Emoji Ideas? Feel free to suggest some! 🤔









Someone suggested in another thread that we do an emoji we can post when we think a new poster is Hans - the tenacious troll :joy:

Here’s one idea.


Had one yesterday.


This hans tho. It’s like leeroy Jenkins!

Which. Btw. We should have a leeroy emoji.


@john supposedly these can be added to Discord :wink:

We provide freebie crypto currency themed emoji for Discord and Slack.


They can yes. I have them on my Discord :slight_smile:


Can´t have that with a free account amirite?
I see custom ones in other discord channels.
Is it if the Server host puts them on there all users can use them in this very channel?
Because I can use cryptokitties channel´s custom emojis in their channel but they are grayed out when I am in the pub´s channel. :thinking:


You can have a 50 external emoji’s on the free discord plan. Im not a patron so i dont use the pub discord (i should become a patron)


External as in I would install them locally? :grey_question:

So if we had a zip file with all the pub emojis, everyone in discord could install them locally and by that use the same emojis in the pub and discord?

I can´t find the settings to do that though…



Yes. as long as its not more then 50 if its on the free plan

look in server settings > Emoji


alright. got it.
for my server.

I should have said

and by that use the same emojis in the pub and the pub discord server


@john, how about this?

:rooballs: :thinking:


@peter leeroy jenkins take a pick! @john thanks for your super hard work!




:leeroy: ~~~> :leeroy:
:kyber: ~~~> :kyber:


I think we need this:

The quality of the above pic might seem a bit low but it’s going to be perfect as a smaller emoji, trust me.



:beetconnect: ~~~> :beetconnect:


:intimidating shout:
:number crunch:
:goddamnit leroy: