Earning that "Aficionado" Badge...! 🎉



There anything for 200 days? lol


I do not think so but you can earn this badge more than once.


lol so you get like a 2x? hah


There’s a 365 day badge…not consecutively I think…just in general.


Exactly. I think I’ve visited every day for those 92 days but I guess I won’t really know until the badge is awarded. If it doesn’t show up in 8 days, I hope it’s not 40 more days before I really started the :100: streak!


I’ve got over 100 days. Does the badge apply automatically or does a mod or @john need to manually hand them out? I think my trust level should be up as well.


The number you are seeing is not consecutive days. Its just the total number of days you have visited. The badges are for consecutive days and meant to encourage discipline.


What am looking for with my aficionados badge(when I get one) is the ability to like more than 50 times a day. I confess I’m a serial liker and I’m not ashamed to admit it. Possibly 100 should be sufficient for my addiction :syringe:
Even if you could allocate some of the voyeurs :eyes:likes who don’t use them :ok_hand:


LOL I sometimes like 30 day old posts like a creeper sometimes just to use them up.

We need to turn these hearts into currency someday.


I need to start mining those fuckers.:joy:

I’ve been told by my wife to apologies for my atrocious language.

I’m sorry.

In my defence it’s beer o’clock in the uk :beer:


@dearscotty … don’t fuck up:


lol :joy: don’t you fuckin dare scotty :muscle:


ermagod! must bring 5 phones with me in case any one goes out, and i blow it!


day 162 and still no clue when I would have missed one. :thinking:
If we could only see that consecutive days counter…


maybe we are already pre-mining the pub heart coin (PBH) :thinking:


Could tomorrow be the day?!?! I guess I’ll find out soon if I missed any in the first 100 days.



Oh my gosh! I can’t believe this actually happened today! 100 days exactly :rocket:



Well deserved :slight_smile:


Congrats you did it! :sunglasses::+1:t3: