Drumpf Thread (Reborn!)



What the Cohen hearing revealed (not that we didn’t suspect) was a smorgasbord of criminal activity. Including despite protests from certain republicans further evidence of Trump’s collusion and conspiracy involving Russia.

The Fox report is completely disingenuous saying that as Cohen isn’t part of the Executive Branch then he shouldn’t be there. Utter nonsense if a member of the public and in this case a criminal informant can shed light on the behaviour and actions of the Executive Branch then there is absolutely no reason why he shouldn’t be there, and the Fox reporters know this!!


What about this?


Oh I agree. Trump has been signalling this for months. If he loses he will claim that that illegals voted, it was rigged, the machines were hacked, the Dems conspired with the russians to hack the election. I don’t for one second think he will go quietly. He wants to abolish the two term rule. He seems to favor dictators and would like to be one himself!


Cohen kills collusion conspiracy theory


Except he didn’t. He is using the same definition that Trump and his team are trying to use which isn’t the definition of collusive behaviour as recognised in law. Also Cohen provided further evidence of collusion and conspiracy in his evidence. Most people misunderstand what Steele’s dossier was which wasn’t a dossier at all. It was a collection of raw intelligence reports. By Steele’s own perspective on his raw intelligence he would estimate it to be around 70-80% correct. The point about Prague may simply be that it was wrong albeit Russian intelligence had Cohen’s cell phone present in Prague at the time mentioned. Steele’s raw intelligence is also not the only piece of evidence that points to Trump’s illegal behaviour! Not a fan of Maddow though!!!

They are right that Cohen wasn’t lying in his testimony though because of the legal risk his is under!


The Lies Are Hilarious…and Prince has gotten caught.
This is why they tell you to be honest up front…as your lies WILL come back to haunt you:

Tell a lie to cover up another lie type thing.

And racist stuff by good ole Tucker:

Blame the media/deflection (even tho this info is STRAIGHT FROM THE HORSES MOUTH) in 3…2…1…

One last one:

FINALLY Repubs are getting tired of Trumps mouth and other massive issues.



You know…theres a special place in hell for Trump.

Meanwhile, Kellyanne and her husband dont see eye to eye.
I think after Trumps presidency, a divorce is on the way:

You know good and well there is stress at home and whats worse is that this is public.