Drumpf Thread (Reborn!)





So…your saying Trump is a closet tranny humping Kanye?

BTW…i finally watched the whole Kanye rant in with Trump and dude…WTF did I just watch!!!
OMG you guys HAVE to watch it.
I was in total and complete shock.
Dude has lost his mind!

I was almost embarrassed for him.
Now fox news is using him as some sort of…hero of sorts.



Yeah, you racists leftists hate it when those “negros” don’t do as they are expected.


na … it was what came up on giphy when i put in ‘trump’

I am assuming the gif is what your referring too




I can not imagine anyone calling for her to be UN ambassador. Best choice would be nobody and the US exits.


Prilo75…did you just call me a liberal?


BTW didnt you just attack me saying McCain was my “Hero”?

Kanye is crazy.
He even said so himself.
No…really…he actually said it.
By all means, deviate from the left (I have), but that doesnt mean he has to go full into the right either.


Liberals dont support Mike Pence…or the late John McCain.
Youre new here, so ill give you a pass.:grin:


You really need to turn off the mainstream media…



Watching Kanye implode was like watching a train wreck of sorts. Kept hearing about it and had some time to watch it.
My family would disown me if i went to the white house and acted like that.


I’m done with this thread :frowning_face: My response to you is in that video i posted. I totally agree with his opinion regarding this subject.


No. I called y9u a leftists. By the way, McCain was a liberal in disguise and I have yet to see you post anything of substance. Actually, all I know about you is you parrot the mainstream media and you have severe TDS.

I think you are a leftist because the leftists are by far the most racists and anti-woman group around. All you have to do to see evidence of that is go to the twitter or facebook pages of any non-white man or woman or any woman that is not a die hard democrat and see the hatred they receive. It appears you follow along that line so just admit it.


As far as that Taylor Swift thing goes…its all a joke IMO.

First…swift was loved by all the country and pop culture, then kanye did what he did on the stage (About interrupting taylor saying stuff about Beyonce and how great she was) and he then was called all sorts of names (n word included)…and hated, threatened.
Then there was the whole thing where Kanye said bush doesnt care about Black people debacle.
Then, in one of Kaneys songs, he talked about killing cops i believe.

Now, all of a sudden, Kanye good, Taylor bad?

This is such a joke…which is why its hard to take any of it seriously.

BTW Kanye brought up his mental illness.
He flames CNN, but look at Hannity and Tuker on Fox showing “Partisan” behavior…correct?

Show me, in my posts where i was racist.
Show me in my posts where i was anti woman.
As far as race goes…i never mentioned Black Republicans…YOU did. Nice try…
And no, I dont know ANY Liberal that has any respect for Pence in the least…they absolutely hate him and his religious beliefs…ESPECIALLY his Christian beliefs.
Youre trying too hard to create something thats clearly not there.


I just know that you seem to think any black person that is not a democrat is dumb. Kanye, and Candace.

Saying you like Pence doesn’t mean anything and it is not like being a conservative is something to be so proud about.

“Conservatism is Progressivism driving the speed limit” - Malice

Your love for McCain and war definitely makes me think you lean left.


Still love Pence.
And have made it known here. Wont change my opinion thus far. That alone destroys your Liberal argument. Stop trying to put a square peg into a circle.

You named Candice and Kanye lol…out of all the Black people (notice how youre still trying to push the racial angle here) you named TWO and you think that represents all Blacks in my perspective?

Start at :56 seconds as this guy said it best:

Off the subject…this is interesting:


The only two that have come up so far. You are two for two.

Why didn’t Bush criticize Obama, because they are practically the same person. Look at their record. There was a very popular Facebook page during Barack’s presidency called George W Obama.

It is the WWE buddy.


One more time…Candice and Kanye do NOT represent all African Americans.
Try harder, Pirlo75, try harder…the race card isnt going to work here…Jim Brown (go ahead, google him, cuz i KNOW you dont know who he is) has talked to Trump before and was sitting right beside Kanye when he had his rant and SEVERAL African American pastors (google them too) and ive never said a word against them.
Got anything else?
You should quit while youre not ahead…

And you COMPLETELY ignored what Bush ACTUALLY said.
You come off as delusional man. You see things that arent there. Like your race baiting.
But hey…im having fun :sunglasses:

As far as Bush/Michelle…ive always wanted both sides to unify. But some people bathe in division…and embrace rage.


Again, your ability to comprehend is that of a moron so I don’t know why I bother. Candace and Kanye are the only two blacks to come up in our discussion and you hate them both. So, you respect Jim Brown despite his love for Trump?


See…there we go with the name calling again.
You need to control yourself. Lets be adults here…control your urges.
And you can stop the race baiting. Ive already said what ive needed to say about that.