[ELA] Elastos HQ (ICO, tokens, wallet, trade)



Great read. Makes me even more bullish now.


@AlanC1985 Make sure you read this :point_up:


Thank you. Unfortunately it’s a bit long, so I’m sure most people won’t read it. :rofl:


Thanks for this, @Nathan_D . ELA has caught my attention. Gonna check this paper out and take a deep dive.


I’ve just began watching this. Apologies if its been shared already


Now there’s a fan boy if ever i seen one! :crazy_face:


Someone has to show the pub that there’s more to crypto than BTC, ICX, and YEN. :rofl:

All jokes aside though, I really am turning into an Elastos fanboy. Still staying objective though. :wink:


Might throw a few hundred into this on payday. Looks intriguing. I was considering doing the same when people said it was cheap at $40. At $2.xx it’s a no-brainer.


Ledger support almost ready!


@virtualguy More info here




Cant wait…Elastos is definitely an amazing crypto.


How amazing is Elastos?
There is not much info on their website. Who is behind this project?
I don’t see the team on their site.


@virtualguy Read this


Great read Nathan! And yes, it’s also my biggest bag, you wrote down all the reasons. Also the newly started cyber republic is awesome! I follow Elastos since before the ICO and participated there. Its such an awesome, underestimated project! Thanks for your big effort for Elastos!

Btw. I’m also very impressed by Jimmy Lipham’s feedback on Elastos. It’s simply awesome! Also i was using limewire and I liked it a lot :smiley:



ELA just dumped, and no one seems to know why. Likely someone with a decent sized holding is getting impatient.

Anyway, prices are currently at an all time low, making this a great chance to stock up if you believe in the project.


I have a feeling it will dump more


I’ll buy more ELA now!


Where do you trade? ---------


You can buy it for example on Huobi and KuCoin.