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Coming soon, Dropil Games , your new favorite corner of the internet!

Feeling Lucky? You’re a Dropil user, of course you are!

Dropil Games will grow to house a number of interactive games that are all powered by Drop tokens in some fashion. We are pleased to be launching with our first of many games the Dropil Lottery, which features not just one, but three separate ways to play and win! We have designed Games to be a fun place for you to use your Drops and get the chance to add even more to your stack. Dropil Lottery is being handed to our Beta testing community TODAY and will then see a full release very soon!

Time Lottery

The first mode is the Time Lottery, which couldn’t be simpler and has a guaranteed winner every single week! Each entry may be purchased with Drops and entitles you to one entry per purchase into the pool. Then at the end of each week long period a winner is randomly selected to win the whole lot.

Draw Lottery

The next lottery model we are offering is the Draw Lottery, and is the most similar to a traditional style lottery, only with a much better design and immensely improved odds. This mode will allow you to pick four different numbers of your choosing, or have them randomly generated, per ticket, each which is purchased with Drops, then each day the winning number is generated at random, if your ticket matches you win the jackpot of all the tickets purchased during that period, including any rollovers from previous drawings if there was a ‘no winner event’ previously. Winners for this and all games will be publicly visible from within Dropil Games.

Champion Lottery

The final lottery model we are offering is the Champion Lottery. This model allows users to purchase an entry in Drops, each entry resets the jackpot countdown timer back to its original one hour timeframe. When the clock reaches 0:00 the last person to have purchased an entry wins the entire jackpot. You may only purchase one entry at a time, and you may not purchase entries consecutively, someone else must purchase an entry prior to you being able to make another entry. Who will the champion be that walks away with the Dropil jackpot?

Ongoing Development

You can always come to the Dropil Games page to check on the status and history of all games and participants which will be displayed on the main page. Expect to see plenty of new games added to Dropil Games as we continue to develop exciting new ways to bring in users and above all, bring more fun to the system. We will also be integrating easy to share links to Games so that you can invite others to play. By creating a fun way to play with Drops we aim to bring more visibility and users to the platform to introduce more people to all the great solutions and tools Dropil already has to offer, however as our community has come to learn, there is always more in the pipeline!

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