[ELA] Elastos HQ (ICO, tokens, wallet, trade)



I was considering this ICO but apparently they already closed down way ahead of the closing day of 14 Jan. Has CEO of NEO on the board and former Microsoft people in operations.


Wanchain HQ (ICO, tokens, trade, wallet)

does anyone know when Elastos will hit the markets? and if so which ones?


The ICO price was too expensive so I passed on it.


I’m not sure if that is a smart way of looking at it, in a way it doesnt matter if a coin is 10 cents or 1 USD, if it goes up 100X what does the price matter?


Me talking about Elastos webpage on stream. Thanks @HarryvdV!

I got several people talking to me about it in the recent days… interesting…


Da Hongfei has a segment at the NEO Devcon called “The new vision” (or something similar). Look at the Dapps that are currently being built or that exist on NEO and the extensive visions they all share. He’s building something bigger than we can imagine with the NEO ecosystem. The conspiracy theorist part of me is saying that Da Hongfei is going for some type of world domination.


Any idea yet on when we will be able to get some elastos?


price of individual token obviously doesnt matter. what matter is their market cap evaluation. that means they set up the ico price that elastos needs to have 400 mill market cap for the ico investor to break even. that makes it expensive. i’m suprised that you still dont know that, you have been on the forum here for awhile


Saw that, you’re welcome!


its a combo of things, price per coin, market valuation and the number of coins, I thought he was referring to the price per coin alone

but thanks for thinking that I’m smart for having been here on the forum for a while :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


It doesn’t if it goes up 100x but when they are trying to raised $100Millions and costs $18 each coin means they are being greedy and lower your chances of hitting those 100x. 100millions*100= 10billions. Do you really think they can hit 10billions? Not me. Remember this is measure in USD only, so in Bitcoin or Ether measure will be a lot lower…


I haven’t looked at the pricing


funny how nowadays they just easily raise 100M and more, just like that… while just a year ago they would be struggling raising 5M

and even more funny how ppl would be so convinced it can easily go x100 from there, it just doesnt make sense anymore


Indeed, long live the crypto opportunity

it kind of reminds me of entrepreneurs being able to raise millions of dollars in the 90’s off the back of a napkin, those days are gone though so this might be a temporary thing


Press release on Elastos from December 28, 2017:


Hey guys and girls,
I have been cordially accepted to partake in the Elastos ico but… I would like to gauge what are people’s thoughts on the Elastos plan?

  • Looks like an ambitious project with a very smart leader
  • but can they execute it??
  • the market cap upon ico will be around 140 mln usd I think
  • locked up tokens will be drip fed into circulation yearly or so
  • total supply approx 30mln tokens
  • There was a private sale of 4000 BTC.
  • With the crowdsale that brings it to 6500 BTC.
  • Which is almost 100–140m?
  • Pre sale also had a 100% bonus?
  • Total coins sold will be 8m, at a 15-17.5$ valuation that will be 140m straight out of the gate.
  • That is about 5 times more than any regular 30m ICO.

Appreciate any feedback before jumping with 23 NEO :slight_smile:


Ok just watched the last bit of your vid @peter it sounded like as we say in the UK “mum’s the word” :slight_smile:


i really like the concept of elastos so i will participate even if ico price isnt to good. i will buy more if it dumps on exchanges


FYI - Elastos sent the instruction mail to the participants:


Hello XXX,

Congratulations on being approved for the Elastos Token Sale. Below are important details and instructions for Token Sale participation, please review each item carefully.

The Whitelist is now complete. If you are receiving this email, you have been added as an approved participant in the Token Sale. This is the ONLY OFFICIAL ELASTOS EMAIL that you will receive regarding this Token Sale. Please DO NOT respond to any subsequent or fraudulent emails, or transfer BTC or NEO to any other addresses.

Caps and BTC/NEO Transfers
There are 75 organizations and 5702 individuals that were KYC approved, for a total token sale hard cap of 2500 Bitcoins. The total allocation of ELAs is 2,000,000. The new individual cap range for both participation levels is included below:

There are 5702 individuals that were KYC approved and you are one of them. Your allocation is between 0.1- 0.30691 BTC (including 0.1 and 0.30691) or the NEO equivalent as listed above. We have locked NEO vs BTC Price at 1 NEO = 0.0132 BTC. You can either transfer NEO or BTC, or even both if the total amount does not exceed the given cap above. Please also remember that you will need to take care of the transactions fees of either/both BTC and NEO.*BTC-NEO conversion rate was calculated based upon the lowest exchange rate found in a review of 7 commonly used exchanges: Binance, Huobi, Bittrex, Bitfinex, Kucoin, Exrates, Cryptopia. The rates were reviewed at 6 PM Pacific Time, January 17.

For your security, we’ve provided a unique BTC/NEO address that was exclusively generated for you to transfer BTC or NEO respectively. Using this unique transfer address, we are able to track your participation level and subsequently transfer the correct amount of ELA token to your Elastos wallet. If you are uncertain, please contact us at Tokensale@elastos.org.

Your Unique Contribution Address:
BTC: xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
NEO: xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Please transfer your BTC/NEO before
4 PM Pacific Time, January 22, 2018.

Post-Transfer Instructions
Our finance team will distribute ELA tokens before February 1, 2018. The instructions for receiving your ELA Tokens are as follows:

Once you have sent your BTC or NEO to the address we provided above, please reply to this email with the following information, formatted accordingly:

Phone Number:
Mailing Address:
BTC/NEO Contribution Address:
BTC/NEO Transaction Amount (how much we have received):
Your Elastos wallet address:
Attachment: A screenshot of the successful BTC/NEO transaction from Blockchain.info.

Your private information will not be individually accessible by the Elastos Team and will be destroyed following the successful completion of the Token Sale

Your ELA Wallet
Follow ONLY these links provided below to create your ELA wallet. These links will walk you through wallet creation and securely backing up your ELA wallet:

The Elastos Wallet

Wallet Instructions

Wallet FAQ

IMPORTANT: Please make sure to write down the security passphrase to access your wallet, in case you lose your private key. This is the only address where you will receive ELA tokens. Please refer to “Wallet Instructions” and “Wallet FAQ” for any questions. Please follow each step carefully to ensure the security of your wallet.

If you do not follow the instructions included in this email, you risk losing any transferred BTC/NEO and/or your ability to participate in the Token Sale.

As a reminder, Elastos reserves the right to revise or reject the eligibility and participation of any Token Sale participant upon the discovery of additional identification documentation or for any other reason. In such a case, Elastos will refund the entirety of any transferred fees from the participating party, including any transaction fees incurred by said party.

Token Sale — Reminders

If you have any issues or questions during your Token Sale experience, please contact us at Tokensale@elastos.org.

From the entire Elastos Team, thank you for your continued support.


who all got into elastos whitelist…