Enter The Mine!

Hey guys this will be the Official Enter The Mine Chat.
Be sure to ask any questions you want answered on the live stream or if even you need help now, post it up.

Here is the last to weeks of stream notes and links.

         **12/01/2018 Stream Notes**

The new obelisk DCR1 "batch 2-5 better".

3 exchangable boards on batch 1, 6 on 2-5.

upgrage to 3 SC1 boards to get 800ghs with less than 500w.

to mine siacoin instead of decred.



https://obelisk.tech/ Asic miner site.

`Os Systems’


Crypto Brothers

  **12/08/16 Stream notes**

-Last Weeks Questions-

  • Openstack miner
    • Cloud miner? Not much info.
  • Asic setup for Hive os (James Freeman)
    • HiveAsic is Only available for.
      • Antminer S9/S9i
      • Antminer L3+/L3++
      • Antminer D3/D3(Blissz)
      • Antminer A3
      • Antminer T9/T9+
      • Antminer Z9/Z9-Mini
    • Github
      • S9j/S9-Hydro/S9(VNISH)
      • Antminer X3
      • Antminer E3
      • Antminer B3
      • Antminer S7
      • Innosilicon A9 ZMaster
      • Innosilicon D9 DecredMaster
      • Innosilicon S11 SiaMaster
  • Video Tutorial https://asciinema.org/a/OZpbFSomhjvOkXlctEVIh7RQZ
  • HiveOs Asic Github https://github.com/minershive/hiveos-asic

Asus Team up with QuantumCloud

  • QuantumCloud allows users to mine while GPU is idle like your nicehash, winminer, but will be possibly built into hardware, software for the Asus Gpu
  • Lets users payout to a Wallet, Crypto Mixer, Paypal ect.
  • They say the differ from other miner software by focusing on data security and ease of use.

Obelisk Hash Board sale is now live

Obelisk DCR1 SC mining boards are now available for purchase to upgrade to the new SiaCoin Algorithm.

  • Batch1 boards will do 250-350ghs at 200-250W/board
    • 750-1,050ghs at 600-750W
    • $699 each
  • Batch2 boards will do 500-700ghs at 400-450W/board
    • 1,500-2,100ghs at 1200-1350W
    • $1499
  • Slim will do 1,000-1400ghs at 800-900W
    • SOLD OUT
      Both the Batch 1 and 2 have 3 boards, the Slim has 2. And they will buy back DCR1 boards for $300 each. Sale ends 12/8/18

AMD NAVI RX3000 Series

AMD’s next generation Navi family will initially be comprised of three members, which the company is planning to announced at CES next month. These include-

Rx 3060

  • Competitor for the unreleased GTX 2050, GTX 1060 = Rx 580
  • 4GB of GDDR6 VRAM, throttled 7nm Navi 12 GPU, 75W and no 6,8 pin
  • $129.99

Rx 3070

  • Competitor for the unreleased GTX 2060 and the GTX 1070 = Vega 56
  • Will shut out the new Rx 590 that was just released “seems weird they would do this.”
  • 8GB of GDDR6, un-throttled 7nm Navi 12 GPU, 120W
  • $199.99

Rx 3080

  • Competes with the RTX 2070 and GTX 1080”TI” = Vega 64+15%
  • 8GB of GDDR6 RAM, 7nm FinFET Navi 10 GPU, 150W
  • $249.99

Ryzen released new Chips

AMD is allegedly preparing 10 new unbelievable Ryzen 3000 series CPUs, including a 16 core with a mind-boggling 5.1GHz clock speed just a little more than a month away from CES.


AMD Ryzen CPU Cores/Threads GPU Base Clock Boost Clock TDP Price Debut
Ryzen 3 3300 6/12 N/A 3.2GHz 4.0GHz 50W $99 CES
Ryzen 3 3300X 6/12 N/A 3.5GHz 4.3GHz 65W $129 CES
Ryzen 3 3300G 6/12 15 CU Navi 3.0GHz 3.8GHz 65W $129 Q3 2019


AMD Ryzen CPU Cores/Threads GPU Base Clock Boost Clock TDP Price Debut
Ryzen 5 3600 8/16 N/A 3.6GHz 4.4GHz 65W $178 CES
Ryzen 5 3600X 8/16 N/A 4.0GHz 4.8GHz 95W $229 CES
Ryzen 5 3600G 8/16 20 CU Navi 3.2GHz 4.0GHz 95W $199 Q3 2019


Ryzen 7 3700 12/24 3.8GHz 4.6GHz 95W $299 CES
Ryzen 7 3700X 12/24 4.2GHz 5.0GHz 105W $329 CES


Ryzen 9 3800X 16/32 3.9GHz 4.7GHz 125W $449 CES
Ryzen 9 3850X 16/32 4.3GHz 5.1GHz 135W $499 May

Electric usage and Its non impact on the grid.

  • mining is all about efficiency, no more of an impact than a data center

  • the electric grid can handle the demand with little upgrades

  • the electric companies have no problems producing all the power

    Mining impact on the environment. (if you believe in this conspiracy)

  • there is no difference between data centers and bitcoin mining facilities

  • with or with out mining the electricity will be produced

  • most miners are looking into renewable energy that is way less $

  • all the FUD on this is reports of mining only using fossil fuel energy forever and never mentions alternatives.

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Oh no I turned my rigs off!
#staytuned #upgrades

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come check out my channel too. learn all about mining hardware, set up, and how to get hashing.

leave us comments and questions anytime and we sill get back to you the best we can !

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The link for the discord has expired. Need me link


this one wont expire


Don’t Forget to join Me tonight, We have a Special Guest joining as well at 8pm CST/9pm EST

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Christmas wish list - $600 Virtual Build Challenge!

Me and Nemisist Are doing a Virtual Build off and will show all of you on Live Stream what we will come up with the rules are simple.


  1. Budget of $600.00
  2. Nothing local “Newegg, Tiger direct, Amazon, Ebay”
  3. Gpu, Cpu, Motherboard, Power Supply, Ram, Rack, Riser’s, Hard Drive/Thumbdrive
  4. The Coin of choice will be ETC to rate how they hash.

Build’s will be posted here after the Live stream and then you can vote on TheBitcoin.pub as well for your favorite Build! Please feel free to do one of you own and post it here as well!


Love to see these builds!
600 and less miner set im in!!


Join us tonight for a Christmas build off! 8pm CST/9pm EST

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My Rig
GPU-$339.98- 1 Rx580=$120.00, 2 Rx570=219.98

CPU-$0.00- Intel G3930 Celeron

  • Link-Combo with motherbord

MotherBoard-$125.00- H110-D3A

Ram-$24.95- Team Elite plus 4gb

Storage-$5.99- Sandisk 16gb Cruzer

Power Supply-$63.74- 750W power supply

Risers-$25.60- 4riser $19.50 3riser

Rack-$15.39- open air rack


HashRate- 85-90mh/s

Power”est”- 350-370W

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Nemisist Rig The winner!
GPU-$164.52- 2 p106-100

GPU-$89.78- Palit gtx 1060 3GB

GPU-$128.99- PNY GTX 1050 ti

  • linkhttps://www.ebay.com/itm/PNY-NVIDIA-GeForce-GTX-1050-Ti-XLR8-Gaming-Overclocked-Edition-4GB-GDDR5/233051928647?epid=777601009&hash=item3642fa3847:g:FRwAAOSw8MxcF674:rk:26:pf:0&LH_BIN=1

CPU-$43.50- Celeron G3930

Motherboard-$34.30- BTC H81 mining motherboard

Ram-$32.16- Samsung 4GB ram

Storage-$8.36- SanDisk 32GB CZ48 USB 3.0 Flash Drive

Power Supply-$51.15- ATX 1800w power supply

Risers-$20.00- NaMailiya 6 pack PCIe risersme

Rack-$19.99-6 GPU 4 Fans Steel Coin Open Air Mining Frame Rig Case


HashRate- 100-150mh/s

Power”est”- 376W

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12/29/2018 Stream Notes

Bitmain closed down BitcoinCash Department

  • Just recently they have let go of a total of 2,500 employees.
  • Now they have to let go of another 50 people with a 1 week notice, Some of which just joined the company within the last few months leading up to the SV Hardfork.

Vatalik says he don’t believe in Proof Of Work

Nvidia 2060 and 2050 leak

  • 2050
    • 4GB, 896 cuda cores, 1.56ghz, 14 core
  • 2060
    • 6GB, 1920 cuda cores, 1.2ghz, 30 core

New development

  • 6 different models and 40 different patents were filed with the RTX 2060
    • 3,4,5 GB verions
    • GDDR5,GDDR6 Vram
    • The 6GB and 3GB cards are probably going to share clock speeds, but they may have different CUDA core counts
    • Most interesting model is a 4GB variant. This card is definitely not going to offer 192-bit memory but its likely to have higher clocked SKU.
    • We should be expecting AORUS Xtreme, Gaming OC, WindForce 3X/2X and Mini ATX series.

Bitcoin Private being secretive?

CES is Jan 8-10

Lots of new tech is going to be announced ”We Hope lol”

  • AMD Ryzen chips
  • AMD 3000 series and Navi
  • Nvidia RTX 2000 series cards
  • Rumored Nvidia GTX 1100 series card will be there again?
  • Intel 10 and 20 thread CPU named comet lake
  • Its possible a GPU from Intel will show up

If anyone is brave enough here is our 4hr stream last night for all the New Years time zones in the USA!


Hey guys. So, signing up for utilities at the new place and was looking at the internet plans that is offered in my area and was wondering this as I saw the terms and conditions of the plans.

Does mining use more than 1tb data month? Would you recommend a plan that doesn’t charge if I go over that amount of data?

Thank you kindly

(Besides the YouTube, some videogaming -Anthem coming out next month. Woot woot-, and Hulu and Amazon. I don’t see any other reasons for data usage. Btw, it’s a 10 buck charge for every 50 gigs after the initial 1tb of usage)


Lol I never even read that but I have a unlimited plan.
But I checked last month I used 230gb and I have a total of 5 cards mining plus all the other things I do lol hope that helps
Hope @Nemisist419 can chime in on this.


so hey hey my man. dude good question. so with 22 GPUs and 5 ASICs I use 60.96 MB a month give or take. so you will go over that 1 TB limit before the mining equipment does lol and if your not on our discord yet check it out too. https://discord.gg/kgu2QK


I wish im From Oklahoma my man but please feel free to send me and @Nemisist419 a DM though


building is my specialty. and I love my simple miner OS. but dam I’m in northern Illinois. maybe you might be interested in watching me do my build? this sunday at 8pm CST

it will be a blast!! come ask questions as I build another rig of 7 GPUs.
I hope you will be there and enjoy the show @Cozy.


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