[ELA] Elastos HQ (ICO, tokens, wallet, trade)



that is the only green on my chart. lol


Check out the “Airdrop Mechanism” Section!!! :flushed:

Also worth reading:

I got me some ELA and I’m gonna hodl that :poop: :grimacing:


Elastos uses merged mining with BTC. A good explanation of merged mining:


am i missing something here? according to my math which could be off.
From Huobi Website:

  1. Token Overview and Distribution

Ecology building 1.65 million
Angel investors 5 million (position all locked in the first year)

Private funding + public funding 8 million (position partially locked)

The Elatstos Foundation 3.5 million

Total ELA number issued: 33 million ELA offered initially (annual inflation rate of 4%);

Token generation way: 33 million ELA created in ICO, then a new 4% of ELA will be annually created by POW

Token (ICO) Price: 1BTC = 800 ELA

so based on this i can calculate 10.5 mil will be locked up (assuming 25% of the 8mil partially locked)
leaving 22.5mil circulating right?
if thats the case and the price is at 54.85 right now x (estimated circulating supply) 22.5 mil =1.234 billion which would be around 25 on CMC??

Sees pricey at this point the project may be solid but it is already too high??!! or am i crazy??


Hongfei Da :star_struck:


Did you read anything apart from this about Elastos? I suggest you to do it…they started to develop this OS before bitcoin was invented :slight_smile:


I definitely see the connections now and if the connections are tru this will be huge.


Elastos Token Distribution Mechanism was released.


The ELA circulation supply according to Huobi.pro is about 6.6m. This will be reduced by the 3 year locks. It has a much room to grow in MCAP.

It is currently $55 / ELA which means about $363m MCAP.


Just wanted to drop a note: I suggest you follow Fai Li, chief marketing officer at Elastos and has also connections with NEO (I thought she works / worked also for NEO, but can’t find confirmation). Anyway, she communicates great and you can get some good information about ELA by following her :slight_smile:



I can confirm this! I follow her and she is very communicative.


She follows everyone from Neo, Stellar (we can say normal) bu she just started to follow Cardano.
After that i started to search Cardano-Elastos relationships, found nothing. :grinning:


#25 in total volume … only in 1 exchange… circulating supply of 6-8 million? connection with NEO and Bitmain…


The the current circulating supply is 6.6m minus the locked volume.


There is a voting about ELA to be a community coin at Binance. It seems to be there soon & th price started to rise at Huobi.pro.


24 hour volume; $87.794.700 USD
8.883 BTC


ELA has the potential to be a major player IMO! I’m heavy on ELA ICX and NEO

Also, 1st-200 2nd-100 3rd-50 ELA up for grabs in a LOGO design contest…I posted a link to it in #watercooler if you’re into that. I’m entering for sure


I am pretty sure it will hit binance soon… it is the only green in my top 5 portfolio… this ico was like dream. lol bigly.


Elastos ATH! Yey
Binance soon https://www.binance.com/vote.html
Too bad I am too scared to sell my stack :joy:


I hope it will go down a bit. Yesterday I sent about 5K to buy ELA and it didn’t get there yet :frowning:
I am too scared to sell ICX for ELA :slight_smile: