Earning that "Aficionado" Badge...! 🎉



you missed a day somewhere…


I can’t have done… I need the pub in my life everyday :smiley:


This is honestly one of the hardest badges to earn… obviously. So, it’s not for the faint of :heart:!


38 more days for me baby :tada:


Do you earn it automatically once you complete the 100 days or do one of the mods have to award it to you?


is this in some way related (a requirment) to the regular trust level?


it’s automatically given by the system.


Oh cool. I thought I would have had this one by now. I’m at 132 days now I don’t think I missed a day lol.


nope. not related to trust level.


I’m at 156 days and still don’t have it. I must have missed a day. I’m at 37k posts read :grimacing:


This is one elusive badge. I’m at 72 days right now and counting down to 100. Just hoping that I didn’t miss a day anywhere in there! I’ll find out in 28 days :slight_smile:


COngrats! Need me to start tagging you every day? :smiley:


Whatever it takes! :smile:


Gamification on: after 152 days I earned this badge. :man_cartwheeling:


That is more or less what got me. I was like you son of a #### I should had this by now. Made the Pub part of my morning routine when i log my mining earnings and take a glance at tradingview. Got the badge yesterday.


I’m on 47! Long term HODL! Strong hands :muscle:


Finally got this one :smiley:


Way to go! Finally :slight_smile:



I’m 8 days out from earning my badge. I’m pretty sure I’ve been in 100 consecutive days but I guess I’ll find out next week if I missed any!



That’s misleading…That’s just total days visited and not consecutively. I thought the same thing for a while but I apparently missed a day early on and didn’t get mine until 140 days or something.