Drumpf Thread (Reborn!)



Trump inherited MILLIONS from his daddy.
Thats NOT self made.
Bill Gates was the mind behind Microsoft .
Hes created a legacy, so when Bill passes on, Microsoft products will still be used in a massive way… governments worldwide will be using Microsoft products for not only their critical systems, but for home/office and beyond.
Its not even a comparison, really.

For security, i prefer a *nix based system, but the way that Microsoft has made its products an asset of our daily lives is incredible.

I see some similarities with the Android and even the Apple IOS because we all use cellphones nowadays.

That doesnt anything to do with mainstream media. That was a pathetic dig that is yawnworthy…but trump had a tv show (ironic because its the EVUL MEDIA!!) and you think hes legitimized by that it seems
In addition you say I am dethroning successful people?
I JUST said in the previous message how i thought bill gates was a great businessman…so wtf?
BTW, how many bankruptcies has Trump had vs Microsoft?
Bill was a MUCH better businessman by far.
Is trump still making money, sure but is on a different level than Trump.


Your a fucking retard. That’s like turning ten grans into millions. Educate yourself before commenting again or don’t comment you continue to make yourself look like a fool and I refuse to educate those unwilling to learn.


Yeah, I really don’t understand the meme of him being a good businessman. It has been shown he has inherited some $400 million through illegal tax schemes from his father. :rofl:


again educate yourself before posting…he made billions before inheriting millions. He had dozens of
successful real estate investments in the Manhattan market in the 1980s before transitioning to self-marketing in the 1990s. He bought beauty pageants, football teams, television shows and fashion lines and with every investment, ‘The Donald’ infused his brand: brash, boisterous, unapologetic and always entertaining, and marketers loved it. In a way, Donald Trump built his wealth simply from the fact his name was Donald Trump.

The Trump Family Fortune

Trump’s father, Frederick Christ “Fred” Trump, made a sizable fortune by building and selling housing for American soldiers and their families in World War II. It was at his father’s real estate company that Trump got his start in business. In 1971, he took control of his father’s apartment rental company, Elizabeth Trump & Son Co., and later on, he renamed it The Trump Organization. Trump stuck mostly with real estate investments during this period, particularly condo associations, huge apartment buildings and Federal Housing Administration (FHA)-backed housing, all in the New York metropolitan area.

Trump hit a milestone in 1980 when he teamed up with the Holiday Inn, Corp., (then parent company of Harrah’s casino resorts) to develop a $250 million hotel and casino complex in Atlantic City, named Harrah’s at Trump Plaza.

Eventually, Trump would buy out his partners and rename the property Trump Plaza Hotel and Casino. Following the successful launch of Trump Plaza, Trump purchased a second property in Atlantic City from Hilton Hotels for a sum of $320 million. After the hotel chain had failed to obtain a gaming license, in classic Trump fashion he renamed this latest purchase Trump Castle.


New York Times shows that Trump’s will divided $20 million after taxes among his living children including Donald.





You are a nobody on an semi anonymous forum and one again losing by having to call names :joy:
The arrogance of you posting that garbage on here like you’re some sort of authority on…anything.
You expect me to take your word on what evidence or facts?
One more time, Einstein, NOT self made.

Bill Gates stared with almost ZERO and has more $$ than Trump will ever see in his lifetime not to mention his legacy as ive already stated.

Bill is on an entirely different level.

And yet he also considers that “Self Made” .
This dude is absolutely delusional.
If thats his standard of Self Made…hes COMPLETELY redefined it (typical) and good businessman dont have all of those bankruptcies in their history.
But he wont admit that…gotta love that blind faith and that:

Trump was rich from the start…and its hilarious how even with that MASSIVE head start, Gates is worth…

BTW…why hasnt god Trump visited any of our troops serving overseas?
Bush, Obama, hell, Hillary did (saw at the last minute at Al Faw Palace when i was in Iraq-strange because i dont remember hearing ANYTHING about it prior to…i suppose you might not want to broadcast stuff like that)


I never disagreed with this…

Haha, again, your a fucking retard. you’ve been told that many times by many people not in those exact words. Happy Halloween Mr. triggered hahaha I’m done with this thread.

You don’t read, you don’t comprehend, your a nothing, and will never be anything. Simple math is too hard for you and I’m not going to continue to educate … splitting 20 million with his siblings, and turning it into billions is very accomplished. Hope you have a great life…bro…


Running from the thread and now…

name calling again?


Yet…I compared him to Bill Gates…considered a Gold standard of success among his peers. Point being that he (Trump) is not as successful as one would make it out to believe.
My apologies for using such a high standard. Lets just ignore all of those bankruptcies in comparison to other billionaires at the top of the list who DONT have bankruptcies…but ok…
Ill remember to lower them…

Lets try this guy:

Oh…wait…we cant…because he grew up in a middle class African American Southern family who didnt give him a dime either…hmm…

Dont let the door hit you on the way out…


Apparently you never comprehended the difference between “your” and “you’re” in grade school. :rofl:



Did you see how he went to name calling?
lol…and they call the Democrats and Liberals snowflake…:rofl:
Im seeing the opposite here!


We should have known this was coming…it was only a matter of time:



Wow…look at how he flips when its convenient…





Dumbest of all 45, hands down:



The problem I have with this is the lack of evidence. I am not convinced Trump is a billionaire the only evidence is that he has said so. In fact it was his only significant demand in doing the apprentice that he was referred to as the billionaire Donald Trump. He is well know for taking on huge amounts of debt as his multiple bankruptcies highlight. Is there any verifiable proof that his net worth is over $1B? Also his behaviour with his charities and funnelling money doesn’t suggest someone who has huge amounts of surplus cash!


That question has been asked before…for me, personally, i have no idea but people have asked is it true.
Off the fly, for me, i think he might be at least 1B, but then again, maybe .

But great businessman in comparison to who, given that amount of cash?

BTW…the nutcases are out, and, again, this was bound to happen:

20 bucks says it will be turned into, “Cesar was ACTUALLY a deep state democrat trying to make it LOOK like there was terror”.

I thought all terrorists were Arabic…

Things that make you go hmm…




Looks like they finally caught Malik Shabazz.