"DRUMPF!" (Trump) Thread



Lets just let it go. Neither of is going to convince the other. I value freedom and want more and you are ok with me not being free.

If you really want to continue we can but that second post is just hogwash. An opinion piece with no details of why Mises is wrong about human nature.

Continuing this would be a great waste of time for me and probably the same for you because you don’t want to give up your religion and I understand. I think Mises is absolutely right on what he says about human nature. I also think it is laughable when a Keyesian says no serious economist, like Keyes was the 2nd coming of Adam Smith or something. (I didn’t read the first one but will try and just edit here)

As for the 1st part of your response above, my best response to that author is “That’s just like your opinion man”. But if you think praxeology is immoral and I think government is evil, I don’t think we are going to go any where anyway.

I also think you would much rather argue Cronyism vs Social Democracy and I can’t do that. If you want to get into why you think more government would be better than less, I can argue that but it probably should be a new thread since this is about TDS, and PTDS. and I am sure most are tired of us discussion something way off topic. It might not matter as much as I think and please do not feel obligated to answer but how old are you and what is your profession?


We know how to get along…like adults.
I dont fear people that disagree with me.

BTW, dont get too excited about Candice…:

I went DEEP liberal here but he does make some very valid points.


Big pharma definitely needs to be broken.
Cant stress that enough.
Peoples lives are much more important than making money…specifically in this regard.
Everyone knows im not at all big on conspiracy theories…but i DO believe theres a cure for several forms of cancer.

Youre like that dude, who wishes he played pro sports but got stuck at the local rec league.
I find it highly amusing that you really think you know what is going on.
How many times have you been to the US?

Its a couple of things. Theres the people that like trump and refuse to see the problems/blame Hilary…even tho shes never been president.

There are people that actually ARE racist and live vicariously through trump because he can say it, and they cannot. It burns them up inside, but to see trump do it?
They are loving this.

Some are changing their minds and have turned on trump.
Not the republican party, but on trump.

There are cowards that hate and fear him and wont speak out.

It was a meeting. We have no idea where this is going to go. They could be calling each other names by the end of the week.

He hasnt been re-elected yet.
Stay off the drugs.

No, its not.
But without this, trump has dug his grave.


Rapid fire. The only point of the Candace video was to decribe TDS which I think you have.

Big farmer is broke because of Government.

Oh, I just feel sorry that you are surrounded by state worshippers.

Damn, one more. Yes it was a meeting, that is why i said potential. Look at tbe Gorbi/Reagan meeting in iceland. considered a failure but helped bring down the wall eventually.

I’m done for now unless you want to write some useless junit test cases for me.


You didnt watch the entire video (our posts on here are timestamped, so you were already upset at the title) even joe rogan had a few solid questions that she didnt really answer.
Dont be so triggered.
Ive responded to several people so, again, dont take it to heart so much.

For someone who tries to appear so detached, you seem very attached…


Not triggered, was just trying to be courteous and respond. I’m 100% Italian. My heritage and the Irish are not allowed to be offended not that we ever are.

I didn’t watch the video and don’t know much about Candace. I think she is smart and right about the democrats but becomming a republican is not the answer. Either I write wrong or you are terrible at reading comprehension. If it is the former, I apologize.

EDIT: In this case I think it is you, where did I say I watched the video. I just tried to respond to all your posts that quoted me.


Kind of funny cause the Church didn’t object to this book which is pretty much an intro to Austrian Ecconomics,

And then EWTN had Tom Woods teach about the book on their network. Hmm…


You’re like the guy who wished he played rec sports but instead watches it on tv in his underwear drinking a watery bud eating his twinkies :yum:

How many times have i been to the us? More times than you’ve not been on a rage my son.

Funny how you no longer have substance anymore that you go hide behind your stars and stripes like anyone gives a fuck. And you keep doing it like it means anything. You are a product of propaganda and don’t even realise it. It’s like asking a Brazilian what the best country in the world is. Hilarious :joy:

Where abouts do you live though dike? I’m guessing somewhere super retarded like LA or Portland? I could see you in Washington too. Definitely seem like a coast boy that thinks he’s too good for the “fly over” states


This post show some things, you like to defer, I am guessing 12 years pubic educaton and a 4 year liberal arts college of some sort. Lots of reading from socialist and leftist thinkers. Am I right at all?

You asked for examples, I am not suggesting we bring back the medieval Iceland. I am just giving you a handful of examples where it was tried, rather successfully. It would be a bit easier now. Look how many things are becoming decentralized with some great success. This is actually exactly what I mean when I say that Conservatives and Progressives alike are incapable to even imagine actual progress. You can only envision your modern world. Like all the people that were saying we would be scrambling for food if we didn’t do something about the population in the 60s and 70s. Now extreme poverty is almost gone and we have billions more. They couldn’t envision the technological breakthroughs.

Yes. This Government seems to have failed at everything except blowing up countries that have oil. It seems it started getting really bad in the late 1800s and some of the worst moves in 1910, 1913, 1917, 1933, 1935, 1942, 1965, 1968, 1971, 1979, 2001, 2003, 2008, 2010, 2013. Actually, it would probably be easier to list the good years but they are harder to find.

As for the Jefferson article, that’s just stupid. The article has nothing to do with my post and I wasn’t praising Jefferson. The point was that, as Jefferson said, if you want to keep government from growing, you probably have to fight a lot more often. Unless I missed it, I am not sure your rebuttal makes any sense since it doesn’t say anything about the quote.

We now know that many of the leaders of the past were actually racists (the real kind, not new one that gets thrown around so much it is diluted and a late-night comedy joke). Lincoln, Teddy Roosevelt, Woodrow Wilson, FDR, Polk, Andrew Jackson and Andrew Johnson. Recently we have learned that Einstein and Ghandi may even have been racists. So which of these guys do we forgive for their racism? If we find out that Einstein and Ghandi were racists, do we throw out all their accomplishments?


The modern age libs forget many things from the past. Whether its socialism/communism failing, different races holding the power etc. One of the things they are also unaware of is that everyone was racist. Everyone had the same propaganda thrown at them. If only they could open their eyes and realise they are still being spoon fed from the very same propaganda machine.

Unfortunately many of the ppl that are still crying over trump 2 years on (6 more to go!) are already too far gone and will never learn. That or they haven’t grown up yet and experienced the world as an adult


More bullshit and lies from Trump today saying about the IG report “it totally exonerates me. There was no collusion, there was no obstruction, and if you read the report you will see that”

Well I read the report and it doesn’t say that at all. In fact that shouldn’t be a surprise because the report was a probe into the FBI investigation of the Clinton emails and nothing to do with the Russia investigation so it wouldn’t say anything about obstruction or collusion. Do people really believe the lies he spins???


I think its you who spins : ) relaaaaaax


Where is the spin in what I have written it is all verifiable fact?!


the web of shit is big ; )


Aww…someones feeling a bit jealous.
And i ask again, can you vote? :joy:

You arent even American, but has something to say about our country.
But youre mad now that I, and most, should discount your opinion.

Since you like to use the “dike” comment, that equals to " He says negative things about Trump so the only way i can respond to him is to call him a liberal out of anger and rage because i dont know how else to respond"

To show your absolute ignorance and complete loss of touch with whats happening in MY country, I cant find ANY liberal that would WANT mike pence as president.
Ive said on here REPEATEDLY that I do.

This alone, again shows you have no clue as to what you are talking about.

Lastly, Ive responded to several people on here. Youre not the only one. So triggered you are that you can only participate, by a forum.

Continue to watch the mid terms from a distance…

Back to reality:

The thing that gets me, is notice how alot of people AROUND Trump are going to jail, pleading guilty and under investigation.

I dont think any other president, not sure if even Nixon had this much turmoil surrounding him.
But watch as all the chips fall. Are we SURE that Trump is completely innocent?
I cant understand why people, seeing all of this going on, is acting as if its all “fake news” lol.

And dont even get me started on Micheal Cohen…

But how do you NOT see all of this serious stuff going on around Trump and still think that its COMPLETELY not connected?
These are people that have known Trump for years.
As the old saying goes, where theres smoke, theres a fire


I love you dicemaN. I hope you’re happy


Well it would not be Trump if he didn’t try to use this for his gain but that is not your question.

Yes. Just like some that suffer from TDS believe everything negative the media spins, those that suffer from PTDS believe everything Trump says. They have him on some sort of high pedestal and he could do no wrong. Many Obama supporters were the same way in the beginning but I don’t remember him being given God Status. One PTDS person even tried to tell me “He is just like Ron Paul”


Umm…yeah they were.
Obama said he was a Christian, yet allows a law to pass allowing gay marriage.
If anyone has studied the Christian beliefs thats the POLAR OPPOSITE of what they believe. In fact, those acts are an abomination, according to the Bible.

That MASSIVE contradiction was just one of the few things (Trump has a ton more, btw) that really got under my skin that lost me on Obama.

From a moral perspective, to allow that, is no different that Trump “grabbing them by the pussy” including Trumps multiple wives and sex with porn stars and in some cases, depending on your background and perspective, even worse.

But i think that because Trump is just so stupid and vocally proud about it, this makes Obama, Bush and Bill look like saints.


Not all Christians are against gays, even the pope is warming up to the idea of welcoming them into the Church.

Obama, a politician, did what politicians do. Just like you see some politicians changing the tune on at least medical cannabis, if not all cannabis, and everyone seems to love Hemp now (I hope Jack Herer is smiling up in heaven) As long as Churches are not forced to perform weddings, gay marriage is fine by me. The idea of the state being involved in marriage is just stupid though.

For completely selfish reasons, I’m glad Obama was elected. If he wasn’t, I would not have taken a long look outside the two parties and found an ideology that fits for me. I have always been anti-war and bounced around cause they always speak of peace (except Bomb Bomb McCain). I went to rallies during the Bush presidency after the Iraq invasion. It was amazing how many people would show up. Then Obama got elected, the wars didn’t stop, but no one thought it necessary to protest. Were these friends anti-war or just anti Republican? Was I duped by some sort of Soro’s ploy? Where the fuck did the anti-war left go? I went looking for something better.


So Manafort goes to jail and Trump is into the he was only a coffee boy routine. Manafort is going to flip so fast. Trump is in even more trouble!


This statement indicatesthat the debate is frivolous,you still do not get where I am coming from.

Continuing this would be a great waste of time for me and probably the same for you because you don’t want to give up your religion and I understand

You are the one who is married to the libertarian ideology,I am willing to try systems that have been shown to work and you look towards a utopian ideal that never has