Electroneum [OFFICIAL] Thread



In terms of content I have never seen a project put out something of this caliber:

:point_right:They also fully narrated versions for Korea (@peter how does the translated narration sound?), India, China, and Japan. Translated versions found at bottom of their medium article:


Let us know when one comes out in English


Thanks @dearscotty. The first video is English, as is the top video in their Medium article. I’ll repost here as well, this links to it:



“Is it a basic human right to participate in the global economy? It absolutely is, but has been denied the 1.8 Billion unbanked”

I’ve seen better English from Nigerian princes who needed help laundering money.


You’d better let Brian Armstrong know too. His 1min Coinbase Vision video is replete with such language:


No it’s not. He presents his case clearly. He has no problem with English.

Thanks for pointing out how etn folks are stealing his ideas and packaging them into horribly written blobs of scammy sales pitches.



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