Drumpf Thread (Reborn!)



China’s south China sea disputes are about oil and natural gas. It has nothing to do with the US. The Military is growing in China as is the Military in the US, but our relationship with them is good.




It has been a bit quite on the Mueller probe as we run up towards the mid-terms and he is keeping a low profile. Just a few things to note though: now is the time that the White House and GOP will start spinning stories that
Mueller is about to finish up as he has found nothing. That is BS there is a ton of evidence of crimes. Cohen, Manafort, and Flynn are cooperating nicely and Papadopolous is being a dick and likely will get himself locked up again because he is an idiot! Next indictments Stone, Prince and Trump Jnr :grinning:


I see the same insinuation by association mob tactic between the Ford’s false allegation against judge Kavanaugh and the made-up Russian nonsense. If the Democrats had solid evidence, they could have taken both cases to the court as every law abiding citizen always does.

It has been a deliberate Democrat scheme to bypass the separation of power all along to force the legislative branch to do the job of the Court, which is the exact situation the constitution aims to avoid.

Reality proves it again and again that absolute power corrupts absolutely when the fiercely partisan senators are ‘asked’ to be the judge illegally.

All major world power have huge military budget to spy and influence the internal politics of other countries, including their allies. Washington swamp’s picking on one receding power (Russia) and yet overlooking the threat of China shows only one thing: most of them have been bought over by the pro East and middle east planation dirty money.

No US president has been legitimately elected since the founding of USSR, if we apply the Democrats’ mod rule that nobody has signed up to.


This would be huuuge if he can pull it off.






I dont think so…they have a history (Trump admin) of demonizing anyone that presents bad press in any light.
So Mueller is a secret Democrat that wants to bring down the Trump administration and theyll try and find some bs dirt on Mueller to discredit him.
Theres a pattern with the trump administration and they are consistent with that.
IN short, Mueller will be a villan.

Theres a definitive pattern in your posts…Democrats bad.
We get it. You dont like Democrats. Anything else?
Oh, btw,

Direct question, do you feel the same way about Fox news? (5th time asking).
And that you are repeatedly not answering this question…that im asking.
Scroll up and see where this started. Im curious, why do you keep avoiding the question?

Pirlo75 answers my questions point blank…and for that, I respect him.
You on the other hand…






You and jim acosta will never get picked in my press conference. You can take this to the bank.



Direct question, do you feel the same way about Fox news? (6th time asking)



I think he answered that question when he said “Get off TV and read more” but I could be wrong.

You can dislike Fox and think CNN is worse. You can think the Republicans suck and still think the Democrats suck. You can think Hitler and Stalin were both awful dudes despite the fact that they were enemies.


all, true.
for the record, Trump is a great businessman, and truly has very little power. You know he is the face for the country, and as we all know the country is basically ruled by corporations it only makes sense to have a businessman represent us. I mean I am not a democrat or republican, nor libertarian. I am not Christian or Muslim or Jew, nor red or blue or right or left (or top or bottom, HAHA). But I feel like at least the part of the country I live in, things are basically the same as they have always been. Not much really changes, I mean statistically crime is down some, a few more people have jobs, the scam of traditional debt based education is slowly coming to light, as free education emerges all over the internet. One thing that has changed is people are more and more hypnotized by phones, but with the good comes the bad, it is all in your choices. I can not speak for anywhere else, because I don’t know and don’t really care much, because in my eyes life is what you make it, and it is all about the journey. I made my first website in 1995 and for the last 23 years have enjoyed the tools that are freely available thanks to the internet. I have nothing to hide, don’t care who sees my browser history, my debit card statements, or the grades I get in classes. It is a fact that there is a facebook account on every US citizen regardless if you have ever ever had an account with them. They are called shadow accounts and data is collected on everything you do online, and around cell phones and smart tv’s and on and on and now we have neuro data, and thought collection and analysis, and thinking otherwise is burring your head in the mud. If that is how you live, so be it, but live, and let live, and be happy. I feel so proud of the life I have because I have a great family, unlimited opportunity, a safe community, and a unlimited future, I’m healthy, and I can make anything, do anything, I can race motorcycles go to car shows, concerts, the gym, ect and no one will ever stop me. I pay my taxes, mow my yard, and am a good citizen. I do not drink smoke or do drugs, and don’t care who does. That being said, I have some memes to make, thanks for reading, haha (can’t get that 2 minutes back).


The greatness of USA is its true implementation of free speech. It is the only country where you can find unapologizing NAZIs, republicans, libertarians, social democrats, socialists, communists and its mouth piece (CNN). You are not only allowed to think but also to advocate what you think.

Simple reasoning says these entities won’t survive for long under a far left pro open border, pro assumption of guilty and pro taxation government. There will be no NAZI left to interview, no Infowar left to censor, and no active self sustainable religious community to condemn.

After all ideas died, thousands(if not millions) equally poor soviet subjects would form a caravan to conquer another ‘patriarchal’ society with ‘yellow privilege’ as fake refugees.


I asked him a specific question about a specific issue because i was going somewhere with it.
Pirlo, When you come at me specifically, be it youre pissed at what i said or otherwise, you counter everything i post here, with nothing left as to what you are referring to.
I have no question at all when you respond to what i post. You are clear cut.
There is not talking around anything because you dont do that.

This dude does.

Bill Gates, IMO was a great businessman as opposed to Trump.
With Trump having very little power…i think hes seeing that. I dont think its a long shot to see that when Trump got in office, he thought he had complete rule, such like that of a king and realized it wasnt like that at all and i believe that does frustrate him.


Bill Gates is an amazing businessman, and a great guy from all I know but I thought you were in touch with reality… Trump is a self made billionaire, had his own show about business, and on and on… I doubt your even a self made anything… you droll over mainstream media …we are all different, but clearly it is easy to sit on the sidelines and justify the life you live by dethroning successful people.