Drumpf Thread (Reborn!)



Knee jerk reaction by yourself…but Ill just leave that there…whats crazy tho…is that ive NEVER heard you condemn NEO Nazis/KKK etc. for anything.

Got something youd like to share with us?


LOL, what a NPC response. You need to be brave and condemn the neo nazi’s or the KKK. You are just a sponge fed by the main stream media. You have to speak out against the .00001% of the population that are actual nazi’s. LOL.

The corporate media is the enemy of the public and it is where you get all your information.






There we are…you JUST parroted what Trump has said…says the guy who “claims” hes not a trump supporter.

As far as corporate media goes…do you work in the white house?
Kellyanne Conway does…
Do you have a press pass to ask Trump and his administration questions?
Many networks have press passes to ask Trump questions…on these networks you call evil.
So…if im watch LIVE video…or recorded video of the mans OWN words, including his twitter…what in the hell are you talking about?

Everything i posted, from the indictments etc…show me where ANY of what I posted was wrong?
(You cant…but…)
This all boils down to Trumps flaws being pointed out and some of the snowflakes in here cant handle it.
Thats how absolutely moronic your posts are…
If CNN said two plus two equals 4, youd come back with "whines ITS NOT TRUE*!!
If fox news says something negative about trump, thats not true either.
But if TRUMP says it…then its legit…

Yet you have ZERO connections to ANYONE in politics on EITHER side.
But its all fake.
Got it.

You and Gingerbread are just as whiny as those die hard Obama supporters.
lol…its like im dealing with the flip side of, “We President now” mixed in with a little bit of “Sieg Heil” :joy::joy::joy:




Spacebuzz…this is all fake news.
The fact that its being reported is fake. its all doctored. None of its real.
Trump doesnt lie. He never has. He never will.

Today is also the Marine Corps BDay.
Trump supports the troops!
Bone spurs be damned!


Another NPC response from the brainless one. My comments about the media have nothing to do with Trump but the brainless one thinks everything is blue or red. Pro Trump or against. You truly are the best example of a NPC.


Hmm…i guess im entitled to get a little spicy…ive been pretty good so ill go a little harder…not too much but…
Youre just butt hurt about what i posted a while back and cant get over it. Youre pathetic to let someone on the internet, someone youve never met let you get all worked up like you do and hold an “e-grudge”.

Its not that serious…never has been, never will be. Get over yourself and stop being such a snowflake. This thread is about the pros and cons of Trump, specifically.

Outside of this…as an update to my earlier post…I just saw an article that Trudeau, the French guy STILL went out in the rain and gave his speech to honoring the fallen service member.

John Kelly went to represent the US.

The bone spurs coward hides again…


Dice. I am not butthurt about anything you have said. You are just a heartless, clueless useless dumb fuck that has never had a thought of your own in your entire life. You are the laughing stock of this site.


Snowflake, relax…its going to be ok…it really is.
Funny…in all my posts i havent used profanity…dealing with you is like dealing with a child who throws tantrums…and cant control his emotions.

People will see your outbursts and laugh…


Sorry i offended you with my profanity. I guess I should have called you a baked good instead. We really could make a game out of your responses.

I just do not understand why your type, always has to point the finger to the other side. I do not see how antifa is defended, especially if your defense is nazi’s are worse. Like antifa had any idea what real fascism means. It’s almost like you are unable to think and see everything as my team vs yours.

I also do not understand how you can not comprehend that I have little interest in Trump.



I get the feeling that something is going on!!!

Trump missed the commemoration at the US cemetery in France yesterday due to “rain”!
His crazy tweets about the fires in California are so inaccurate and absurd to seem like they are purely a distraction for something else!
Trump was two hours late for a dinner hosted by Macron!
Fox News hasn’t tweeted for three days since Mitch and Murdoch had a meeting.
Trump is meeting with Putin tomorrow.
Widespread reports that Don Jnr and Roger Stone will be indicted.
Reports that Kushner has been cooperating with Mueller for a number of months now.
Manafort is being difficult.
Cohen has delivered the goods.
Not much has been heard about the Trump Org CFO who got an immunity deal a few months back!


Apparently the Q lot are also of the view that it is happening!!! Whatever it is!


Ive made it clear that i do wish both sides would unify. I realize that neither is perfect. tho.

About Trump and rain…this has GOT to burn him up:

Trump got COMPLETELY upstaged here. I mean…theres just no denying that. I cant help but laugh at the tin god.

And about what he said about the fires?
Dude…Trumps and idiot.
He has got to be, hands down, the dumbest president weve ever had. Dude is shockingly stupid.

There is a rumor ive read that he says he knows more about climate science that scientists but…i dont put too much stock into that…i mean, i think hes a moron, yes, but even i try to weed out blatant lies about trump.

But yeah, the fire comments…just…wow…its like this isnt even real.

Whatever what is?


Fox news calling out Trump again:


This weeks must read if you want to know what is going on with Trump, Mueller etc.


Gingerbread laughed…we all know he hasnt even read it…but then again…he lives in the:


I will check that book out tho.