Electroneum [OFFICIAL] Thread





I think some people are jealous that ETN is now in the top 50 and climbing. They have a working product and its really fast. Some here on the Pub have called it vaporware. Maybe not as decentralized as it can be, however this token is all about utility. Banking the un-banked. I picked it up real cheap. Its been a good ride so far. I’d be very surprised if this coin doesn’t hit $1 by next year. Then again, what do I know? :wink:


I mined a ton of it, was the first project I learned how to mine.
I also bought a ton of it, mostly cause I like Richard Ells, he thinks like I do :slight_smile:

If it goes to $1, I’m retiring LOL

Stay Fishy


It was the first thing i mined too using awesome miner. I mostly just run the mobile miner now for free coins.


Waiting on the ios version so I can mine it. Any idea what is taking so long to release? Where is the best place to store ETN? I need to get it off the exchange. Its hard to not take some profits but on this one, I think its a good long time HODL. I’ve heard people talking about $3-$5, but I’d be happy with $1. Steady as she goes my friend.


i think the only one you can use is https://my.electroneum.com/


Great question. iOS App is in Beta, about 10,000 of us testing it. I’ve had zero issues with it (surprisingly), and my understanding is it may be they want the cloud mining solution in place first before putting the App in the store.


This morning I made my very first purchase using the ETN Instant Payment System.

One thing I like about integration of their API, from a vendor/merchant standpoint, is it only requires an internet connection. And about 5 lines of code. (No terminals, no running your own lightning server, no additional hardware, etc). And for the wallet to send from, everyone already carries a smartphone.






Was this article in Chinese then ran through google translate?






I got blocked from using the mobile miner today :cryingjordan:



Forwarded from Imogen D Electroneum SM:

“To anyone who has recieved an ‘app block message’. Its nothing to worry about, just a standard security reminder- fill out the form and you should be back to full functionality.”