Drumpf Thread (Reborn!)



Nope, not racist. Language matters.


I think I miss read one of your posts that said “We ban all White people with guns?” and just assumed you were suggesting that we start breaking the Bill of Rights into race based sections. I saw that is a really good example of how absurd things have gotten. That people would actually break the Bill of Rights into pieces but particularly based on race politics. I stand behind what I said when I say the world is bigger than peoples race, gender, and sexual preference. I think this is becoming a confining ideological viewpoint that holds people back from many of the other aspects of what the world and universe has to offer. To me it’s all just divide and conquer. There’s trillions and trillions of missing money, We’ve been at war literally forever. Most of our civil rights have already been taken away. As everybody fights with each other It’s as if they don’t realize that they’re all on the reservation plantation now and they’re all going to suffer from the same financial collapse that will wipe out most of what we’ve ever known. All I hear people arguing about is race politics and identity politics. For a lot of posts in this thread you would never now that it was possible for people to have conservative values and not be considered racist. I think I just miss read what you said “We ban all White people with guns?” and saw that as the furthest extent you could ever take the race-based identity politics that is defining an entire section of the political spectrum in America today…




Yeah you completely misunderstood my post and took what i said out of context.

I was giving an example of how Trump takes a few incidences and stereotypes people with it.
Sadly, some people fall for Trumps bs.



How can Trump supporters EVER say ANYTHING about Hilary:

The guy lies to your face over and over and over again…and yet…STILL defend him.

Ive got a few of these vids on my phone…so when people start talking that “stuff”…i dont even need to say anything…i turn the video up…and let it do all the work.


So cute and so desperate.


I dont think hes desperate…im not sure what Trumps state of mind is…


I meant Pakman. If he actually thinks his points matter, he is an idiot, like his audience.



This goes a bit too far.



whats up with the crypto yum? its says 404 not found!!


Trump lied. That was the point…which is in part an issue with the investigation.


Right because an international Real Estate developer doing business in Russia 21 years before he runs for president is the same as talking to the Russian Government. Even you can’t be that gullible?

And to make it even more obvious you are just desperate you say this:

Well, Bill Clinton was paid $500,000 dollars to do a speech in Russia while Hillary was Secretary of State. That seems quite a bit more shady. Stop with the obsession, let Mueller finish his investigation.

Just please promise us one thing, if Trump does not get arrested and is the Republican nominee again, please tape yourself watching the Presidential election results. It will be fun for us all watching you have a young Turks reaction to the election.


Youd have to ask the US Govt that.
Its their investigation.
While you may take that lightly…apparently, the US may not.
Try attacking the US govt. Not me.
(And this is just ONE investigation that hes under)
But, again, he still lied.
Thats fact.

Youre getting triggered and personal again.


You are insane. Where do you see me getting triggered? Gosh you’re stupid.

Having a deal with a Russian Mayor is not the same as being in cahoots with Putin and Russia, even you should understand that.


This is an investigation by the Special Counsel.
I didnt start the investigation.
Mueller did.
If youre so bold, go send HIM hate mail.
He heads the investigation.
Not me.
Youre butthurt, i get it.
But again, its not my investigation. If you need to lash out:

Department of Justice
Special Counsel’s Office
950 Pennsylvania Avenue NW
Room B-103
Washington, D.C. 20530

Your whining wont change any of this.
And if you cant handle this thread and resort to childish name calling (again), then maybe you should stay out.


Fuck dude, you really serious? You are just a troll, got it.

What does the investigation have to do with your two videos that show nothing but you post them and speak like they are a smoking gun? Either you are really good at playing the moron or well, if it looks like a duck …


BTW i have no idea if hell get arrested or not.
Many others have.
As far as Republican Nominee…theres MANY Repubs that dont want that to happen either.
As far as the Young Turks go, im not a Progressive Democrat…or a Democrat as stated MANY times before in this thread.

Find another forum to vent your frustration on Dems.


I apologize. Everything I say goes over your head. Wanting to see you react to another Trump win the same as the Young Turks in no way means that I am calling you a Progressive Democrat, but I can’t explain that to you since you obviously would never get it.