Economist Get Ready For A One World Currency, Jan 9 1988 Magazine


Looking to sell this for somewhere around 10 BTC. But I will entertain any offer because it’s very hard for me to price this.

These photos were taken when I was sharing the magazine on Reddit a few months back. I had two copies. One copy I sold to a Reddit user. The second copy has been sleeved, put in a fireproof/waterproof bag, and stored in a safety deposit box.

Serious interest and inquiries ONLY. If you have serious interest, you are welcome to message me or send me your best offer and I will consider it.

This is a hard item for me to price like I mentioned above. Part of me does not want to get rid of it. And I do feel it is truly priceless because it’s hard to say how many of these physical copies still exist. You cannot find it anywhere. Literally anywhere. I had a hard time coming across this one, but I need to scale out of a lot of my collectibles I’ve been hanging onto.

The magazine is in very good condition, intact, all pages, etc. If someone has serious interest, I’d be happy to pull it from the safety deposit box and take several more pictures with time stamps, name, etc.

Many Bitcoin and crypto-lovers consider this magazine to be one of the ‘holy grails’ of collectibles due to its extreme rarity and foreshadowing of a ‘one world currency by the year 2018’ (along with the “Chancellor on brink of second bailout for banks” newspaper)

This will require it be shipped with signature confirmation and fully insured. I will only sell this to a reputable forum member. Please keep this in mind. BTC payment is accepted.


Bump. Willing to listen to offers


bumping this up. If you have an offer, feel free to send me a message


Is the January 9 1988 economist magazine still available? How much are you selling it for?


Is the January 9 1988 economist magazine still available? I am interested in purchasing it. How much money are you considering?


Yes, looking for 10 BTC but will listen to offers


Dropping price, for now, to 6 BTC. Will still entertain offers, however.


Magazine is now SOLD