[ELA] Elastos HQ (ICO, tokens, wallet, trade)



Me, great project! I am in HODL till August for explosion in the pants, for more explosion HODL even longer till 2019 or mooaar :hugs:


Just read:


Feng Han seems to be some kind of cryptoguru in China. :smiley:


i got into second round too, did you?


I made only 10 NEO contribution. So Im not in.


hmm they just offered the final round. i may pass this one. DCA day is coming soon. lol


Did you get your ELA already? I sent my NEO contribution, then the email with the proof and other data to them but they didn’t give me a feedback. In addition, I can’t login to their website. @Sherpa24 Are you able to log in?


they will sent out the token on 1st of feb, on the elastos wallet address that you provided them.


Hi, any idea when will they be listed in exchnage?


They were at AVIC (Aviation Industry Corporation of China (AVIC) is a Chinese state-owned aerospace and defense company. It is ranked 159th place in the Fortune Global 500 lists.).


What was the ICO price per ELA token im USD?


It was set at 800 ELA/BTC. If paying in NEO, it was set to 1 NEO = 0.0132 BTC (which actually made it cheaper to pay in NEO at the time of sale).

It wasn’t locked to USD which I think was a good thing.


I told you guys, Elastos :bitrocket::rocket:



Oh yes! These weeks will be interesting: ICX, ELA, TKY I hope they won’t hit each other for the same money :smiley:


Huobi news:


i really liked the whitepaper and their github is impressive.

@peter any thoughts on the project?


Did you see it?


Other videos:


I have seen ELA is trading on bjax or something like that(can’t remember what was the name of exchange) for 120 USDT per ELA? That is almost x10 from ICO price. Should I wait for possible dump or just get in at that price?