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02/23/2018 Stream Notes

Who Is The Crypto Winter Survivor

  • On Feb. 14, California-headquartered gaming and computer hardware manufacturer Nvidia reported full-year revenue gains in 2018, despite being one of the companies worst hit by the cryptocurrency market dip. The firm’s main products include graphics processing units (GPU), among others, which became widely purchased by miners during the crypto boom of 2017 — as a result, the firm’s revenue started to correlate with the crypto market condition.
    • 2017: Nvidia enjoys the crypto boom, becomes substantial part of the market
    • First half of 2018: Crypto market plunges, Nvidia GPUs decline in price
    • Second half of 2018: ASIC’s takeover, Nvidia experiences “crypto hangover”
    • 2019: Weak sales are likely to continue. However, the company will carry on regardless of crypto

NiceHash Has Added Support for the MTP Algorithm

  • A new addition of algorithms by the NiceHash platform, ZCoin’s MTP algorithm.
  • MTP on NiceHash is only possible on Nvidia with their latest NiceHash Miner Legacy
  • Furthermore the ccminer mtp fork for NiceHash that is included in the latest NiceHash Miner Legacy does not seem to be very stable and reliable. Our initial results with it are not very good as if it starts properly on a system with GTX 1080 Ti it works fine for a couple of minutes and then starts returning errors…


Bitmain Reveals A $500 Million Loss In Q3

  • Bitcoin (BTC) mining giant Bitmain could have made losses of around $500 million in Q3 last year.
  • If the information is correct, the assumption is that Q3 cost Bitmain $500 million in losses, corroborating a widely-held theory that the accelerating Bitcoin bear market late last year took a serious toll on the mining sector.
  • At the same time, Bitmain had revealed several contractions of its global operations along with cuts to staff numbers. The company also released its new Bitcoin mining hardware chip this week.

Bitmain Has A New 7nm Bitcoin Mining Chip With 29% More Efficiency

  • Bitmain has just announced its next generation 7nm ASIC chip called BM1397 that is apparently capable of great performance and energy efficiency for mining cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin (BTC) and Bitcoin Cash (BCH), that use the SHA256 algorithm for their Proof of Work (PoW).
  • The new BM1397 ASIC chip requires lower power and can offer an energy consumption to computing ratio as low as 30J/TH or with other words almost 30 percent improvement in power efficiency compared to their previous 7nm chip BM1391 that is already found in the company’s latest SHA256 ASIC miners.
  • The new BM1397 ASIC chip is made using TSMC’s 7nm FinFET manufacturing process and it is expected to be featured in the upcoming Antminer models named the S17 and T17 that will be announced by Bitmain at a later date.
  • There are no detailed specifications available for the moment, however ~30% better power efficiency could mean up to about 30% higher performance for the same power as the currently available AntMiner S15 and S17 ASICs that sue the first generation of 7nm chips form Bitmain. It is not all about performance however…



  • Asus 1660 Ti Rog Strix (Nemesist)
  • Has a cool feature, that changes bios settings
  • Msi 1660 Ti Gaming X (CryptoMykel)
  • No bios switch or overclocked memory availible
  • With manual overclocking, maximum overclock of our sample is 1900 MHz on the memory (27% overclock) and +140 MHz to the GPU's base clock, which increases average GPU clock from 1950 MHz to 2045 MHz (5% overclock).

Orca Mining Pool Is Here To Protect Altcoins From Shark Pool

  • Orca Pool Mining Operation Aims to Defend Altcoins and Forks From Attacks
  • All altcoins, including forks and splits, are acts of war against Bitcoin and are going to be treated as such,” explained Shark Pool when they launched.Even after the BCH fork, the Shark Pool organization had continued to announce threats toward certain coins they planned on ambushing.
  • Three days after the split, Shark Pool warned community members of projects like bitcoin gold (BTG), bitcoin interest (BCI), bitcoin diamond (BCD) and bitcoin private (BTCP). Some people also accused Shark Pool of attacking the BCH testnet at this time as well. Just before the new year, the pool explained that 2019 would be the “Year of the Shark” and the organization emphasized that it still had its sights set on BTCP’s mainnet. “Exchanges will require 1,500+ confirms for BTCP, devastating for a cryptocurrency,” Shark Pool detailed on Dec. 23, 2018.
  • Orca Pool’s tweet leads to a website which explains that miners can sign up for early registration to join the pool’s resources. The website details that the Orca, otherwise known as the killer whale, is a predator of the shark. The mining organization’s website Orcapool.cash says the group believes miners should defend blockchain censorship and the site explains in detail why they started the group.
  • “All Altcoins, including forks and splits, should compete in the free market — Predatory pools have emerged that wish to interfere with this process by illegally attacking blockchains with hashpower,” it reads. “Orca Pool miners will exclusively mine chains needing defense from attackers, and sell the rewards for bitcoin.”

The Forkening Continues - ZClassic 2

  • At a pre-defined blockheight 476969 (which we estimate should occur around 9pm 24th Feb UTC) the network upgrade, named sapling, will activate.
  • We’re reaching out to everyone who is running a full-node to upgrade to the latest release 2.0.3 which can be found at the GitHub repo.
  • Bittrex is fully supportive of this update and has already upgraded to the version given in the link above, in preparation for the switch to sapling.
  • Zcash have disclosed a vulnerability that has the potential to allow someone (with the appropriate knowledge) to effectively create unlimited coins .
  • It’s imperative that such a vulnerability is removed from ZClassic as soon as possible and ensure that any possibility to act maliciously in response to such a disclosure is nullified.
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03/02/19 Stream Notes

Crypto Mining Service Coinhive to Shut Down Operations

  • Cryptocurrency mining service Coinhive is shutting down, as the project has reportedly become economically enviable.
  • Per the announcement, the mining service will stop its operations on March 8, 2019, while users’ dashboards will be accessible until April 30, 2019.
  • Among the reasons behind the closure
    • the developers note the over 50 percent drop in hash rate following the last Monero (XMR) hard fork.
    • with the value of XMR slumped over 85 percent within a year. “This and the announced hard fork and algorithm update of the Monero network on March 9 has lead us to the conclusion that we need to discontinue Coinhive,”

Ebang Plans to Sell 400,000 Mining Rigs in 2019

  • Chinese cryptocurrency mining hardware manufacturer, is set to produce at least 400,000 mining rigs in 2019
  • The company sold about 159,000 mining rigs in 2017, and over 309,000 machines in the first six months of 2018, so the new expected 2019 figure appears to be high but not overly ambitious, especially if the market continues to recover.

Electroneum Launches Crypto-Mining Smartphone

  • United Kingdom-based digital payments firm Electroneum has announced the launch of a smartphone that is capable of mining cryptocurrency
  • The new device by Electroneum, dubbed M1, incorporates the tech firm’s cloud mining technology, which enables users to mine the firm’s bespoke cryptocurrency, Electroneum (ETN) in return of using the smartphone.
  • Priced at only $80, Electroneum’s M1 phone allows users to mine ETD through an app directly from their devices, with cryptocurrency mining reportedly available in offline mode.
  • The mined cryptocurrency can be used as payment for shopping, online services as well as mobile data upgrades.
    • Previously, Samsung reported that the new Galaxy S10 phone will feature storage for private cryptocurrency keys to enable blockchain-enabled mobile services.
    • blockchain smartphone Exodus, developed by consumer electronics giant HTC, announced that it had partnered with Opera Browser as well as added support for multiple DApps.

NVIDIA has allegedly set the launch dates for upcoming GTX Turing graphics.

GeForce GTX 1650 GeForce GTX 1660 GeForce GTX 1660 Ti GeForce RTX 2060
GPU 12nm FF TU117 (TBC) 12nm FF TU116 12nm FF TU116 12nm FF TU106
CUDA Cores ? 1280 1536 1920
Memory Bus 128-bit (TBC) 192-bit 192-bit 192-bit
MSRP 179 USD (TBC) 229 USD (TBC) 279 USD 349 USD
Launch Date April 30th (TBC) March 15th (TBC) February 22nd January 7th

[ ]

Leaked Intel Gen 11 GPU Benchmarks

Coinomi Used to Send Your Wallet Passphrase to Google for Spell Check

  • Update and change yo shit.

The 1660 Ti Updates

AMD Saphhire Blockchain GPU Unveiling??

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03/09/2019 Stream Notes

Could Free Electricity for Students Makes College Campuses Major Crypto Miners

  • College campuses are the second largest cryptocurrency miners across industry verticals, according to research
  • university campuses are ranked the second biggest miners of digital currency across industry verticals at 22%, second only to the energy and utilities sector, with about 34%.
  • Cisco threat researcher Austin McBride reportedly explained the trend to PCMag, saying that "you leave [the mining rig] running in your dorm room for four years, you walk out of college with a big chunk of change."
  • The research was carried out with Cisco’s security product Umbrella, which monitors clients’ network connections to screen malicious activity, including possibly dubious crypto mining

New Bitmain Antminer B7

  • The new Bitmain Antminer B7 ASIC promises 96 KHS hashrate with just 528 Watts of power usage, so tough competition for GPUs in term of hashrate and power usage.
    • 3.4 KHS for a single GTX 1070 Ti
    • 5 KHS for a single GTX 1080 Ti
    • 11.5 KHS for GTX 2080
  • This means that a 8x GTX 2080 GPUs mining rig would be needed in order to deliver hashrate similar to that of the Antminer B7, but it will end up significantly pricier and with higher power usage.
  • The price of the new Antminer B7 ASIC miner is currently set at 9900 Chinese Yuan or a little less than $1500 USD, but ordering the device to Europe or US can easily bump the price to over 2K.


Bitmain Employees A Spinoff Startup Called Matrix

  • X members of Bitmain Technologies and other connected subsidiaries like Copernicus are starting an offshoot company called Matrix.
  • On Jan. 10, Bitmain’s director of product engineering, Haichao Wang, apparently taking the lead role with the mining corporation in place of Jihan Wu. Now a few different reports from people familiar with the matter suggest that Wu and a bunch of other Bitmain staffers are forming a new startup called Matrix.
  • The new business spinoff will offer over-the-counter cryptocurrency services.

GeForce GTX 1660 A Hard NOPE

  • NVIDIA GTX 1660 non-Ti launches on March 14th. The price is set to be 219 USD.
  • The GeForce GTX 1660 features TU116-300 GPU with 1408 CUDA cores.
  • This card will be equipped with 6GB of GDDR5 memory (unlike GTX 1660 Ti with GDDR6), which is clocked at 8 Gbps.
  • The reference clock speed of GTX 1660 non-Ti is 1530/1785 MHZ.
  • Some custom models such as GAMING X will boost up to 1860 MHz.

Monero Hard Forked Off Today

Sapphire Rx570 16gb Updates

  • All test done at 45% fan speed, Stock card
  • C29
    • Hash= 1.65 gps
    • Power= 105w
    • Temp= 45c
  • C31
    • Hash= 0.45 gps
    • Power= 140w
    • Temp= 54c
  • ETH
    • Hash= 28.1 mhs
    • Power= 115w
    • Temp= 53c
  • ETC
    • Hash= 28.2 mhs
    • Power= 115w
    • Temp= 53c
  • XMR “CNv4”
    • Hash= 1.04 khps
    • Power= 105w
    • Temp= 52c
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