Drumpf Thread (Reborn!)





Man of the year is measured by the person who has had the greatest impact on humanity in that year, positive or negative isn’t factored in. Lots of POSs on the list, with a handful of good ones.


The irony…

Goes both ways…


This is a perfect example of 100% fake news if you can’t see that your dumb as fuck


Define fake news.


Obviously one lunatic in a town of less than 700 is the same thing as a major news network. Who programmed this NPC?


Even a Nazi admirer, akin to JFK (Dem), picked Trump over Clinton (Dem). What does that tell you? The racist lynching party(Dem) is even abandoned by its very own constituency.

The communist news network commenting on citizen’s Nazi belief is hardly news. If a rapist and his enabler could be a presidential candidate, why shouldn’t a Nazi believer be allowed to vote? No law says he is not allowed to vote against the rapist enabler.

Do you really believe the communist news network would interview a Nazi, if he voted for Democrats?

Comprehension have never been your strength.


The question was framed as does what Trump say embolden these types of groups.
The same was asked of Obama back in the day.

Curious…do you feel the same way about Fox news?

Actually, yeah.
Because the chances of that happening is almost zero. It would be a crazy situation because that would go against much of what he believes in.
They have interview Trump supporters who regret voting for him. They had a change of heard so, again, yes, thed definitely do a piece on that.

Nor has it been yours. But hey, life goes on.

As far as the racist lynching party goes…people change. Im sure the Dems dont lynch anymore.
lol at the race baiting…




It is hardly news worthy to see the communist (CNN) picking on the national socialist (NAZI). Last time this happened, it was Hitler’s USSR invasion.

Trying to associate the centralist republicans with an infight between the far far left (NAZI) and the communist (the modern day Democrat thugs) is stupid and futile.

The NAZI wants socialism within a border(that’s Bernie Sanders for you); the communist wants to confiscate private properties without a border; The republicans want everyone to get a job to feed himself and keep the rest of his harvest.

No one has the right to blame a NAZI believer preferring a republican TV show host over a rapist enabler. Unless he is a communist mob who does not support the freedom of speech.


lol, clever!

As far as cnn (specifically) talking about neonazis/kkk, i believe that also depends on, in part your nationality and your proximity to that group and weather or not its important to you.
You tried to change the subject matter due to your overwhelming disdain for CNN.
Your description was not…again, NOT the focus on that particular piece.
The point was, again, does the president have an influence on hate groups.
To make you feel warm and fuzzy inside, the same thing was done to Obama.

As far as rapist enabler…somehow im thinking Trump…because that dude has a long list of, almost Bill Cosby accusers.

Outside of that, I ask you again, do you feel the same way about Fox news?


The ‘intersectionality’ only exists at the communist side. No sane person would force the Democrats (and their grandsons and great grandsons) of the current generation to offer reparation to the slavery survivors the lynching party have persecuted over decades. Yet, by their very own unhinged communist mob rule (a.k.a. ‘intersectionality’), the living Democrats should keep paying (and being shamed in CNN as racists 24/7) for eternity.

Every citizen (NAZI or communist) has voting right. For the sober majority, the elected administration is put in place to enforce the law and order; For the crazy communists, the elected officials bear personal responsibility for all POTENTIAL crime committed by everyone else.

Even the NAZI believers know their only chance lies in the fact that the communist mobs never get elected. Under communism (or Bernie’s ‘Democratic Socialism’), no other party will survive.

And you don’t see it.


Direct question, do you feel the same way about Fox news? (3rd time asking)

BTW, i clearly dont post just CNN, theres also al jazeera, bbc, RT…i enjoy seeing how other countries view our current events.
Its arrogance to think the world centers around us IMO.


Get off TV and read more. Trump and even his parents weren’t even a US citizen when the US Democrats were lynching slaves and insisting on racial segregation.

Calling CNN and their loyal ‘audience’ ‘jokes’ is the insult to proper jokes.



You rarely hear of India in those type of situations.
Going to be interesting to see how this turns out…especially indias response.

Direct question, do you feel the same way about Fox news? (4th time asking)


2600 nukes with the worlds fastest growing nuke opp in the world
…they literally could end all life on earth…


Definitely good to know.
China is also busy building up their Navy.
The man made islands, while brilliant, definitely gives a pause of caution.
Theyve got bases on there…