Electroneum [OFFICIAL] Thread



What makes Electroneum (ETN) Different or Special?

ETN is the fastest growing crypto ever, with over 2 million users in just its first 7 months (this bests the rate of growth of Facebook and Twitter); ETN has an Apple IOS App approval (what other coin has that?) currently in Beta with 10,000 testers and soon to be fully released; Over 1 Million Google Play store app downloads; and a patented Vendor API for Crypto InstaPayments with over 1,000 Vendors at this moment involved in the Beta…and ETN is only just getting started. I think I mentioned ETN has not even been live for 1 year yet, and already all of this. Since the ICO concluded marketing for ETN has not yet begun; the same massive marketing which set an all time record-breaking ICO with ETN.

I believe Electroneum is going catch this entire crypto space by storm because right now you have the 1% who are already in crypto sloshing their money around inside this space from project to project. But soon ETN is going to start aggressively marketing and generously embracing and attracting massive chunks of the 99% not involved in crypto. Many of these folks - specifically the $3 Trillion market in the developing world of 1.7 Billion unbanked people - have never had a digital payment solution ever before. ETN is focused like a laser on providing a simple and intuitive solution for enablement of this population.

Richard Ells has said for Electroneum to even attract just 100 million of them shouldn’t be too hard. This is going to flood new money into this space and ETN will rise as it attracts these new users. ETN’s rise will be hard to ignore, and the snowball effect will become an avalanche.

Will it take time? Yes. Most great things do. Will people complain and FUD all the way with the ups and downs? Yes. A lot. You even see this here if you scroll up a ways. But if you can see the vision and the massive actions Electroneum’s dedicated and committed team have taken and continue to take – well, it is going to be a spectacular journey.


I personally don’t think the 1.7 billion unbanked you hear about so much will use or need any crypto payment service. There are excellent solutions to this problem already. Take a look at M-Pesa.

Adding layers won’t bring adoption when the current usage is easier. This is why most of these type of coins will fail.

Just my 2 sats!


I agree with you that over 90% of these types of coins will fail; however, M-Pesa is proof positive of precisely why ETN will not just succeed but thrive.

Recommend you watch this recent 6 part interview with the CEO on this channel: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gBGMxTkOHsE&t=

This is extremely recent, so you’ll get a very fresh look. Electroneum’s CEO is going on the record with what has been done, what is going to happened and what they are doing.

A lot of crypto projects are no where to be found, most teams are ghosts, so while bias - maybe - your getting the info straight from the horse’s mouth. Since day 1 he’s never been dishonest nor deceitful; rather, quite the opposite. So it’s worth listening to. Not sure you will watch the interview, but if you do you’ll see so clearly the writing is on the wall…

Stay focused on the big picture. Something really worth noting is all of the due diligence ETN are doing on completing their KYC/AML. Once complete it will really set them apart from the competition because so very few projects are taking these prudent steps. They have been extremely wise with the funds raised from ICO, and have even more capital reserves presently than they did at the time the record-breaking ICO concluded.

The waiting game sucks, I understand, watching prices drift lower. And I know it means nothing coming from me, but I was around when ripple was trading at .003 .006 for many months. Everyone hated on XRP as much as they do now on ETN.

Oh it is a dead project oh it is not decentralized oh they pre mined everything blah blah blah, and XRP went into $3 with all that supply and all those coins.

The market condition as they are right now currently do not allow for the price of ETN to move upward. That’s fine. But when things turn up (and they will) I believe ETN will take the entire space by storm. The team continue to work harder than any I have ever seen and have plenty of reserves (more than was raised at ICO) to fortify the project’s development moving forward.


people still talking about this scam coin?


Why do you call it that?


fake mining and a monero fork. The coin is absolutely useless


I just read the most recent several dozen posts you’ve made here and elsewhere… Everything’s beginning to make sense now :smirk:


Anyone try making android virtual machines to run their mobile miner?


Many have, and consequently found out it’s the surest way to get your accounts banned.


Anyone that has travelled to Manilla, Bangkok, KL, most of Indonesia, Africa and India, will easily see that 100m people using ETN is not far fetched at all. This is the target markets.

The Instant Payment Gateway (off chain processing similar to the Lightning Network), the partnerships with many Telco’s in those regions, coupled with the futility of the Fiat system, will likely have a near term positive effect on a supported Crypto by those regions.

I do like Richard, he can think outside the square.

Stay Fishy


Sorry but…i just dont think ETN is going to do too much.
ETN will be like DOGE coin to be honest. It will be around but no way in hell it will be like ETH.


Oh god yes, it won’t come anywhere near ETH.

However, in these countries where the ability to trade value between people who either don’t have a bank account or can’t get one, with their own countries currency having problems, ETN may well find its niche.

Finding a niche market can be very profitable though. That’s why I like Richard, this is how he thinks.

Stay Fishy


Did I say anything incorrect about ETN? This whole coin is just a marketing scheme.


running the mobile app is like picking up loose change all day.


In Manila, the average Yearly income is $7000.

Might be loose change to us here, but it is not in these countries.

Apple is all marketing as well, their technology is dated using parts from dated processors, screens using dated technology and software running a dated Linux kernel and drivers, plus incompatibilities with a lot of things and yet - they still command a high price and dolts still line up to buy it.

Marketing is a powerful tool.

It’s not a question of tech, the question is - will the massive marketing and partnerships forged in these countries - get the mass adoption they are aiming for? The Crypto Apple of under-privileged countries?

I personally think (knowing how Richard thinks), they will launch, do everything needed to drive as much adoption as they can, then sell out to some major telco in the country that does best, rename it and move on. ETN and hodlers profit, then the telco will squeeze it for all they can before it fades to dust. Kinda the same thing that went on during the dot com boom.

However, can’t really say what will happen, but I do like to watch the show :slight_smile:

Stay Fishy


Yikes. Dude if everything I said is correct why are you invested?


Read all of my posts on this thread above (actually go and read them, don’t just say you read them), and if you still can’t see why myself about 2.2 million other users are invested in ETN let me know.


No doubt millions were invested into Bitconnect as well.

(I also did read them)


I appreciate that you took the time to read all my posts. You must be in the top 1% of speed readers which makes me envious of your skills. But comparing Electroneum with Beetconnect…that’s like comparing apples and hand grenades.


I read your posts before I commented my first post.

Comparing electroneum with beetconnect is like comparing a fresh new polished orange with a normal orange. Still the same thing really just with a different front