Economic Collapse And Dollar Hegemony - How Did This Start?

When the public starts to understand what the Central Banks have done, BTC, ETH and others will BOUNCE.

“Thanks to a continuous stream of mainstream-media propaganda, the average citizen was little concerned by these actions and the global economy avoided going downhill. The central banks found themselves in an unprecedented situation, forcing them to admit that the only way to save the economy was to create more money out of thin air. Such an absurd situation has led Deutsche Bank in 2018 to accumulate such toxic financial instruments as derivatives worth approximately $46 trillion, twice the American economy. This is degenerating into meaningless madness, as we will see in the next and final article of the series.”


I don’t see it as an economic collapse. I think of it as the old system dying while a new and better model is emerging. Change is always scary. Especially for the control structures of the old model. The pain from change is temporary, but the breakthrough that comes with it lasts forever.


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