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that would be great @Cozy. love to help its why I’m here. and when your ready hit me up and we can set some time out to get you running.

ty for the good words too. it means a lot to see ppl find what i do helpful.


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1/05/2019 Stream Notes

15 Mining Farms Shut down

  • 8,950 kWt of Mining Hardware Unplugged

Ethereum goes into a fork frenzy

  • Classic Vision Hard Fork – 11 Jan 2019: All Ethereum holders will receive 3 ETCV for each ETH in their wallets.
  • Ethereum Nowa Fork – 12 Jan 2019: Each ETH holder receives ETN in the ratio of 1:1 for free
  • Constantinople Fork – 16 Jan 2019 (or earlier) Constantinople Mainnet hard fork scheduled for block #7080000: The Constantinople Mainnet hard fork is arguably the most significant fork because it is a big component of Ethereum’s transition from using a proof of work protocol to proof of stake.

New Bminer 11.0.0 Release With Dual Mining BTM/ETH Support


  • You can Dual Mine with the newest version release!

German Startup Devises Eco-Friendly Energy-Efficient Miners


  • Both Cubes are water cooled
  • Will be at CES 2019
  • The Cube 300
    • 8x nVidia GeForce GTX 1070
    • 4GB DDR4 Ram
    • 2TB HDD
    • 1450W
    • 310 MHash/s
  • The Cube 400
    • 8x nVidia GeForce GTX 1080
    • 4GB DDR4
    • 2TB HDD
    • < 2000W
    • 410 MHash/s
  • Source: the Cube 300 and the WizardMachine 300 will be released soon and is set at $6,999 and set be avalive around the end of January 2019!

RTX 2060 Rumors

  • The GeForce RTX 2060 will be introduced on January 7th at the price of 349 USD (same price for custom and Founders Edition cards). The card will be bundled with Battlefield V or Anthem for free. The slowest Turing model will be available in stores starting from January 15th.

How to mine BEAM (MimbleWimble)


Some HiveOs video I’ve done this weekend!




Thoughts on the Radeon VII announced?


Shows some great promise from AMD and then the new RX cards in the summer




Join us Tonight In The Mine! 8pm CST/9pm EST
A vulnerability In The Mine? - Are You GRININ For The News?


01/19/19 Steam Notes

The Top SHA-256 Mining Rigs of 2019

  1. Ebit Miner E-11 — $2,024 — 30-44 TH/s — 1980-2035W — $1.12 per day
  2. Asicminer 8 Nano — $1,790 — 44 TH/s — 2100W — $0.75 per day
  3. Innosilicon Terminator 3 — $2,279 — 43 TH/s — 2100W — $0.58 per day
  4. Bitmain Antminer S15 — $1,249 — 28 TH/s — 1596W — $0.15 per day
  5. Asicminer 8 Nano Pro — $11,600 — 76 TH/s — 4000W — $0.13 per day

Bitmain Reportedly Halts Its Texas Mining Operations

Vulnerability in Constantinople

Currently Available ProgPoW AMD and Nvidia GPU Miners


Introducing the Obelisk SC1 Immersion Miner

  • The Benefits
    • Lower data center construction costs
    • Lower cooling equipment costs
    • Lower energy costs to operate (low PUE)
    • Silent operation
    • Increased hashing performance
  • Obelisk SC1 Gen 1 was able to achieve 600GH/s, but it exceeded 750GH/s in immersion. 25% Increase.
  • SC1 Gen 2 Obelisk Immersion miner should see the same 25% Increase.

GRIN Is Now On Main Net On 01/15/2019

  • Must have a 8GB card to mine
  • Runs on Mimble Wimble Protocol just like Beam
  • Has both a ASIC”GRIN-c31” and GPU”GRIN-c29” Algorithms
  • THEDDATALOARD made videos for How To Mine GRIN For HiveOs,Windows,Ubuntu
  • Windows/Ubuntu https://youtu.be/9gUmy8aP6jo
  • HiveOs https://youtu.be/OhKs95AAO5c


The Obelisk GRN1: An ASIC for Grin

  • A voucher sale where we will be selling $3,000 vouchers, each convertible into 1 Cuckatoo31 mining unit. This sale will be open from January 17th to February 1st, and a total of 10,000 vouchers are available.
  • The full machine sale is expected to go live in March, with units being sold for $6,000 each. Any voucher holder will be able to exchange their voucher to a full unit at no additional cost.
  • If for some reason a unit no longer seems like an attractive deal, a voucher holder can elect to receive a refund of $2,000 instead of a Cuckatoo31 miner.
  • That said, we are tentatively expecting each unit to be able perform at least 100 graphs per second while consuming no more than 800 watts. This can be compared to the current leading graphics card, the NVIDIA RTX 2080 Ti, which performs less than 2 graphs per second and consumes approximately 250 watts.


Come join us in the mine tonight. 8pm CST, 9pm EST

There are some new pickaxes to mine with!

@AMD #SapphireNitro #GPUMiner #GRIN


01/26/2019 Stream Notes

Sapphire to Offer Video Card Designed to Mine Grin

  • Its a Rx 570 with 16GB of ram Instead of the normal 4GB and 8GB

  • Disigned with mining GRIN in mind, But could be good for other high DAG file Algorithms

  • Sale starts on the 1/26/2019 for $399.00 at a limit of 60 cards per order!

  • Poses the Question of why an Rx 570?

    • Performance: 0.42 GPS +/-10% in Cuckatoo 31+*
    • Power Consumption: 175W+/-10%*
    • Miner supports both Cuckaroo 29+ and Cuckatoo 31+
      | SKU Number | 11266-70-21G |
      | ------------------------ | --------------------- |
      | GPU | AMD RADEON RX 570 |
      | Memory | 16GB/256bit GDDR5 |
      | Memory Bandwidth | 224GB |
      | Cooling System | Active Cooling |
      | Display Output | HDMI |
      | External Power Connector | PCI-Express 8 pin x 1 |
      | Graphics Card Holder | Yes |
  • https://gpuminer.sapphiretech.com/Radeon-RX-570-16GB-Blockchain/


  • NVIDIA will release three GTX 16 series graphics cards.
  • GTX 1660 Ti, GTX 1660 and GTX 1650
    | GeForce GTX 1650 | GeForce GTX 1660 | GeForce GTX 1660 Ti | GeForce RTX 2060 | |
    | ---------------- | ---------------- | ------------------- | ---------------- | ------------- |
    | GPU | ? | 12nm FF TU116 | 12nm FF TU116 | 12nm FF TU106 |
    | CUDA Cores | ? | 1280 | 1536 | 1920 |
    | Memory | ? | 6GB/3GB GDDR5 | 6GB GDDR6 | 6GB GDDR6 |
    | Memory Bus | ? | 192-bit | 192-bit | 192-bit |
    | MSRP | 179 USD | 229 USD | 279 USD | 349 USD |
    | Launch Date | Late March | Early March | February 15th | January 7th |

ASRock unveils Radeon VII Phantom

  • It is true, there are no custom designs yet.
  • ASRock’s Radeon VII Phantom Gaming is basically a reference model with PG stickers, but it might also have a custom backplate, something ASRock is really into.
  • 7nm fabrication process, 16GB HBM2 memory and 1 TB/s of bandwidth. AMD is also advertising FreeSync 2 HDR technology.
  • This is likely the fastest Radeon graphics card till Navi
  • AMD Radeon VII will launch on February 7th for 699 USD.

Colorful offers GeForce RTX 2080 without cooling solution


Doing it for Scientific Research and BlockChain Development And my buddy talked me into it for the giggles lol! #blockchain #research #education #experiment


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Is There Blood In The Mine - Are The Big Wolves Out To Play?
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02/02/2019 Stream Notes

New ASIC/GPU Software To Increase Hash Rate

  • If configured correctly, Bloq Labs claims, Titan can increase a mining pool’s hash power “by double digits.” “Titan gets the most out of your machines,”
  • Titan can be tethered to an entire mining farm, improve watt extraction, and provide further optimizations like enhancing overclocking through a proficient system of machine learning.
  • Titan’s software will be able to mine multiple cryptocurrencies with different consensus algorithms.
  • The protocol will maximize the devices’ shelf life and shave operation costs by keeping machines up to speed
  • The Titan project is also led by the creator of the cryptocurrency mining profitability website Coinwarz Kyle Howlett. The project’s CTO has been creating mining tools for better ROI since 2012 and he believes the new software takes things to the next level.
  • Titan has opened its beta waitlist to the public

New Miner Updates

BEAM now available at NiceHash!

I Smell Blood In The Mine

Nvidia Decreases Q4 Revenue Estimates Citing Crypto Mining Decline

  • The company is reflecting weaker forecasted sales in its gaming and data center platforms, which comes from excess mid-range channel inventory following the slump in cryptocurrency markets.
  • Q4 revenue is expected to be at $ 2.20 billion, opposed to the previous projection of $2.70 billion according to a statement released by Nvidia on Jan 28.
  • The cryptocurrency mining frenzy drove up demand for Nvidia’s graphics processing units (GPUs). However, once the demand began to disappear due to decreased crypto valuations, GPU prices did not decrease enough to attract new consumers to purchase more affordable cards. This led to what Nvidia founder and CEO Jensen Huang has called a “crypto hangover.”
  • The company had experienced a massive sell-off of stocks at the end of 2018, which sank the company’s stock price by 54 percent, News of decreased revenues for the quarter has dropped Nvidia’s stock price by 15 percent, which is now trading around $135, down from $158.08 at opening today

AMD Q4 Financial Report Sees Income Dip, Executives Show No Signs Of Panic

  • AMD, which like other graphics hardware manufacturers has suffered due to the cryptocurrency bear market, produced quarter-on-quarter revenue losses of 14 percent.
  • Its gross margin was down 2 percent versus Q3, while its net income fell from $122 million to just $38 million
  • In December 2018, Cointelegraph reported on how AMD’s radeon RX580 device had lost almost 70 percent of its sale price through the course of last year.
  • AMD’s stock price managed to escape the fate of competitor Nvidia last year, the latter seeing a huge sell-off of its stock in Q4 amid rising market pressure. Nvidia recently decreased its Q4 revenue estimates last week, citing a decline in crypto mining as well as worsening conditions in China.

Bitfury to Launch Bitcoin Mining Centers in Paraguay

  • Blockchain tech firm and Bitcoin (BTC) mining manufacturer Bitfury plans to launch several mining facilities in Paraguay
  • the mining facilities in Paraguay will account for about 200,000 square meters, with electricity provided by a 500MW power substation. Bitfury claims that all the energy used by the mining centers will be renewable, as Paraguay is reportedly home to the world’s largest operational hydroelectric energy producer, power plant Itaipu.
  • In addition, Commons Foundation has unveiled its plans to open a global cryptocurrency exchangein Paraguay later this year and to issue a Golden Goose token (GOLD) for the participants in the two projects.

Mother Russia Going Into The Mine?

  • Using its excess energy generating capacity to mine cryptocurrencies, Russia can increase its budget receipts by more than $1 billion dollars in annual tax revenue.
  • Russia’s electrical surplus last year reached 20 GW. According to the study conducted by industrial mining solutions provider Bitcluster, that’s enough energy to power 14.8 million of the popular Antminer S9i ASIC devices.
  • If Russia uses the excess electricity to mine they could receive 70 billion rubles (over $1 billion) With electricity in Russia priced at 2 rubles ($0.03) per kilowatt-hour
  • According to Bitcluster’s founder Sergei Arestov, the crypto valley could be situated around one of Russia’s numerous hydroelectric power plants. Mining facilities and the infrastructure needed to set up blockchain business parks can be built around the power station and take advantage of cheap and abundant energy supply.

Ethereum Devs Delay ASIC-Resistant PoW Algorithm Decision Until Third-Party Audit

  • Ethereum (ETH) core developers have delayed the decision to implement Application-Specific Integrated Circuit (ASIC)-resistant proof-of-work (PoW) algorithm ProgPoW, According to an Ethereum core developer meeting on Feb. 1, the team wants to wait until the algorithm is audited by a third party.
  • Ethereum core developer Hudson Jameson declared during the call that “there is a group forming or multiple groups forming to perform an independent audit on ProgPoW.” He explained that the audit is an attempt to establish how effective the algorithm would be in leveling the playing field for different kinds of hardware used to mine crypto, including GPUs, Field-Programmable Gate Arrays and ASICs.
  • Jameson also noted that data derived from such an audit should give devs enough confidence to make a decision.
  • After another core developer, Martin Holst Swende, declared that they have been trying to decide about ProgPoW implementation for several months and that he wonders how it is going to be resolved, dev Greg Colvin responded in a seemingly frustrated and moderately angry tone: “It’s resolved by us making a f*****g decision.”
  • till, the overall consensus has fallen on waiting for the audit to be completed to decide on ProgPoW implementation. In the end, Colvin declared: “I would happily decide today, but I’m not the expert. I’m happy to wait for the audit, but I’m not happy to make this decision in May or something. An awful lot of people would like to know so they can get on with their business


a little late due to not being home until yesterday sorry people lol


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02/16/2019 Stream Notes

ETH Daily Rewards Down the Drain

  • Is this effecting anyone in the chat?

Ethereum’s Next Hardfork is Coming

  • The new date for for Ethereum’s latest network hardfork system upgrade is around 27-28 February.
  • More specifically at block number 7,280,000 (200,000 blocks later than the originally planed block).


Radeon VII STOCK test results “LifeOfAMiner”

  • ETH - Claymore
    • 90.06 mh/s
    • 300W
    • ETC $1.06 / ETH $1.01
  • ETH - ProgPow TESTNET
    • 28.51 mh/s
    • 310W
  • BCI ”bitcoin interest” Prog Pow
    • 27.92 mh/s
    • 307W
    • BCi $0.79
  • Monero - XMR Stak
    • 2850.5 h/s
    • 257W
    • XMR $0.40
  • Grin - Gold Miner
    • 4.46 gp/s
    • GRIN $0.81

ASIC Dominate 85% of the Monero Network

They are Going To Fork Because of it!

  • Intended fork height of 1788000 (approximately March 9)
  • New release (0.14) will essentially be the release (i.e. the release-v0.13 branch) + the consensus changes
  • Subsequent point release will include new features, bug fixes, and performance improvements that are currently present in master
  • PoW tweak will be CryptoNightR + a random change
  • Users ought to upgrade to the upcoming 0.14 release (CLI & GUI)
  • Pool operators ought to upgrade to the upcoming 0.14 release
  • Miners ought to upgrade their mining software to a version that supports the new PoW algorithm
  • Mobile wallet users (e.g. Cake Wallet, Monerujo, X wallet, MyMonero, Edge) ought to upgrade to a version that supports the consensus changes
  • Presumably MyMonero will also release a new version of their desktop apps that supports the consensus changes
  • You do not have to move / transfer your coins in advance of the scheduled protocol upgrade to be sufficiently prepared
  • As far as I can see (currently), this will be a consensual upgrade and thus no additional coin will be created
  • https://www.getmonero.org/2018/02/11/PoW-change-and-key-reuse.html

MSI RX 590 ARMOR Release Finally

  • Nearly 3 months late, but Polaris 30 XT based models are finally here from MSI.

GPU : Polaris 30 XT Base Clock : 1469 MHz Cores : 2304 Boost Clock : 1565 MHz (+1.3%) TMUs: 144 Memory Clock : 8000 Mbps ROPs : 32 Memory : 8 GB GDDR5 256b

Radeon RX 580 with 2048 cores WTF MSI

  • Rather than call it RX 570, the RX 580 name is used.
  • This product is not available in all regions. It could go against some regulations, such as misleading product naming.
  • That said, the RX 580 2048 SP ARMOR from MSI will likely only be available in Asia.
  • There are two variants, the 8GB and 4GB models. The cards are (surprise, surprise) identical to MSI Radeon RX 570 ARMOR. Basically, it is the same card with a new box.

The 1660 Ti LineUp

  • MSI GeForce GTX 1660 Ti GAMING Z
    • highest clock speed of all MSI 1660 Ti models.
  • MSI GeForce GTX 1660 Ti ARMOR
  • GIGABYTE GeForce GTX 1660 Ti OC


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Where did you get the FPGA developer boards you showed in one of the episodes with the other guys? I think that is a very good direction to beat GPU mining. I can think in tons of applications for this. Keep the good work, you guys are great and i know you will be successful in the future. God bless you guys! and God bless my nigga @peter