[ELA] Elastos HQ (ICO, tokens, wallet, trade)



My avg. is about $50 - this one is my black horse.


Assuming you mean ‘dark horse’?

If so, then yes, it’s mine as well. It’s my only small cap speculative play. All my other investments are in larger projects (ADA, IOTA, and ICX).

I think the problem with ELA is that it’s hard to comprehend, however once you understand it, it’s incredibly intriguing. I really think this one has the potential to see absolutely massive gains once the bull market kicks off. Plus it’s something that I hope to one day actually use.


Yeah dark horse :smiley: I bought $ELA in the ICO from ICX profit, then bought some right after it showed up on exchanges. Right now I am not happy with the investment but this seems to me a really big project, with good connections both east and west.

Hope for $2000 / ELA in a few years.


Yeah, it’s not exactly an ideal cost average, but it’s from profits, plus I’m confident it will skyrocket past your buy in price. Just a matter of being patient.

Are you intending to buy more and lower your cost average, or just wait it out?


I invested all the money I planed to so I won’t try to lower my avg. in $ELA. My other holdings are $ICX, $KIN, $NEX. They seem to me great projects too…so I won’t reinvest money from those holdings into $ELA. Waiting, reading, learning…


I hold NEX & ICX too. I’ve owned some ELA since March but lately i’ve been concentrating on DCA’ing ICX & ADA. Long overdue to get me some more Elastos.


i remember selling most of my holding around 50ish… man! good days. i think its time for me to get back to ELA!


Been looking at this closely lately, especially after the significant price drop. Anyone off top of their head know how much the circulating supply will be once they unlock the tokens?


Current Circ Supply = 7,722,239

5th Nov + 1,459,159 (lockup 1 + 4%) = 9,181,398

20th Nov + 4,610,000 (angel) = 13,791,398


thank you @Nathan_D asdfasdfasdf


For anyone invested in ELA, or considering investing, this is an amazing read:

Elastos is a high value project with an actual chance at widespread adoption and commercial viability. Regulatory limitations would impede i ts growth as witnessed by the experiences of numerous other coins. With the vast potential that Elastos has, combined with the immense amount of hard work and effort invested in its execution so far, being classified as a security token is not a chance that Elastos should risk at any costs. And if token unlocks are a requisite part of mitigating those risks, then it is, by all means, worth the short term dip in price.


I might also point out, that based on the 80% increase in supply, the price should settle around $5.00 - 5.50. That being said… everyone knew the Feb unlock was coming, so I’d have expected that to be priced in already.


thanks for the update!


If you need some FUD, I’ve just read this one.


I hope these signs are only little bumps on the road. Btw the volume is so low that I am not surprised because of this:


Yeah, Kucoin accounts for only 5% of the trading volume, so that’s not too surprising.

EDIT: Seems this Kucoin “special treatment” notice is to inform users that ELA will be releasing a large number of coins soon. It has nothing to do with any potential delisting.


Anyone else manage to swing the volatility over the last two weeks for some hefty gains? I almost managed to double my ELA stack. Now that the token unlock is complete, we should see some sideways (or upward) price action, followed by another sell off leading up to the Nov 20th Angel unlock.


Also, this video is amazing. A developer looks at the ELA code and roadmap, and gives his thoughts:


Nice one, thanks for sharing!


2 minute Elastos trailer. Looks like a high budget Hollywood trailer for a fucking Scifi movie. :rofl: