Drumpf Thread (Reborn!)


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Crypto has never been dead…

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Haha yes let’s change the subject and wrap this bitch up.

I’d try and help you understand what I mean but I’ve tried before with other topics. You get so lost you ignore the facts and panic so will probably end up calling me a Alt-Right-Coin Shill

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Scroll up and look at the list of convictions and felons in his administration.

I think i posted it months ago…but like i said before…funny how you come out of the wood work and start talking now that you feel a lil bit confident :joy:

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Yeah…facts do seem bore your type when its convenient = ZERO integrity.

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Among those who’re learning about the “truthy-ness” of The Donald are farmers who voted for him, having bought his campaign promise to restore farm prosperity.

Once in office, though, he quickly sold them out, throwing a hissy-fit of a trade war with China that ended up slapping U.S. farmers by lowering the already low prices they get for their crops. Instead of prosperity, the average farm profit last year was minus $1,500!

Trying to smooth over this betrayal of the heartland, Trump tweeted out a message to ag producers in December meant to warm their hearts: “Farmers I LOVE YOU!” he professed. (I’m guessing he offered the same sweet insincerity to Stormy Daniels.)

Actions speak louder than words, of course, so on March 11 Trump took actions to express his true love for farmers: He whacked $3.6 billion from the safety-net programs that offer a measure of relief to hard-hit producers when crop prices crash. Revealing his plutocratic core, his cuts specifically targeted programs that benefit small farmers — a deliberate manipulation meant to drive more families off the land and increase corporate monopolization of agriculture.

Not satisfied with intentionally injuring family farmers, Trump added insult by calling the dab of support they get from the government “overly generous.” This from a real estate flimflammer who continues to rake in millions of dollars in government cash and special tax breaks.


From what i heard, some still wont speak against him…even in this.
Its become cult-like.

Plus…some folks think Trump has the early stages of dementia.

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They think it’s dementia because he tells so many false things. No, he’s simply a pathological liar. When the truth is equally beneficial compared to a lie he will always choose a lie. He now can’t keep track of the 9,000+ lies he’s told since taking office.

It’s not dementia he’s just always been a complete moron and a liar. There’s just enough people watching him now to see how utterly and absurdly moronic he is.

FFS, he thinks that exercise depletes your energy levels because you have a finite amount of energy. His stupidity is breathtaking.


lol yeah i know…it is.
But he had an interview recently where he kept saying “orange”…and not knowing where his dad was born.
Check this out:

Now, his supporters will make excuses…which is pathetic.
I mean, just admit something isnt right.
And hes trying to say ORIGINS.
Even if i let the ORIGIN thing pass…dude…youd dont know where your dad was born?
In NY?

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Oh yeah, I’m aware of both those things. The German dad and oranges incident. I still think he’s just a moron. I bet he’s been doing stuff like that his entire life and no one noticed or no one around him had the balls to correct his stupidity.

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I dunno man.
I mean…i could probably look past the not knowing where your dad is born…i guess…maybe…somehow lol.
But the orange thing is crazy. That has nothing to do with his lies but just…he couldn’t find the correct word to use…and he did it repeatedly.
I get that hes a pathological liar, thats crystal clear, but the other things i seem to go beyond that.
Im no doctor other than what I see here (Title is sensationalized imo but worth a look):

BUT you have to also take into consideration bias.
Its just that ive NEVER seen ANY president.
Even Nixon wasnt this unhinged.

Gingerbreads response is typical. Hes trolling lol…there have been plenty of posts critiquing trumps actions yet he chooses mine…specifically = Obvious Troll.

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So I’m seeing a new meme about Trump believing that windmills cause cancer? Where did this one come from? :rofl::joy:

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Wow! His stupidity is reaching new epic proportions. He can’t even speak like a normal person. What is he even trying to convey when he says “and you tell me that one”. Da hell does that even mean?

Or “I have a great feeling Germany.” WTF? who talks like this. His ramblings make no sense at all.

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Yeah Trump is extremely ignorant. Its shocking how foolish the man is and it clearly shows.
How people support him I will never understand.
You should read up on what he thinks about exercise…

Dude, im telling you…I can understand someone thats a liar, but the stuff he says is why people think hes mentally declining.
For example, ill post it if i can find it, but there was an interview with him about 20 or so years ago and they compared it to today and there is a considerable difference in his speech patterns, what he talks about and staying on topic and not simply rambling.

Its pretty damning.

Even the people on this forum who defend him…how the hell can you defend someone that says NOISE gives you cancer?

Ill clown you all day…and before they pull out the “B…B…B…but HILLARY!!!” stuff…remember…you are comparing someone who has NEVER BEEN president, to someone who has.

It only makes them look that much dumber imo.

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Nothing Hillary has done can compare to the epic incompetence that Trump has displayed. The only people who still support him are blind Republicans who only care that he’s Republican and nothing else. It truly is a cult like following of mind blowingly ignorant followers. He could take a shit on the oval office desk and they could justify it as an act of air freshening and would begin basking in its aroma.

I just recently watched a video on his dad. Holy shit, that man was pure evil as well.

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Yeah. His dad was all sorts of dirty…plenty of documentation on that out there.
And Ive been saying the same things about Trump since the original thread about Trump was started.
As far as Hillary tho, the FIRST thing theyll bring up is Benghazi. Its normally a cornerstone of their counter argument.

Both of them are crooked but Hillary hides hers better than Trump does.
Hes pretty much a bull in a China shop with zero tact, so its relatively easy to catch him in something like a lie or anything else.

As far as his followers (I see it as Trump supporters and then you have Republicans…two somewhat different parties), they turn on Republicans at the drop of a dime for him which does appear to be cult like indeed, never questioning if they are right or wrong. They are so busy attacking everyone else, they just dont sit down and think if their own foundation is flawed.

And god forbid them admitting their wrong lol!

Blind allegiance is always foolish IMO.

So…how long do yall think this marriage is going to last?

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