Drumpf Thread (Reborn!)



I think he has a gag order.
No more of that “grandstanding” from stone.


Are you kidding me? If Trump is truly stupid enough to believe exercise isn’t good for you then he needs to be removed from office immediately. Instant grounds that he is too stupid to be in a position of power.


Dude…look at the article.
I kid you not.
He is dumb as a box of rocks.:rofl::rofl::rofl:


He is also continuing to divide the Republican party.
Ive said this for a few years now:

Not at ALL a fan of Coulter…but she does have a voice in the Repub party…heck…she even wrote a positive book on Trump, and just look at the fall out.


By the way, Trump knows better than everyone in almost EVERYTHING:

This dude is a delusional scam artist.


Ok so…one more…one more:

lol WHAT?
So…people are talking trash about you and you want to investigate?


Ladies and Gentlemen…Trump, once again, is:




This could be a problem for Trump!

<note: many people keep saying Mueller will be wrapped up in a few weeks or months - we are at least six months away from him finishing!>



The only folks i heard saying that were people from the Trump administration and a few on Fox news.

Great article…especially this:

Part of the genius of Robert Mueller is that he has arranged so that Donald Trump cannot evade prosecution for his crimes. He has made sure other law enforcement agencies are involved so the probes will continue even if the special counsel’s office is shut down by the president.



Ok dude…this appears to be a MASSIVE red flag…if we didnt have enough already because isnt trump in bed with the saudis to begin with?

If this is found out to be true…


Well this isn’t from CNN so it has a significant amount of credibility. This is part of the problem for Mueller and his investigation as he unturns one stone he finds something else. Whilst the principle issue with Trump is his relationships with Russia the extent of his trading the presidency for personal gain extends beyond that. Before this is done we will all be talking about Saudi Arabia, Israel, Italy, Singapore, Egypt and Hungary possibly others. Something else to note given recent tweets is that McCabe told members of Congress and GOP about his concerns about Trump and his investigations and none of them objected or tried to shut him down or called him treasonous or that he was initiating a coup. The questions is why not? The answer is because they all knew that the concerns has validity!


Want to know what Trump is scared of. This just about covers it!


I just dont see how people can deny it and see the pattern.
People that still blindly follow him couldn’t care less about America, but more so, of what one man thinks.

Reading all of this, tho…im wondering, depending on how much garbage hes into…if he can actually get any jail time.


There is already enough evidence in the public domain that were he not the president he would immediately be indicted for with a very high chance of serving jail time. The question is whether anyone is prepared to challenge the DoJ guidance that a sitting President cannot be indicted and then whether the entire issue becomes increasingly political and tied up in the courts. Our justice system is built on the premise that no one is above the law but we see it on a daily basis across the country that people who have money tend to get away with things that those that haven’t don’t get away with.


Yeah…i mean…i wouldn’t be totally surprised if he got out with not too much but a scratch.
He shouldn’t, he should do jail time if necessary.

As always, I agree with you.


Without me this thread is just pinky and the brain.


I don’t know why people had high expectations of this. There are so many more indictments to come that Mueller was never going to show his hand in this sentencing memo!!


Im starting to see this also.
I mean…there are so many other issues going on around Trump OUTSIDE of the Russia investigation that he very well might be in litigation for the rest fo his natural life.

Uh oh…In other news, check this out:

They could end up looking really stupid.
Then again, we dont know if Trump and his administration will try and hide things as theyve historically done.
Not sure what i think about this.

This is getting interesting even more so…
BTW, check this out:

And one more:

Whats i interesting in the thumbnail is that theres a sign that says Lord Jesus for Trump.
Jesus Christs life was ABSOLUTELY NOTHING like Trumps.
Biblical, Christ was NOTHING like Trump.
These people have created a god in their very own mind aside from what their own Bible CLEARLY tells them otherwise IF they claim to be a Christian in the first place.



But…is he mentally unstable or just an ignorant fool?

They are not one in the same.
Mental illness is a pretty serious issue, but just being an ignorant person is completely different.
From what I see, hes just an ignorant , and unqualified person.



I agree.


Perspective from two opposites sides of the spectrum

Fox and Vanity Fair

Ocasio-Cortez focused her questioning on allegations that Trump has undervalued his assets to avoid paying taxes; where Congress would be able to find a “treasure trove” of documents which contain damaging information about the president; and where the committee should look for evidence that Trump has committed tax fraud.

“Do you think we need to review his financial statements and his tax returns to compare them?” Ocasio-Cortez asked.

“Yes, and you’d find it at the Trump [Organization],” Cohen replied.