Drumpf Thread (Reborn!)



Dude…keep up the name calling then its on to reporting you is what im debating.
You need to stop acting like a petulant child with the insults. I havent called you ANY names at all and if Peter sees this, hell CLEARLY see that YOU are the one that cant handle a debate like an adult.


Oh, I am shivering! Sorry, but 2+2 does not equal 5.

Peter has a brain. not sure how he would see me not being able to debate. He will see that you have no comprehension skills and laugh at you. The point was that your smoking gun videos were garbage and anyone with a brain would notice that. Sorry that you got offended when I said Pakman’s audience is a bunch of idiots, I didn’t think you would be in his audience since you are not a “Progressive Democrat”.


Peter does not want this to devolve into name calling like you are.
Much like an ignorant mentality of, “If you dont agree with/dont like Trump, Youre a DEMOCRAT!” :rofl:

BTW the video was not a smoking gun at all. Thats not even the point. And im sure the investigations know about it already.
The point is that he lied blatantly.

At the end of the day, when all is said and done…the investigation goes on until the next one starts and the next one after that :joy:


So in your mind a business deal with someone in Russia is the same as him being in cahoots with the Russian Government. That is proof of your lie? So everyone in Russia is the Russian Government and Putin?




Yowza. Way to miss the mark. Either critical thought is dead or your cognitive dissonance can’t help but manufacture fallacious reasoning. A rational person can only throw their hands up in the air and kindly leave the room.


Thanks, cause your opinion matters to me. Oh look the racist community college professor agrees with the mentally disabled guy, I must be wrong.

Pakman, who has already been shown as a fool on just about every occasion mentions multiple business deals that happened before Trump was even considering running for President, many when he was a democrat as proof of Trump’s collusion. It’s a stretch but of course you fall for it.

I don’t believe we should have a president so I don’t care either way, but let this damn investigation end and lets see what happens. The desperation to find anything on Trump is just tiring and how anything that speaks against the collusion is just pushed away shows the bias and the cognitive dissonance of the Never Trumpers.


Oh Shit, Putin got to the Senate.


Yowza. Triggered much?


Seriously triggered :mcafee:


Oh yeah got me. Bunch of fucking midwits.


I have zero interest in political discussions, especially ones based on corruption. Let’s be totally honest here they’re all corrupt af. From an outsiders point of view trump is just another in a long line of corrupt world leaders. To argue he isn’t is kinda naive tbh. Regardless of whether that’s being in cahoots with the Russians or not. Do you honestly believe he’s in power to benefit anyone else but himself?


of course he is in it for himself. 99.9% of all politicians are egotistical sociopaths.


This is part of the problem the media simply don’t put the work in and don’t understand how a case like this is built. Even Burr said a few days ago that the investigation has turned up so many issues that they could be investigating for the next decade. Yet the media say stuff like they will be wrapping up soon. They say the same thing about Muller yet he will be going until at least the summer in my estimation and the scope of his investigations keep broadening the more he finds!
The one thing you won’t see is the single smocking gun where Trump says yes Vlad we should collude but it doesn’t mean the evidence is not there because it absolutely is!


Pirlo75 is incredibly whiny (snowflake, much?).

Hell probably come back with, “B…B…B…HILARY!!!”

And im thinking, "This dude is comparing the Trump to someone WHOSE NEVER EVEN BEEN PRESIDENT " :rofl:

I have never understood why Trump supporters do that.

Now, Obama?
Yeah…lets talk.
He did serve 8 yrs as president. So lets compare.

Hell, i even said that Hillary is crooked (Cuz she is…but she hides her dirt much better than Trump, and she doesnt keep running her mouth and contradicting herself via twitter every week, only to make things worse) too, but because he doesn’t have any other response, he automatically defaults to, “Uhh…well…uhhh…you hate Trump so you support Hilary and you are an evil liberal democrat”.
Thats exactly why he said what he did.

Whats even more pathetic is that ive said PLENTY of times that im more of an independent that wanted Pence as president over Trump any day.

Yet, he goes on his emo rants and insults people because he cant handle a debate.
Its just like his master, Trump.

Its hilarious that you guys also see just how ridiculous his responses are…but I guess you’re all, “EVUL LIBRULS!”



And calling non-blind Trump followers, “NPCs”.





Ah the NPC with his originality and great debating skills.




Don’t you have toilets to clean?