Drumpf Thread (Reborn!)



If they were both removed, she would not have to be elected.


What made you think that she was some sort of option in the first place?
Ive never thought that…shes seems the type to just play the role like the typical politician does. Useless and ineffective even.

  1. Counter-point: Canada

  2. You’re a racist idiot.


She is speaker of the house. If Trump and Pence are removed or die, she becomes President. Civics 101.


Cozy…Welcome to hypocrisy 101:

Trump is one thing. But I think Pence should be ok.
He is being strangely quiet , tho.
But I dont see that happening.
In retrospect, i dont think Trump will be forced out of office either. But I do think hell be in litigation after he gets out until the day he dies.


I am not certain Pence will be ok but Trump will be out!



I KNEW they had it in them!

Gonna be interesting to see what Sean Hannity has to say about this!


Don’t lump the judge with the rest of Fox. Judge Nap knows that taxation is theft.


People now think that the judge is a democrat.
Its embarrassing!


That’s just Trumpers. They even call David Stockman a Democrat.

Also, many people think if you are not a Republican, then you have to be a Democrat. I know several.




lol oh yeah…this dude…if you listen to what he says…you can disprove alot of it based off any general history book.

Agree with this completely. It happens, both sides, much more than not.
I think its easier for peoples brain to process left or right.
Mentally, they have an issue with anyone that doesnt fit in both camps blindly IMO.


100 bucks says the first two in number have grown dramatically but we may never know.


Its hilarious how weak he is lol yet people view him as “strong”.
TV made fun of me! :sob::sob::sob::sob::sob::sob:


Rudy Giuliani is the worst lawyer that i think ive ever seen:

I thought Rudy was smart enough to be somewhat vague…him and Trump would get eaten alive in a court and trump is depending on Rudy.


Just a little hint for those that still believe that Flynn is a good guy and was just caught up in a “process crime” this is just one of the other things he would have been charged with if he hadn’t pled guilty and assisted Mueller!


A Rat?

I thought that a crime boss calls guys that give cops info, rats?
And law enforcement calls guys like that “informants”?

lol He tells on himself every single day.
He makes it hard for people to defend him.

You gotta ask yourself…for the people that defend him…knowing all this, and still turn a blind eye, where is their moral compass?



Flynn at his sentencing today told the judge that he DID know that it was a crime to lie to the FBI. Judge asked if he thinks the “FBI entrapped him”. Flynn - “NO.”

Judge Sullivan says he “can’t hide my disgust, my distain for this criminal offence. Arguably you sold your country out.”


Him being a General…to hear that HAS to hurt.

More Americans need to get their head out of their backside and be more like this judge.
Its all about country first. NOT political party to be honest.
I also believe Left/Right can and sometimes outright IS a smokescreen.
People…and even so many on this very forum get caught up into that and refuse to see the bigger picture.

Even the left…JUST like the right, they are so focused on hating the other side, they, again, miss the big picture.


He has got to be the weakest president in the HISTORY of our nation:


I just cant belive how…a tough, hard nosed deal maker cant handle people talking about him…and SNL hits up everyone.

One more for you guys:

So…let me get this straight…Trump “NEEDS” you to tell him you love him?

Wow…oh man…this is hilarious!