Electroneum [OFFICIAL] Thread

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Electroneum ETN The Fastest Growing Crypto Ever Set for a MASSIVE 2019

Short 1-min vid says it all :rocket:

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less than one cent now…meh…ill pass

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Hey, it’s over a half cent! Progress. Mass adoption in the way!


Bad news about ETN!


The guy that writes these negative, defamatory articles for Captain Altcoin is just a kid.

In the last three months he has written 67 of them in total. 3 about ETN and 62 bashing other projects. That’s just what he does.

I would hope you are the kind of person, @dice, who verifies and fact checks. If you take a look at the short video posted 2 above yours, you can see it in real life and unlike the child’s article nothing in there is spun or misrepresented. Thank you.

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At least the kid edits his articles and doesn’t leave them absolutley destroyed with grammatical and spelling errors. The articles you post are nothing but spin. Since you’re into fact checking, we will kindly wait for your fact checking report on the kids’ latest article.


(If I’m being honest, I already want the time back I spent reading it) If you have any specific points of concern I’d be happy to take a look at them :+1:.

You probably won’t read these facts below, I understand, but I hope this helps and I’ll write them anyways. Like I said, if you have any specific concerns it’d definitely be worth taking a look at them. For me, the kid’s negative spin in his article is cringe-worthy. If you take a look, ETN’s performance kind of speaks for itself:

  • ETN has grown faster than Facebook or Twitter (2.6M registered users – not just wallets – in its first year); in fact, ETN is growing faster than any crypto or digital asset ever has.

  • On average ETN is adding about 200,000 new registered users per month.

  • Ranked Top 4 in transaction volume by Alexa.

  • ETN transfers instantly with its own patented technology Instant Pay System (IPS), eliminating any Transactions Per Second issues.

  • ETN is the first and only crypto to have full regulatory kyc/aml compliance (let’s face it, no reputable business is going to transact with a crypto that exposes them to money laundering. If you understand anti-money laundering laws – and corporations do – this will make sense to you.)

  • For a business to accept ETN only requires an internet connection, and about 5 lines of code. (No terminals, no running your own server, additional hardware, etc.). And they get paid instantly in their local currency (see next point).

  • Electroneum has created its own simple API system any business can understand – no need to set up lightning node servers, hardware, or hire blockchain engineers – ETN is simply treated as a foreign currency at its spot price so remittances arrive instantly in corporations’ local currency. I have never seen this done by any other project.

  • Over 1Million downloads in Google Play store for Android (approaching 2Million now), and the iOS App with wallet and cloud mining is now fully approved by Apple, to be released within a couple weeks.

Like that Apple video says, you have to start with the customer experience and work backwards to the technology. It appears Electroneum is nailing this, resulting in more rapid growth than any other project in this space. Yes, ETN’s technology may not have the fanciest code that makes Devs drool, but Electroneum isn’t about that. ETN is blockchain’s currency solution for the people. I hope this helps.

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That’s not a fact check.


I with you on this.
Im ZERO impressed with ETN.
I played in it for a short time, but…its more hype than anytying.
The mobile miner and YES they DO ban people that present facts regarding the crypto that are negative.

I think its like dogecoin. I really cant see it going too far.
It will be around, possibly yes, but at the top of the crypto charts?
Dont see that happening at all.

The stuff that Swimmer Scott posts are similar to whats posted on the forums.
Plus, their business model has changed SEVERAL times in its short lifetime.
Thats concerning.


Thanks for engaging the discussion. It seems like this has a rather nebulous flavor to it, and feels more hearsay than specific… An appeal to ridicule versus substance. I realize my stating this may make you less likely to give substance, but can you please expand on a few of the allegations you made:

What are some of your specific examples of hype?

Yes, I am aware of bans applied for dealing with baseless FUD and libelous statements made about the project, but I am not aware of banning individuals for verifiable facts. Tortious interference is one thing, but an objective fact is quite another.

Can you give a specific example of someone who was banned for stating a fact, and what was the stated fact?

I am aware of the upgrades ETN made to their blockchain from the original Monero adoption, but what are the specific changes you have seen in the business model?

Thanks in advance for discussing this.

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Today Altcoin Buzz takes a quick in-depth look at Electroneum:

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As ive said before, mobile miner and people like the youtuber Sean, crypto for the people, the same dude who, at one time supported Bitconnect but since took his vids down about that said that the gimmic was going to make ETN explode.
ETN has had a few partnerships but still not much. There was so much hype over partnerships was going to make ETN explode.
For much more, Check your reddit and you can see all the moonboys there.

As far as being banned, the article i posted from the author that you attacked, (conveniently) stated that also and most of the posts were deleted.
However, many complain that the crypto hasnt really performed well and facts, being the actual price vs another crypto that came out around the same time and performing better is not welcome there.
Thats just an example.

For instance, look at when ICON came out and its highs vs Electroneums Highs.
Like someone stated on the ETN forum, its like Dogecoin.
Now, look at the lows…vs ICON lows or where ICON is currently vs ETN.

Youll defend it, but at the end of the day, when all is said and done, where is the price for many.
And many wont choose etn at all.

As much as i hate Ripple, id choose ripple over ETN in a heartbeat.


Blockfolio signal. Notice the typo errors which help indicate the quality of the team. And of course some crypto noob baiting. These guys are obviously a joke.

"We have now enabled the iOS beta. Adding cloud mining to Android next, just think of how many people will benefit when we roll it out in Developing countries.I f you love it as much as we do, please go tell everyone!

Thanks for all your support."


Thanks for replying. I won’t defend what some individual YouTuber published over a year ago, but I did notice at that time he took ownership and openly apologized. Most folks didnt. Says something about his character and integrity to me. But to imply that somehow ETN is a scam because of a YouTuber…that is reaching.

:medal_military:You do realize Chris Gorman, OBE is Electroneum’s Director, right? Officer of the Most Excellent Order of the British Empire (OBE) – this honorary Knighthood is awarded by the Queen herself. I’d say Electroneum gets a check mark next to integrity.

If I understand your post correctly, and you put it best: “when all is said and done,” it sounds like you wouldn’t have any issues if ETN were trading over $1 right now? The thing is, all is not said and done. It’s only just begun. The partnerships are very real – you’ll see more of them shortly. I agree with you it hasn’t performed well just yet on a price basis, but the user growth is unprecedented… Things are just starting.

It’s funny you bring up XRP. I remember when XRP was available for a very long time at $0.003 - $0.006, I have so many friends who loaded up on millions of XRP at those prices at that time. And it was at those prices for a good long while, and FUD’d on just as severely as I see ETN being. “Oh it’s a dead project! They are not fully decentralized!! It has no future blah blah blah…,” and then XRP went into $3+ with all that supply, and all those coins, and all that lack of decentralization.

I agree, a typo definitely slipped through on a seriously major announcement. The iOS cloud miner will be massive.

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In terms of content I have never seen a project put out something of this caliber:

:point_right:They also fully narrated versions for Korea (@peter how does the translated narration sound?), India, China, and Japan. Translated versions found at bottom of their medium article:

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Let us know when one comes out in English


Thanks @dearscotty. The first video is English, as is the top video in their Medium article. I’ll repost here as well, this links to it:



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