Drumpf Thread (Reborn!)



I am saying he has nothing to lose by trying ever tactic he can including going batshit crazy and politicising the whole thing as much as possible so the public believe that whatever Mueller comes back with is politically motivated rather than criminally evident.

The Sessions firing looks to put Trump in more trouble as legally in the case of Sessions being fired then the acting AG should be the deputy AG. So Trump appointed Whitaker illegally!!!


Dude…are you serious?
Who was the deputy AG?
I had no idea…that sounds like a great legal loophole they can use against him.

But the more I read…the more I see Trump Jr is in some really deep doo doo. And if so…that will lead DIRECTLY to Trump.

Gonna be interesting in the coming months.


Yep much of the argument relies on technical points in the Vacancies and reform Act and DOJ succession statutes which would be open for argument. More solid is the same law in the Constitution Appointments Clause which Trump himself tried to use to say that the appointment of Mueller was unconstitutional. The basic point in that provision is that principles officers of the US must be nominated and confirmed by the Senate. A principle officer is one that reports directly to the President. In the case of Mueller he didn’t so wasn’t covered by this provision but Whitaker definitely is but was he confirmed by the Senate? No!!!

The Deputy AG is still at the moment Rosenstein!

Add to this that Whitaker has made clear his own hostility to Mueller and the Russia investigation he really should be recusing himself in the same way that Sessions did!

Yes Junior is in big trouble as is Stone and possibly Prince to be the next big indictments!


Lol just watching Trump saying he doesn’t know Matt Whitaker he worked for Jeff Sessions!!! It is widely known that Trump has met with him many times in the White House and does know him. And he just appointed him as Acting AG!!! He just can’t help but lie!!!















Well…ill have to walk this one back…after McCain passed…Lindsey got on his knees and gave Trump the time of his life!
The hypocrisy is absolutely amazing:

Such is politics…but the blatancy seems to be much more pronounced nowadays…
Ya hurt me bad Lindsey…ya hurt me real bad…


I dunno…i tend to think its real:



Unless thats some REALLY good acting!
sorry for the repost…just updating the newbies





Goes both ways.
Anything else?

BTW, Gingerbread, i dont condone what they did.
The problem is that not just one side is pissed off. Both sides are.
Which will lead into the gun issue, but ive been holding off on that for a while.



You’re defending the fascists tactics of antifa now? Wow you have come a long way.