to 200, while going up a hill, not knowing if someone was pulling out of their neighborhood up past the top of the hill. Also, I wanted to see if I would go airborne.Bro bought the busa to do some work on it and resell it anyway. Lol! Y’alls cars are sick though, I have to get to a test track sometime to see how that feels.

Thanks for being human, y’all. I can only imagine the stress y’all go through. I’m glad y’all have tools to manage, and learn. Thanks for sharing. Stay committed y’all, I appreciate it. Really humbling to hear your losses, and it gives a deeper understanding into the principles you have shared with us. Thanks for keeping it real. Here’s to living. I am finding some better ways to live life these days too, with relatively expensive decisions and fuckups.

I’m glad you are enjoying the community you are building. It really is exceptional. Excited to see what the future holds.

Mike, I can see you racing Quavo. I encourage you to reach out, and make it happen. He might want some money for show, but could also make it like an official race for chips. Oh my goodness, that would be mad exposure.

Also, I don’t even know the half…

I might have to get something like that, if I decide to earn it.


Man I’m feeling that!!!..:dicaprio1:


Now what am I going to make?!.. lol
From the book “Steal Like An Artist”


I don’t know what kinds of things you usually like to make but I have been enjoying beekeeping lately. If you’ve ever been interested in beekeeping, and you like some carpentry, the boxes are fun to make. Depending on where you’re at you could also sell them if you make them to a certain standard.

My buddies have enough bees, in bee boxes, and equipment to move them, that if they were to liquidate, they could buy a Lambo :slight_smile: hehehe. Just gotta work these bees for years so we can all get Lambos.

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