Drumpf Thread (Reborn!)



Just a reminder what Trump himself tweeted!!


He did say that.
He also said he didnt know Putin :slight_smile:


Starts at .22 sec, LOOK AT THE YEARS (Upper LEFT HAND corner) till about 1:33

_**…one of my fav vids to show trumpsters.:rofl:
For yourself…use it too…when it comes to lies…that normally shuts them up :rofl:
So blatant that its hilarious :rofl:
Ive said it over and over again, Trump makes it way too easy to call him out. He lies so much, he forgets his own lies.

My thing is, Trump supporters and Hillary supporters are one in the same…because they both believe liars…blindly lol.

Hillary is just much MUCH better at it than Trump is…and both sides SWEAR up and down the other is more corrupt…making both sides look like idiots :rofl::rofl:

Another good one:

Dude doesnt even believe his OWN CABINET :rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl:
Hate me…hate Independents, hate the media…but these are TRUMPS OWN WORDS!
So ill guess well blame the media for trumps…own words? :rofl:

His defenders are loosing ways to defend him…





Seriously if you want proof you need to read Seth’s book it was fact checked by a team of lawyers and researchers it has over 1300 endnotes siting all the sources of the facts contained in the book it is a real eye opener.


And then you can read this and get really confused.

I wish we would bring back the days where we turned politicians into chickens.


The problem with Gingerbread…is that he wont acknowledge ANYTHING that trump has done that has been clearly posted in this thread.

You got to ask yourself is this person sane.
When you post a video…of trump blatantly lying…and has the year of his lies…and youre still posting stuff about Obama (I have no idea why)…i mean…why is he so focused on defending a liar.

I think we need to reassess whose a sheep and whose not.

Also…he also ignored your post about Trump Jr. and Russia.
Im sorry but…how stupid can you be?
The Trump family is telling you everything and contradicting everything they say…yet, Gingerbread keeps posting about Obama :rofl:

Heres a hint, deflection doesnt work here…and youre not Kelly Anne Conway (Whose husband, a Conservative, attacks the Trump administration somewhat frequently…google it)


Still havent bought it…plan on it tho. The facts are what im interested in.

I would actually entertain this one and compare it to the other book.
Have you read it?


I have read it and it is an interesting story with somethings that might warrant investigation. The problem is that he has set out to write a book that contradicts the evidence that Trump did collude rather than writing a book that presents the evidence for a different conclusion. For example he doesn’t talk about why Papadopoulos was in Italy he just states that he was, surely the reasons for being there might have some importance. He does this sort of thing throughout the book doesn’t ask the obvious questions as to why people are where they are with the people they are with and doing the things that they are doing.


I think it is important to try and get a balanced view as we know that Hillary in particular is a snake and can’t be blameless in all of this but the idea that she needed to do anything to Trump regarding his collusion with the Russians makes no sense. Trump did it all on his own, that is how he has always operated he is a crook and surrounds himself with crooks.


Oh absolutely.
Ive always said Hillary is crooked too because its true and theres so much out there to support that.
In Hillarys arrogance, theres no way in hell she would need to do anything like that, as you are saying, to trump regarding russians.

She thought she was going to run through trump without breaking a sweat.

But just as trump beat her, he did do this all on his own. I totally agree with you.

As someone posted:

"There will be books written about this administration that make The Rise and Fall of the Third Reich look like a pamphlet.



No, its just that the insane people that hate Trump all bring up the Abramson book and the the insane people that love Trump all bring up the Bongino book. Also, Abramson and Bongino go at it on twitter quite often. It fits in like a glove to the WWE model of politics. I am sure there is a little truth to both books, I am sure Trump, the Clintons, the Obamas and the Bushes all should be in prison but we are just a gullible populace and think we need the elite to rule us.



The entire news cycle between multiple networks all became about just one man. No news or any other story’s cause that would be real journalism. Everything became just about one guy over multiple networks for over two years. Giving deep coverage to all the stories of the earth is just a lot of work, it’s so much easier to just only focus on one guy. Larry King Slams Former Network CNN: ‘Stopped Doing News a Long Time Ago’

Former CNN host says the network now strictly covers President Trump, not the news


CNN Founder Ted Turner Says Network Is Too Heavy on Politics


The world has so much more complexity than just Republicans or Democrats. In serves to divide and conquer us as a people. We spend all of our time in fighting with each other versus looking at the people that are running our lives into the ground. Hopefully when this whole shit show ends the Republican and Democrat party won’t run America anymore and we can have a bunch of third parties to better represent the real opinions of the American people. One of the first Russiagate documents that came out I read through in its entirety and towards the end the of the document the Americans said that what really pissed them off was that the third party presidential debates happened on RT Russia today. Instead of being like, we are the living dead, our third party presidential debates happen with foreign governments giving a forum to what we pretend doesn’t exist. Also, the largest most powerful military in the world needs to justify the largest military budgets in human history every year. Always having an outward enemy is a key part of that. The problem is not halfway across the world oversees. The problem is probably right here at home if you just look in the mirror and you’re honest with those eyes… America is a great country, we should try it again someday;-)


A nation is a people of a common heritage.

Heterogeneous societies, the most diverse they become, the more social trust starts to break down, the more polarized the politics start to become



Dude…you KNOW, while i do hate 45…i know for a fact that all or most of em (politicians) are probably corrupt in some form or fashion…and,again, Trumps too stupid to effectively cover it (his corruption and dirt) up so he tends to look like the dumbest president we have because of his overt inability to play the role like the other possible snakes have in the past.

In short, hes so blatant. It shows that he doesnt play traditional “politics” and for that, sticks out like a sore thumb so its pretty easy to beat on him.

Read my post to Pirlo75.
Thats why I believe they do (the media).
If trump is one thing, hes definitely not a typical boring president…

I do agree with some of your points tho.

Youre saying diversity causes political divides?
…so…we should be come a nation of a single nationality?



So the Flynn sentencing memo tells us a fair bit even though much has been redacted. Mueller is recommending that Flynn serve no time as he has assisted the investigation significantly. There are a number of criminal investigations under way potentially 3 or 4. The light sentence sends a really clear message to those involved that if you talk to Mueller your cooperation will get you a light sentence so best talk now or suffer the consequences this also somewhat stymies any Trump offer of a pardon. The leniency won’t apply to Trump himself though! Also note you don’t have 19 separate interviews with the special counsel if you have nothing to say that will help the investigation!


Saw that too. Im thinking…either theres absolutely nothing going on and this was all a hoax (like that QAnon stuff says) OR were about to get some SERIOUS stuff dropped on us.

And dude…this is hilarious…its like something out of a movie:

lol…all those posts saying there was absolutely nothing to do with Russia…nope…nothing at all…we should put up a bet…like how we do over on Sherdog…toxic place, yes…but if your fighter gets beat down…you have to delete your account and create a new one.


“Criminals plead the 5th” -Donald Trump 2016…“only the Mob and Criminals plead the Fifth” Donald J Trump 2016

Strange…all I hear in here now are…crickets…