ECA Moonshot? Maybe so



Hey guys, I keep 90% of my holdings in btc. But I’ve been throwing some play money into moonshot coins like ColX.

I found ECA recently. Blazing fast transactions, 20 billion circulating, road map, active community, active social media.

Under 3 sats. It’s worth throwing some PLAY money into. Take a look at it, research it. Verge sat 1 satoshi for 3 years. Maybe this is the next verge. Maybe it’s a shit coin. But it is interesting, and could 10x your money.

Next Cheap Moon Call (High Risk)

I will take credit by myself for my own call on this one. Haha it went up bigly today.


I’ll just sit here, with my 9 grand I’ve made in 4 days… All by myself haha. Hope somebody listened to me.


yeah lot of good info got buried like zcl 1 :smiley:


It’s insane. I made 10k plus on a $600ish investment. In four or five days.


Any chance of them rising still asking the 1 in longer time. i see a lot hyped yelling ECA on so was a lil scared of big dump soon^^.
ops gave wrong link fixed.


That’s crazy mad. Any tips on how you made your coin choice decisions? ;o


hey man Ive been looking at eca and it moves a lot man you can make some good money on it
reminds me of a little verge