Drumpf Thread (Reborn!)



Up until an hour or so ago there was a substantial thread about Trump (Drumpf) on the Bitcoin Pub it no longer can be found has it been deleted @peter or @john


I was wondering where it went,thought I was using the wrong search term.




I just looked at the Admin logs, and it turns out the system auto deleted that thread. It wasn’t an admin or mod.

I have no idea why it did that, or how to reverse it, but either way it wasn’t any form of censorship.


i don’t remember pulling anything…


Things were getting really good in the news now!
Well…that sucks…there were alot of GREAT arguments, counter arguments, videos…
Regardless, the cracks are showing:

Go to :45 sec and enjoy the show—

Go to :45 sec and enjoy the show —
Looks like they dont even have to get Trump on Russia charges…theres so much swamp that it might be something else!

Whats crazy is, Avenatti was saying something similar to the corruption of our Democracy…two guys standing on OPPOSITE sides of the fence. saying the same thing about Trump.

Republicans fighting Republicans…wow!

Lastly, check this out…go to 6:40

Cleaning out the swamp?


Oh well something weird going on!!!



Yep it does. My only consolation is my epic post I still have in Evernote so can bring it back if need be!! :smile:

Personally I don’t think the campaign finance fraud will be enough to bring him down it will take more than that. That said all the stuff about Manafort having nothing to do with anything is utter crap and ultimately it will be the Russia conspiracy that will be his undoing and Manafort could still be key.

Manafort is now in a very tough position. 80+ years in jail - the rest of his life. He has two hopes (but only one really) a pardon from Trump after the DC case which starts soon and for which there is three times more evidence of his wrongdoing! The problem for Trump is that if Cohen spills all the beans before Manafort then Manafort who was present at the Trump Tower meeting becomes a co-conspirator in the Russia investigation with Trump. If that happens then Trump cannot pardon him by law as he cannot pardon a co-conspirator. I don’t think Trump and Giuliani understand this yet which is why Trump’s tweets today were nice towards Manafort hinting towards a pardon and attacking Cohen who he knows is a lost cause now. Manafort’s only real hope is for him to get a plea deal with Mueller to keep himself out of jail for the rest of his life. The only rational reason at this point why he wouldn’t go that route is if being in prison is the better option of everything available to him and his family i.e. if he turns he maybe under threat from the Russians!!!

In any event it is going to get very spicy now!!!


Is that democracy theyre burning back there?

I think Manafort still believes Trump will get him out of jail.
Cohen…actually made a smart move. Notice how he brought up hes LOYAL to his family, kids FIRST.
People on here…us…in this forum…for and imagined Trump can talk all we want…but at the end of the day, when youre facing DECADES in prison…that loyalty is GONE and the truth WILL come out.

And…the Qanon stuff…lol…the more tapes are revealed and more hard truth comes out…the more well look back and laugh. Maybe.

I also find it hilarious how quickly Trump turns on people. Folks think hes a great guy…but if you do something wrong, hell try and destroy you. My thing is, if Trump does this to his close friends, what do people think he will do for those who support him and he doesnt even know them?
What im trying to say is…i think alot of people would be shocked if they worked in the Whitehouse.

Theres a saying…never meet your idols…


Id also like to add…Mike Pence has been dead silent.

So has Mueller.

I find it absolutely interesting how Mueller has said damn near NOTHING about or to Trump except for the interview…no tweets, interviews…nothing and Trump as repeatedly attacked him.

If i were Trump…i would shut my mouth.

Ohh…the Irony…

That tweet has been taken down.


I wish someone would burn down the tired and horrible idea of Democracy but Trump has already proven to be no different than the last 20+ Presidents, so I doubt it.


Illuminati confirmed.


The guy who overdrew his bank account more than 1,100 times in a span of 7 years (not a typo- 1,100+ times) somehow is a proponent of the Federal Balanced Budget Amendment*, because 'Murica!


Hes too dumb to cover up his tracks.
Dude…look at all the stuff that were finding out now.
Ive said that from the start…Trump is too dumb. Period. And people are talking about how genius he is.
From a legal perspective…you DONT TWEET ABOUT THE INVESTIGATION.

We havent gotten along in the past…but form a legal perspective…Trump keeps on running his mouth. He wont shut up. Then he attacks other Republicans lol.

This guy has to be a nightmare for a client.

If Trump was deposed by even a run of the mill prosecutor…they would eat him alive…let alone someone like Mueller whose been doing this for who knows how long.

Whats crazy too, is that hes literally telling on himself.
From his tweets, to his interviews (remember he said he didnt know anything about stormys pay off) and now he does?

In court, if you lie, even if you think its insignificant and you get caught, thats a CRIME.

Bottom line, i dont think so much that trump thinks hes above the law per se…i think he does to an extent, but i think its more that he doesnt understand that the stuff hes doing is illegal.
He thinks that it is legal. And his legal team has failed him in grand fashion.
Because of that, they are going to DESTROY him if he ever goes on the stand.


He doesnt know what hes doing.
And, again…the swamp. Draining the swamp. Remember that?

What id like to know is how many people during nixons run went to prison, and indictments vs Trumps.



I’d take me chances taking them on like :joy: