Electroneum [OFFICIAL] Thread



It’s already been discussed in other threads.

Recap: I think Electroneum will draw a lot of new people into cryptos because it’s easier to understand. Mobile mining game, 2 decimals, from the UK with lots of promotion. Others think alt coins are shit and would rather hold BTC.


Not real mining on the phone.

Its “simulated” mining experience.

That means its fake. Then look at the sheer numbers of the coin.

They have TON out there.


I am guessing Mcafee said it can change the world because it allows anybody and everybody that has a phone the access to currency.

No matter going to pop


It’s 1/5 the max of ripple so if it has potential to go to $2, it might be a good buy. I have no idea. I promised myself no new coins without research and I only read McAfee’s tweets,.

So will they reward x based on how long your fake miner is on compared to other miners? Is the CPU mining real mining? It seems it already got a big McAfee boost.


Stop calling it fake. That implies that they are trying to sell you a miner doing proof of work, completing transactions etc, when it’s just simulating.

And that’s simply a lie. They have always made it clear that it is not real mining.


Yes the CPU and/or GPU mining is real mining. Someone inhere explained in a previous post about ETN that the app receives a part of the real mining profits.

I bought some during ICO, and while I don’t think it will be the best performing alt of 2018, I still believe it will go up a good amount.


seems to be the only one holding it’s own at the moment, while all others appear to be on a downward trend


My best investment by far!!


Part of the McAfee approval. Doesn’t get any better than that.

Anyone think they know better? Fine, work a lifetime in the industry and let’s talk :joy:


So i guess we disagree.
Simulated to me means…simulated.

Good luck


Who is talking about opinions? It’s simply a matter of not calling it “fake”. You are implying that the Electroneum team is trying to deceive people. And that is just wrong.

Unless ofcourse you can prove it. If not, then you really have to watch out what you accuse people of doing. That can get you in legal trouble.


simulated or not., it looks like you’ll still get the ‘‘mined’’ coins.


You need to stop being so sensitive. Its unbecoming…showing that you are emotionally attached.
Chill out. Im not trying to hurt your feelings.
With regard to deceiving people, I can give you several ICOs that have done so.

Sentiments of “simulated” mining are not soley my own as others feel the same.

Not concerned about legal trouble in regards to my opinion on the validity of Electroneums mining.


Emotionally attached? Read my other comments about ETN. Have always been a quick flip for me. The hype was just too easy to make a gain on. x10 now and was outperforming BTC by a lot even when BTC was high.

If EtherDelta wasnt hacked then all my ETN would be ICX :joy: Edit: nvm that was my DRGN i was about to sell the other day. ETN i’m still waiting to be listed somewhere I have a login.


65 Million smart phone subscribers will explode Electroneum crypto payment platform in 2018.


Im still holding my ETN man.


been looking at it but im out of money at the moment lol


I thought this rocket had already left. Is there still spaces are the biggest gains already come and gone?


I don’t get the excitement. The mining doesn’t work. You can’t use electroneum for anything. And you can’t even buy ENT as it’s only available on Cryptopia which has closed registrations.


The mining doesn’t work? I’ve mined a ton of it (but wish I hadn’t traded when it was $.06).