Earning that "Aficionado" Badge...! πŸŽ‰



how do you know? The 75 is just the number of people who have received the badge :bulb:


FAIL! :smile: damnit i thought it was number of dayssssss


No the value is actually hidden you cannot tell how close or how far away you are from this badge.


Finally, I got it ! :tada:
81st member to receive it.



:raised_hands: Well deserved. Congrats!


Congrats bro! I’m half way there :grimacing:


achievement hunting too.


I’m in the club now!




Mini mission goal accomplished! Stay addicted! :sunglasses:


stay woke. stay woke.



Finally! After 216 days!


there we go! nice work!


BOOYA! 100/100 :ghost: Officially #147 :trophy:

Yet another mini-moon goal for this month! Whoohoo! :wine_glass: :sunglasses: :doge: :rocket:


What / where are you today (whatcha working on)?

yoooo. that’s solid man! great work! one of the hardest badges to get!


Cool. Congrats bro! :tada::+1:t3::sunglasses:


I’m not far behind on 84!


Thanks guys!

@john - I’m going for the Devotee one too! :nerd_face:

@Dsquared - Thanks bro! :sunglasses:

@MaxP - Yeww can dewwwww it!!! :cowboy_hat_face: