Drumpf Thread (Reborn!)



you are funny. It is not an insult if it is true and it has proven to be true. I am not race baiting, I am just telling what I see. A man with TDS that has serious issues with anyone that is a trump hater and insults the only two blacks that have come up in our conversaions


No, you sound desperate, grasping at straws, anything to corner me in a debate.
But the race thing?
lol…comeon man…you can do better than that.


Set a poll and see who is desperate. See who comes off as a dumbass and a puppet. I think they would not pick the guy that does not know 11 > 4 and does not know what grammar school means. The guy that has no original thought other than what he sees on CNN, MSNBC and FOX. If you are not a racists, good for you, I guess I misunderstood.


I see you have all the media talking points down pat. I really dont care about taylor swift and kanye west, it’s all Bread and circus as far as i’m concerned and i havent watched television for years. I’m not going to waste anymore time engaging someone that doesn’t see that the media is a brainwashing, divisive propaganda machine.

This was actually the video i meant to post.


Let me rephrase that…cornering someone in a debate IS the whole point. So ill have to take that one back.
But the race thing is tacky.

The thing is, if i respond in kind, and call you names, which i can easily do, as i also know what buttons of yours to push, peter will probably close this thread…that not what I want. This is fun!
Clearly i dont need to do that. Its weak that you have to resort to name calling. But in your mind, you consider it a strength.

And this video wasnt divisive, showing a negative light for the Democrats?
And what media talking points?
Didnt not Kanye say all of those things?
Maybe I should hit up QAnon…for unbias truth thats not propaganda.


btw…Never watch those youtube horror short movies before bed time while wearing headphones…:fearful::fearful::fearful:


I call you names because of the first lady thread. Take a look at these posts in that thread and maybe you will understand. I really thought you were just trolling. I even asked Amor if you were trolling.

#171 - I throw out a what if about the family separation problem.

#196 - I post that the executive order was singed

#198 - Nothing about us but what may still be the funniest line on the pub

#221 - You laugh at me for post #171 because the order was signed despite the fact that I posted it.

#226 - I give you the benefit of the doubt, maybe you were busy, multi-tasking.

#232 - You respond, triggered?

And then you kept at it. And your “great” responses are triggered? you mad bro? or some other shit. It makes me think you are a troll or just really fucking dense.

So, if you want this to end, though I will still laugh at all your MSM posts, then look through those posts and admit how idiotic you look.


So…you hold grudges and are a sensitive person.


Dont let the Internet get to you like that. Life is too short.
Go watch some of those horror shorts on youtube…that will get your mind of it. You might not be able to sleep after…cuz thats the only reason im responding to you :joy:

Eventually im going to post something relevant so this doesn’t look like a juvenile back and forth…


See you just are too dense. It is nothing about a grudge. It is about evidence that you are dense. If you noticed after I gave you the benefit of the doubt that your posts were making you look like a tool, it would have ended there, but still you don’t notice and you continue to show an inability to comprehend anything anyone writes in any thread we have crossed paths in.


Heres the sad part…i dont even remember those other posts like you do…why?
Because, this is fun…i dont take it that seriously.
You do. You are too sensitive…way too emotional. Text on a screen gets under your skin…it irritates you…it bothers you to such a degree that you lash out. Its sad…and immature…and you cant see that.
And…i wont lie…i find it a bit…hilarious that you snap so quickly…you can be played like a puppet…and when i want you to jump…you jump.
I can only imagine what would happen if i actually called you names. But text on a screen probably wont get me to that point. That would be embarrassing and i would be ashamed of myself.

Anyway, keeping on the subject:

Or, what if Mueller gets FIRED?


So funny. The adult that posts triggered all the time calls me immature. The guy that told me to kill myself which on most sites would have had him banned. The guy that is yet to make one post with any substance.

You really mistake my intensity for something but you clearly are a mindless loser so keep thinking you look like some sort of winner here. Go ahead with another 3rd grade response.




Thanks, before I even finished my edit, you posted the 3rd grade response.


Maybe im more like Trump than i thought:


You have the same intellect. But at least Trump has actually touched a real woman.


At this point…i am trolling.
But…back on topic:

I think Trump eventually will.
Now that would be on hell of a circus if i ever saw one.