[ELA] Elastos HQ (ICO, tokens, wallet, trade)



Here is the link for the exchange:


I can’t believe my eyes, am I dreaming?


I see it too! Hopefully, this isn’t a ridiculous pre-market premium and it holds as ELA is listed on other markets. I will be pretty pleased to have gotten in with a 10x ICO out the gate!


I’ll cash out 10-30% profit, and HODL the rest. Private / Presale got a large bonus (since BTC/NEO price) skyrocketed at that time. I can see dumps happening but idk how long it is locked or if it is even locked. Have to do my homework. Keep us updated folks :slight_smile:


It’s a fair point. There will definitely be quite a few sellers as it hits the market so a 10-30% scale down could be a prudent thing to do, especially at that price!


Locked amount: 6 million + for a year and 2 million + for 6 months. - Confirmed by Admin.


I’ve just received my ELA into Elastos wallet. The price was 8USD/ELA (I bought NEO for about $90/coin).


Hi guys, just discovered this page and seems to have lotta good people :smiley:

I was happy to get in and received my ELA already. I’ve got a question to this part from the Huobi surprise:

Surprise 2: 【¥2 million ELA for Trading Rewards】

During 10:30, February 1 to 24:00, February 2 (GMT+8), verified users whose cumulative trading volume (Buying + Selling volume without executed volume by your own) over 1ELA can get 1ELA for free.

I don’t understand “…without executed volume by your own”. Can somebody explain it? My understanding is, if I buy or sell ELA i create volume…

Thank you!


You are welcome! If you aren’t a troll type then you will find here a good community I am sure. :smiley:
If you feel you can introduce yourself here:

I think the Huobi gives you one ELA if you trade at least one ELA on their site. If you are already a Huobi member then it is free money for nothing. If you aren’t a member of Huobi this airdrop may be a payment for you to join&trade. Possibly they buy your ID data for one ELA :smiley:


Thank you CryptoAutomata, so I’ll deposit my ELA on Huobi and claim some free money, sounds good haha :fox_face:

My introduction has just been posted :blush: WELCOME TO THE CRYPTONATION! - Introduce Yourself!



I Got mine too Yesterday, Will transfer some at huboi.pro to get some free ELA. I have been holding neo since $19, got more when i meet @Dustin_Matthews and @peter at Dallas Pub met up… Invested in ELA ico with


Nice! man i didnt even see this group, glad to see people tracking this project


Is Elastos its own blockchain?
Or is it build off the Neo Blockchain?
Lets say i buy some ELA on Huobi where would be the safest place to store it? https://wallet.elastos.org/#/onboarding/welcome ?


For those coins that don’t have support on Ledger Nano S I bought a pendrive with encryption feature. In case of Elastos I exported the private key into an encrypted json file and moved the file to this vault then deleted the keys from my computer (after testing if I can recover it from that file). In addition I have the seed words on paper.

I think it is really important not to keep private keys on your computer. Of course if you want to trade ELA move them to the exchange. I hold these coins.


thank you for your advice


Elastos Wallet setup & FAQs links


Trading started at Huobi.pro - Current $ price is: $43 / ELA




Good news for Elastos holders:

“after every developing an application, with 3-5% used tokens, replacement Ela, Ela will lock for 3 to 5 years after the replacement time, so the circulation will gradually narrowed, its market value will gradually rise,”


Elastos is +40% in the last 24h. Nice to see it in these bloody days.