Earning that "Aficionado" Badge...! 🎉



109 days and no badge…lol


so 95 days. I have 5 more to go


10% done! :joy::joy:


d minus 1… so excited
this is the counter for consecutive days isn´t it?


That is what I was using but not 100% sure that is what it is counting.


@john any insights? is the counter shown on the profile not the consecutive but accumulated visits count?


Consecutive is the goal. It’s hard. Most will not get it.


That is what we are talking about but we are trying to find the counter so that we know where we are at with regards to reaching this goal


Oh. Yes. Sadly… that shows just aggregate visits… there’s an internal system calculating daily consecutive visits which isn’t public.

This is why some folks have crossed the 100 day mark and not earned it.

It’s like going to the gym but missing day #67… the counter starts over at day #68


I like my goals to be SMART, and being able to track my progress against them


I will look into it…


@john WE need radical transparency here. The hidden counters are the “in’s” for corruption.


jesus. okay. roger that.


i’ll look into it.


you have more important things man. I am just glad we have some clarification on what that number means.


Hey @john
Don’t know if something is wrong. I loved to get this badge. I though going through the B90X would half work done. Today I look at my statistics and saw only 23 day visits. I’m on day 34 of B90X, so at least this number should be visible.


Really strange… I see the November sign-up date but apparently it’s saying you didn’t login and view content for a few of those days.


It’s possible that during Christmas with my illness I broke the stroke because I missed a day. But overall I’ve been here every day since registration.


Yeah you’re not truly dedicated sorry man, you gotta show up to the pub even when you’re sick :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:



(oh come on. Why this 20 char requirement?)


I would have thought I had got this badge by now haven’t missed a day since early September!