Drumpf Thread (Reborn!)





Please clarify…


This could get really scary if true. President Pelosi would be the worst thing to ever happen to the US.




Despite the fact I don’t like Pence either I don’t think it likely he will be caught up as he has been careful not to be involved when Trump has been up to stuff!



So you are just dismissing the article? We know he lied about Flynn.



No I think it is interesting and he clearly lied to the public I am not sure he lied under oath and the key Trump/Russia events during transition he seems to have been elsewhere! I am not saying it isn’t possible Pence is at risk but from the publicly available evidence he doesn’t appear to be a significant risk like the others.

The Cohen sentencing memo is out now too and it very clearly says that Trump committed a felony in relation to campaign finance violoations which he also directed Cohen to participate in! The new bit of information for me was that Cohen lied about contacts with Trump and the Russians in 2015!!!




Cmon man…ive heard the same thing said about Pence, Hillary…the list goes on and on.
And no, she wont be elected at all.

Outside of that…this was shocking to me:

You KNOW its bad when Tucker…whose been there…says that…

Heard about Cohen…thats got to suck…but then Flynn appears to have gotten off the hook.


If they were both removed, she would not have to be elected.


What made you think that she was some sort of option in the first place?
Ive never thought that…shes seems the type to just play the role like the typical politician does. Useless and ineffective even.

  1. Counter-point: Canada

  2. You’re a racist idiot.





She is speaker of the house. If Trump and Pence are removed or die, she becomes President. Civics 101.