Drumpf Thread (Reborn!)




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How disappointing. You just posted the NPC responses. I still have a hard time believing you are actually employed.

You have called me triggered a few hundred times without even being able to comprehend what I have said. More than half of your responses are triggered. You have insulted my father, told me my family was imaginary and told me to kill myself, but I am weak minded? All I have done is call you stupid and I am not the only one. You have been called that by at least three other posters. Who really has an issue with name calling?

Why dont you try to actually bring something to anything you post. My point was that the Pakman video was sad and desperate. It does not add anything. Pakman debated McGovern not too long ago and he just sounded naive and desperate then. Maybe you are not a complete moron, but first impressions are important, and you proved to me in the first lady thread that you are unable to do basic math. You have also proved over and over that you have a serious inability to understand what you read. You also thing McCain was a hero. I have yet to see any evidence that you are able to think for yourself.

Now post a You mad bro meme.

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Does this New York Times journalist remind anyone here of someone here? :rofl:



Actually it isnt true that Trump had no business in Russia we know of a few things for example the Miss World pageant in 2013 was in Moscow after he agreed a deal with the Russians to hold it there. He even claimed to have met Putin although it is widely thought that this was via a video conference rather than in person. We also know that Trump launched and distributed his Trump Vodka in Russia in 2007. So he did have business in Russia and in particular did do business with Russians quite extensively as both Junior and Eric have said.

Incidentally before he had told the US public he was running he had told his friends in Russia! https://twitter.com/AlferovaYulyaE/status/426103699572678656

He was also seeking to build Trump towers in Moscow. That is not a spelling mistake by the way. Most people talking about Trump Tower moscow think that it was one deal that was under discussion but we know it is at least two seperate deals for towers in Moscow that were being worked on both by Michael Cohen.

Some of this is true and very strange. So we are sending actual weapons to the Ukraine along with Israel. But the strange stuff is this is one of the areas that some have pointed to Trump for collusion with Russia as he significantly weakened the RNC platform to avoid the more provocative language that would have the US arming the Ukrainians. It is said that Trump weakened this position to favor the Russians and was a key part of his foreign policy speech at the Mayflower hotel. So maybe by now sending weapons to Ukraine in spite of his initial position he isnt favoring the Russians after all. Except if you believe some of the intelligence coming out of Russia and Ukraine then they will tell you that the far right (Nazi) elements in Ukraine are actually Russian infiltrators. So maybe he is helping the Russians again after all!!! What I do know is that it is all pretty fucked up!



not just me :joy:

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Pot, meet kettle.


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In moving on from the whining (This IS a Trump thread, after all), check this out:

Im not sure if he should have just held on to the wall, or not.
Either way, it was a bad situation.

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Theres help:

Again, you are off the subject.
Ill try to bring it back, again:


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Look, someone got a picture of you coming out of Home Depot.

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Still adding nothing to the subject at hand, Pirlo75

Hes royally screwed.
Not sure how true it is, but Ive heard hes rapidly declining.
He is, after all, in jail.
Im going to assume that ages you quick.
Especially if you are older like Manafort is.
I wonder if it was all worth it.

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The thing I have wondered about Manafort is he is so clearly guilty of a multitude of things but he is still not doing anything to reduce the decades he is going to spend in prison. Which makes me curious as to whether the Russians or some other nefarious group have him over a barrel with threats to his family!



Friday is often a good day for Mueller news and this week it is all about the concrete evidence that he has of Roger Stone passing stolen information to Wikileaks!



Honestly, i never thought of it that way.
I thought it was is arrogance and blind faith in Trump在ecause you have got to be the dumbest human on earth, to KEEP lying even after being caught.

But you bring up a great point.
If thats the case, then this would get extremely ugly.

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I think he has a gag order.
No more of that grandstanding from stone.

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Are you kidding me? If Trump is truly stupid enough to believe exercise isnt good for you then he needs to be removed from office immediately. Instant grounds that he is too stupid to be in a position of power.



Dude奸ook at the article.
I kid you not.
He is dumb as a box of rocks.:rofl::rofl::rofl:



He is also continuing to divide the Republican party.
Ive said this for a few years now:

Not at ALL a fan of Coulter在ut she does have a voice in the Repub party多eck存he even wrote a positive book on Trump, and just look at the fall out.


By the way, Trump knows better than everyone in almost EVERYTHING:

This dude is a delusional scam artist.



Ok so她ne more她ne more:

lol WHAT?
So如eople are talking trash about you and you want to investigate?


Ladies and Gentlemen吋rump, once again, is:



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This could be a problem for Trump!

<note: many people keep saying Mueller will be wrapped up in a few weeks or months - we are at least six months away from him finishing!>


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