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Mobile Streams teams up for Electroneum cryptocurrency launch


ETN’s Platform Is Faster Than Visa, AMEX and Mastercard




This thread is 2nd to the meme thread for helping to cheer me up on a bad day.


It is a very interesting currency that is worth keeping an eye on, because if we have some in her pocket, it can explode at any moment.


Did she buy one of those new iPhones? I hear they can randomly explode and catch fire :joy:

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What we are observing right now is a beautiful demonstration of what we call Price Discovery in financial markets. ETN’s massive developments, advancements, and capabilities are being noticed by a larger audience than ever before. Yesterday alone in just 1 day ETN was featured in 4 different magazine articles. Now thousands of market participants are actively determining the fair valuation of this brilliant and visionary crypto project. The best is yet to come.

Expect some pullbacks and price corrections along the way, my friends, but make no mistake the trend is UP. Higher lows and higher highs…

1 Minute Video of ETN made by an everyday community member:


I have a feeling we are going to see Electroneum mentioned in the news tomorrow - I am talking about TV network (US).

If you happened to come across this, please try to record it even if it is on your cellphone. It would be nice if someone caught it on video and could post it here. If not I’m sure there will be other opportunities, but a first is always special.



The Electroneum Marketing campaign starts sometime in October I hear.

I do like the new Instant Payment Gateway API, super simple to use.

Richard has been forming partnerships all over Asia, I know most of Asia is amped for it.

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Today Electroneum’s Director, Chris Gorman OBE, made the following statement:

"Something to consider of all ICO’s over last 18months [is] over half failed. There are a handful of product launches but very few are making every day use for the mainstream consumer easier.

Ask yourself outside of the less than 1% of people who are involved in crypto what would people use it, how do they get it, who do they trust etc. Getting Mainstream consumer to change is very difficult. We are the only coin that has created an ecosystem that operates the way most people are used to. We reward users with a small regular amount so they can easily try it - like launching any new product give them samples.

We make spending it feel normal, instant. We make them feel safe with kyc/aml which brings brand partners that they trust in. We have a community that feels good to them. What is different is all of this is real in market happening not an idea or a promise

Put all this into emerging economies and add in the fact we will open up the ability to earn ETN through the freelance economy and then tell me anyone who has done this before.

I do not know what the crypto market will do and would not try to predict that. I do however know what is happening outside of us and that is Real."


Im surprised there isn’t more discussion on this coin its jumped really far in the rankings in a short amount of time.


Great reads. Published within the past 24 Hours:




Fairly sure the ETN Marketing is going to begin this week around Asia.
Richard is very successful at Marketing, that is his main company.
Will be another interesting 2 weeks for ETN.

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ETN Music Video :clapper: + Article :newspaper_roll: