Drumpf Thread (Reborn!)



lol so true!
Warped perspective.


Off the top of my head, im not sure i believe this.
Id have to actually research their findings myself.
Its bound to be pretty offensive tho.



Because Hillary voters are much more cognitive :rofl: Wonder what the average IQ of this crowd is?

This group of left wing social terrorists seem to have exceptional cognitive abilities :rofl:

That article and these videos are just a small example of why people voted for trump. There are crazy idiots on both sides of the spectrum but the majority of the left wing in this country have lost their damn minds.


Yeah…the problem is that i can post the opposite in favor of Democrats.
Both sides say the other side is evil.
I could easily respond with the KKK and NEO Nazis which is considerably worse (David Duke congratulated Trump), given their long and detailed history of clear hate with strong roots to, well, Nazi Germany.

Which goes back to emo Pirolo75 who is an anarchist and doesn’t like government.
Clearly i dont agree with him on everything, but I cant say blame him tho.

While im not an anarchist, i think theres deep garbage on BOTH sides.

I think its dangerous to blindly follow any particular party to be honest.
If you see garbage in your party, call it out.



Ya know…i have to admit…in this light…it DOES shows some of the absurdity of how government can be dumb.
Good post!
(You didnt put any texts so i put your vid link here so others can view it regardless of political affiliation)


I don’t ascribe to any political party and actually lean more towards @Pirlo75 line of thinking. However i am still molding my philosophies and they are certainly becoming more refined as i age lol. The one caveat i have with anarchism is there are a lot of stupid people in this world (we all have our moments though, just some more than others) and it would take an educated moral society in order for that to work.

A good start in my opinion would be less govt and strict adherence to the constitution. My biggest gripe with some of the left are the sjw/anti free speech, attack on the second amendment and welfare policies.

Both parties seem to be the same as no matter who is in power we just keep up with the same old bullshit.


…what is moral?


Yea i almost added a disclaimer to that lol. I think that most of us could agree that rape,theft and violence/murder (not in self defense) are immoral? Treat others as you wish to be treated…


Is sacrificing a life to save another moral? how about a few for a bunch… The city Bountiful’s residents are part of a fundamentalist breakaway Mormon sect, which believes that a man must marry at least three wives in order, one day, to enter heaven. How about slavery, it that moral? Jesus said "Now throw this useless servant into outer darkness, where there will be weeping and gnashing of teeth.’’ Math 25:30. You see ideology of morality is sketchy, and treat other how you want to be treated, sure but is that moral or is just something that is in the “right” category when discussing right and wrong?


Good points, it’s certainly not black and white…


So much truth in this very statement.
Aside from the religious points you raise, Im pretty adamant about blind faith in one party, or one person with regard to politics.

Its disappointing to find people who have that type of blind allegiance.


I’m actually agnostic, I’m assuming the use of the word morals is what you are referring to? Wasn’t sure how to frame that…


My bad, that statement was actually for AAA_ZioiZ.

Should have quoted.



Remember to VOTE


I helped my parents vote today. It felt so dirty but they insisted.





Trump would only approve of one of their votes. The other, which I was able to influence he would probably call a stupid vote, a very stupid vote.