DSNC is the ICON Network P-Rep Candidate

Hello BitcoinPub members,

I would like to grab your attention and show you some latest information about what is going on with ICON Network and $ICX.

2019 September - The new era of the ICON Network begins
with the Public Representative Election.

You can see that from the ICON website:

I am showing you all this info, as I am part of this process and I am representing DSNC.

You can have a look of the whole P-Rep list candidates the link below:

So, to the main point of my writing.

Everyone can give their vote to DSNC to become a Genesis P-Rep.
You also can earn $ICX for giving your votes to us and if you decide to invest/stake your $ICX with us and you will earn more $ICX for that. (just to make it clear that your funds are always in your control and we will not have your $ICX)!

Please check the link here to inform yourself how the Staking with ICON is working:

And at the end I would like you to have a look at our new ICON P-Rep Introduction video on YouTube:


Excellent! Keep updating us please!


Please do not hesitate to add your comments here, positive or negative. We need to know your thoughts, questions or opinions. We can give you more details about the staking process and how you can make more $ICX when you staking with us.


Can say why the links don’t work? It shows the URL’s you mention as reported for malicious behavior.



Thanks for your feedback Grow2Love. I have checked again these links from different users and they are good. I don’t have problems open all these links from UK. Maybe ICON web site is restricted in USA. But I am surprised you cannot open the YouTube video as well, can you?


Vote for DSNC to become ICON P-Rep, Staking with DSNC and you will be rewarded with $ ICX , # Icon

Check out our new DSNC video. Enjoy Stacking with us!!! :slight_smile:


I’m in the UK but I get a Nash Extension blocked message. Could because I have a nash extension on google chrome.


Their extention is a big problem since ico it was blocking trezor/ledger’s connection at that time.
@DStyphoon it’s nice to see many people from pub trying to be involved in icon’s governance.


Yes, thanks @Piconbello for your help here spotting the issues with Nash.
And Yes, again regarding our ICON P-Rep involvement.
All because of our Crypto Guru @peter, our captain showing us the world of Crypto Coins and ICX in this case. :smile:
Big shout out for @peter.


One thing is certain… If a P-rep can secure the love from this Pub’s ICX gang, it’ll get lots of precious votes.

This pub holds one of the biggest ICON communities outside of Reddit and Telegram.


I don’t know reddit doesn’t seem like a solid community to me. On helloicon follower numbers are very high while there is literally no activity considering that numbers


DSNC are looking for dapps developers. Any good ideas will be supported and budget to build the dapp will be provided.


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Our latest interview with THE ICONIST is below. Please have a look and check what was our respond.

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Follow us on Twitter and Reddit to check our updates and progress with ICON Project:



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DSNC created our first smart contract build with SCORE and running on ICON Mainnet.
We use ICX/USD Price Feeds called “Daedric”, created from Spl3en from ICONation Team and “Marvin”, price bot for “Daedric”, created from Andrew from Rhizome Team.
This will help dapps developers to receive ICX/USD price from Hylian, generic price oracle on ICON.


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DSNC node is now acting as a Main P-Rep node in the Testnet3. Our first goal is to build a stable, secure and reliable node then we can focus on our work to build useful dapps.


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Great stuff man!


Have a look at our Reddit posts and advise if you also using Reddit or not at all?
We are new with Reddit, but it looks like there are no any people at all. :smiley:
Will be much appreciated your feedback.


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So good to see DSNC is on Number 1 position, even if it is only on ICON Testnet Tracker. We are doing very well and we are ready for decentralization soon.


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On this run, we got a turn for 1000 blocks and that turn never came back to us :smiley: anywas since mainnet decentralization we have a lot of stuff on our hands.

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