Electroneum [OFFICIAL] Thread



Dude…you should look at their reddit forum.
It did have a high of like…22 cents and dropped to about 1 cent which was a part of the ICO price.

I really dont get it.


you wanna why it dropped hard? it’s a shitcoin…shitcoins with lack of fundamentals like ETN hard to bounce back


Their reddit will make your head explode lol.


better not waste my time there…100$ is possible according to them…lol…


That’s probably because ETN does not have enough good developers and Richard Ells stiffed a coder (who saved ETN’s butt) on payment. ETN has a great marketing team and a large following though.



dude…i heard about that…knife of pi was his name.
He, i think, fixed a major issue with their block chain and they tried to low ball him.

A REDDITOR, that doesnt even work on staff fixed your problem when you have 30+ million to hire competent devs?

And then you STIFF him?

They said it was like 10,000 ENT lol…basically peanuts.


You guys are kinda funny. Most folks forget in 2010 Bitcoin went from $0.08 down to $0.008. Shitcoin right?

The following year in 2011 Bitcoin went up to $31 around July…but before that year ended Bitcoin was officially done for and fell from $31 down to just $2 that December. @peter probably remembers this, but I don’t think most folks do.

FUD abounds. May I kindly recommend reading all of the above posts in this thread - pay attention to the facts not the opinions - and draw your own conclusions.

Welcome to the road of adoption. Enjoy the ride! :call_me_hand::call_me_hand:


I know KoP and communicate with him regularly. For the record, he received far more ETN for his efforts from Richard Ells than the figure you guessed at. KoP still holds those ETN as of the time of this post.


Yeah but ETN isnt bitcoin. Remember, bitcoin was the ONLY crypto out there.
So…its easy to stomp the market when youre the only player in the game.
Theres no competition…but then again, even in today’s game, BTC is still top dog.

Its losing market share because theres over 1500 cryptos but please dont use BTC as an example.
Its an exception to the rule and , by FAR the most recognizable.


I stand corrected about the BTC/2011 comment. The market, however was much smaller back then. Less competition.


Bitcoin was the only crypto out there in 2011?

Off the cuff I can think of at least 5 others. :v:


I’m not saying ETN won’t make you gains, I just don’t think the CEO is a good guy. I’m glad he paid the coder more after receiving a huge backlash.


My bad swimmer.

  1. My point was the market is much bigger now, harder competition etc, more difficult to stand out.


lol comparing ETN shitcoin to btc…seriously…lol


their so called mobile ‘mining’ is fake…wtf are they thinking?


Yea man, people need to stop comparing stuff to BTC, totally different situation.

It was a sales pitch…more like a novelty.
It doesnt really mine…its “simulated” mining.


One thing I will give to Richard Ells.

The patent alone is worth more than all the ETN.

Stay Fishy


In response to recent comments here on the Mobile Miner:

As already mentioned above:
“Electroneum’s approach for mass adoption (which is their MO) including some 7-billion coins set aside for “free samples” ala the mobile miner simulation. The free samples approach is one of many of ETN’s marketing angles, and a brilliant route to introduce the masses to crypto. Free samples tend to work or big companies like Costco wouldn’t be so great about handing them out every time we go there.

For mass adoption in the crypto space we need to get out of the “nerdy” blockchain headspace (don’t get me wrong, personally I am fascinated) because the mass public won’t spend the time required to educate themselves on it: simply put some crypto their hands, in their phone, in a user friendly way that makes exchanging crypto idiot proof. Electroneum will do that. That Electroneum is a strong privacy coin (viz. Monero) is another big plus for mass adoption for obvious reasons.”

At the time of this writing there are approximately 73,000 active ETN mobile miners and approximately 1.1 million registered ETN accounts. (This is without any marketing.) Soon Electroneum will start to market to the 130 million people they have access to with their recent signed agreements (mentioned in recent posts above). The last time Electroneum marketed was during their ICO, resulting in a record breaking ICO.

Electroneum isn’t focused on the 1-3% already in Crypto; Electroneum is focused on the 99% who are not.

Edit: 15 hours later, just past 77,000 active mobile miners…


“Electroneum isn’t focused on the 1-3% already in Crypto; Electroneum is focused on the 99% who are not”

This is the point many people miss and focus on market caps which carries less meaning in the crypto world than the traditional shares market


China - 650 million smart ph
India - 300 million smart ph
Africa - 200 million smart ph
USA - 225 million smart ph
Brazil - 200 million smart ph
Russia -100 million smart ph
Indonesia - 75 million sm ph

Exclude the US and we have 1.525 billion smart phone users currently in the above mentioned list. Take only a 10% uptake which is around 150 million. If this 10% alone is to mine $1-$1.5 worth of ETN, they would generate 6-7 billion ETN.
The current circulating supply is around 6.5 billion.

In other words achieving only 10% of the full potential of the smartphone market, ETN doubles its market cap immediately at current fiat value.

Then people talk about the total supply being too high! Again look at the details. It has only 2 decimal places i.e. less Satoshi than BTC, in essence making it more scarce than BTC once total supply is reached!!


From Electroneum’s Chris Gorman, OBE yesterday, April 7th:

"…as expected Richard released the details of the patent. It takes hundreds of hours and substantial cost to put that together, but we have not just written the patent we have been building the tech, working on the vendor programme.

I do understand how it must feel to be surrounded by so many negative comments but on the point of the patent, Many of the largest companies in the world have catapulted their growth on the back of a protected idea that the market wanted. We have this. If there was any element of doubt about how we run this business let alone the many people calling this a scam there is absolutely i repeat absolutely no way Denton’s would have any association whatsoever.

Lastly as you see the products such as this roll out over the coming months ask who the tech team that innovated developed and launched it.

All I ask is to judge us fairly as we all grow into many new adventures together."