EMF (Electromagnetic field) radiation from mining rigs


Hi ,

I have 3 mining rigs with that i keep in my home. Recently a guest of mine ask me arent they harmfull if you are expose 24/7 . So i dont have EMF meter and i dont know what are the acceptable levels . Has any of you considered this question ?

Thank you !


I wouldn’t have thought they would be that harmful.


As long as you are not sleeping right next to them & they are in a different room. It is fine.
How many do you have?


3 rigs each one have 6 cards . They are not in my bedroom . The closes one is outside my bedroom and 4 meter from my bed .


Each rig and card will vary but I don’t think there is anything to worry about.
If you want to spend the money and get a geiger counter and emf reader, go ahead and buy one and test it but really microwave in your kitchen, your smartphone’s cellular network and home wifi are more harmful…


Not sure on the specific amounts. Only that if it’s close enough to hear in your bed then it’s too close to be healthy. But, I’m also one of those crazy people that sleeps with their phone charging in a separate room.


I call today to a company to came in my house and measure the EMF . So 0.1 meter from the rig it shows 0.02 which was far below the limit . 1.5 meters from the rig there was no EMF . I guest if the noise didnt worries as mining rigs are harmless. On the other hand the the largest source in the house was the Wi-Fi router 0.1 meter from it show 50.25 which is well above the permissible (in his words). Оne meter of it showed 1.02 . The air is big barrier for EMF, and as long as I am away one meter from them everything will be OK. I have .For a few days I have a little princess at home and I have to be 100% sure. :slight_smile:


Disconnect the wifi.
Go full cable.
I know it can be pain in the bottom but it is also more secure.


Always go full cable! :fist_right::fist_left:


EMF’s are a by product of current in electrical equipment and wire , when building a rig you have multiple dedicated circuits to run. the EMF produced from this low current levels would be minimal.
its a little more money but always better to up size your cables to lower the resistance in your conductor thus lowering your currant.