Emoji Ideas? Feel free to suggest some! 🤔



I just added 3 new emojis:

Trump: :trump:
Troll: :troll:
Ryu (from Street Fighter): :ryu:


I can add more if you’d like! Just give me the following:

  • Name
  • Upload the image (square PNG file please)

That’s it!

Transformer Emojis! :decepticon: & :autobot:
Who is hodl:ing NEO?
Raid all the tombs! :star_struck:
Hey, hey hey, wabalubbadubdub!
ICON (ICX) - 10K Thread #2
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Anybody else in favor of a Mysterium Coin Emoji?
Getting Started @ The Pub :beers:

But Trump is the number one Troll right? Haha


code :hodor: or :hodl: :slight_smile:


it has been added! ~~~> :hodor:



:smiley: :smiley:


lol. done ~~~> :neo:


Excellent work! Now when someone asks me about my strategy i can just say :hodor: :neo: . It looks cool and distinctive, easily recognizable, even small sized. :neo: :neo:


haha just saw the antshares>neo the chosen one vid. it’s all about that neo! :neo:


how about this one? :btc:


Spaceships are very important for that mental image :smiley:
i have no idea which code would be good.
Maybe :bitship: ?



One of my new favs. Please add

:mindblown: ?



I have added :doge:.


:doge: :doge: NOPE! :doge: :doge:


:doge: :rocket: :full_moon:


:mindblown: has been added!


:bitrocket: has been added! :bitrocket:


:btc: has been added! :btc:


1 :btc: = :bitrocket: :full_moon: :doge:


:Rave Party: Would be nice, I have no icon for it. ::Sorry:: :cowboy_hat_face:


lol. not helpful. need image! :trump: